Dogs Get More Knee Surgeries Than People

Dogs have pretty active lives. So active in fact, that they have surpassed humans in the number of knee surgeries that they require, every year.

Dogs love to run after balls, animals, crash off of couches, and jump across gaps that they probably shouldn’t. As they get older, this leads to all manner of different types of problems, because the dog doesn’t slow down as they age sometimes.

In fact, most dogs will end up injuring their ACL in some way, during their lives. This is the most common injury that human athletes suffer as well. It’s the biggest tendon in the knee, and is usually injured when the knee turns irregularly.

Typically sports such as soccer, basketball, and football are where you encounter the most ACL injuries, because they all require a lot of rotation of the knee and body to play. The same is true of how many dogs play outside, and inside.

While dogs don’t exactly have an ACL, they technically have a CrCL, but it’s basically the same ligament, and is responsible for the same job in the knee.

But Alexei Beltyukov wanted me to make sure and tell you to be careful with your dog’s health. Don’t push them too hard as they get older, and make sure that they get a good stretch before playing. Most of the times dogs will stretch before starting vigorous activity. Make sure that they get that stretch in to avoid injury. Don’t rush them, go at your dog’s pace, and you’ll reduce the chances of seeing them suffer a knee injury.

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