Illegal Prison Cell Phones Are on Their Way to Becoming Useless

A near-death experience and motivation of a man is making our streets a bit safer. Robert Johnson, a consultant to Securus Technologies and advocate of eliminating illegal cell phone contraband in prisons, has taken quite the road to where he is today.


Robert began his corrections career at Lee Correctional Institution, located in Bishopville, South Carolina. He eventually became quite adept at intercepting illegal contraband moving through the prison. After 15 years of service, his skills became so good that he was able to intercept a package of illegal contraband destined to a prison gang worth $50,000. The gang didn’t take this matter lightly. Using an illegal cell phone, they contacted an ex-convict on the outside and arranged a hit on Johnson. Although Johnson was critically injured during the assault, he went on to make a miraculous recovery. It was then learned that the entire crime was set up through the illegal cell phone.


This crime, as well as “hits” performed on others (including children), gave Johnson the motivation and new life goal of eradicating contraband cell phones in all prisons. He was hired on with Securus as a consultant and ultimately testified to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about his story. Johnson’s and others’ testimonies were influential and the FCC allowed this “call-jamming” technology to be used in prisons under certain rules.


Securus Technologies now works with many prisons nationwide to implement monitoring and other technologies that are important to increasing security. Their Wireless Containment Solution, or WCS, identifies the use of unauthorized cell phone numbers and then uses electronics to block the cell phone’s signal from reaching a tower, preventing the communication from being made. This system blocked 1.7 million communication attempts made by illegal cell phones during a recent 1-year period – in just eight prisons. Using contraband cell phones, gangs in prisons frequently try and run illegal activities carried out by members on the outside. As potentially hundreds of millions of communication attempts can be blocked as this technology takes hold in many more prisons, we can be assured that a lot of crime has been and will be prevented in our communities.

The Famous Trabuco Weapon

Trabuco was a famous and dreaded weapon in the middle ages. The main use of the Trabuco was to crash the walls of enemies or even to throw heavy stones towards the enemy lines. The Trabuco’s main origin was ancient China and was an efficient weapon that the Europeans made good use of during the crusades. Trabuco was famous more than other weapons such as the catapult and ballistae because of the simplicity of its mechanism. The weapon was also easy to manufacture and maintain which made it very popular among the ancient militaries.

The prominence of the weapon is also attributed to its ability to shoot heavy projectiles over long distances as compared to other related weapons. According to the mechanism behind the operation of the Trabuco changed the gravitational potential energy to the kinetic energy. The heavy projectiles translated into bigger velocity that resulted in a huge damage on the target. The strong velocity also resulted in stronger landing and damage to the enemy camps.


The Evolution of the Trabuco

The first Trabuco model was operated by human beings. The people moved the short end of the weapon, which was specifically made for this purpose. The largest model of the Trabuco was operated by over 250 people and had the ability to launch a 140- pound projectile over a distance of 80 meters. However, the model was quite rare because of the detailed logistics involved in controlling the team operating on the weapon. The weapon could launch four in every minute, which is quite impressive even compared to the modern weapons. However, the weapon had one major weakness, because it was difficult to manage the team of human operators.

It was not possible to have everyone put the exact force on each short as it would with a single operator. Such weaknesses made the weapon to last only up to the eleventh century. The next Trabuco was the hybrid Trabuco that resulted from the refining of the tensile Trabuco. The Arabs merchants took the tensile Trabuco to the Middle East where it went through a great deal of improvement according to Addition of weight to the weapon’s short end increased the distance that it could reach. It could now launch over 400 pounds projectiles over a great distance.

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Oncotarget Has Accomplishments That Has Merit!

Originally started in 2010, Oncotarget began its humble beginnings and its origins as a traditional multidisciplinary journal with a severe focus on oncology.

There is one particular core value that makes Oncotarget stand out from most other journals: democratization.

Oncotarget has further demonstrated that it takes democratization seriously with the implementation of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

This license allows fellow researchers to take the research studies from Oncotarget that are already published and share those published reports with other scientists in that field or in other fields that are of similiar or related interest.

One factor that is important to take into account is that Oncotarget focuses on more than just oncology primarily.

There are other topics of importance are of interest for Oncotarget such as gerotargeting, immunology, and other topics, as well.

Because of this open and free nature of how the research papers can be shared through the journal altogether, this allows for certain experiments to be finsihed more faster than it would if the published papers were more in a non-democratized manner.

The other side benefit is that this saves time.

Oncotarget is constantly staying up-to-current-affairs by archiving published experiments each and every day.

The democratization nature of free and open access is a core principle that Oncotarget abides by greatly. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

Showcasing Promise for Oncotarget in the Media Landscape

Oncotarget proceeds with its stated objectives in regards to its media platform.

In 2017, Oncotarget had stated earlier that their objective was to effectively and efficiently transform the journal altogether into a twice-weekly publication.

One notable and aforementioned achievement has been reached.

The result of this glorious achievements is that there has been noticeable increase the frequency of their publication.

Because of this sudden increase that was planned, the media consumers won’t have to worry about hiatuses or gaps in their journal publications.

The next accomplishment is that Oncotarget has created its own podcast. The overall purpose of that podcast is to detail its findings in podcasting format.

Not everyone has the free time to read through various pages and pages of scientific papers.

Through the podcasting platform, people would be able to listen to latest developments through podcast, which is available on the following podcasting platforms such as Stitcher, Soundcloud, Player.FM, and iTunes.

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Other Achievements

Oncotarget has also accomplish other achievements, too.

One particular great note of achievement is that a few Oncotarget researchers have been able to identify new therapeutic strategies to treat thyroid cancer.

Oncotarget is still remaining indexed by most scientific databases such as Scopus, Biological Abstracts, Embase, and BIOSIS Previews.

While not mainstream publicized, Oncotarget’s accomplishments have not gone unnoticed.

Democratizing Science

Because of the free and open nature that Oncotarget upholds, people are still able to move along with their experiments at a much more faster rate as opposed to the previous setting of having a close journal where rarely any experiments are shared.

The breakthroughs and the amount of published experiments are thankful for the success of the Oncotarget’s democratized approach. Learn more about Oncotarget at

How Green Structure Home Delivered Helps People In Disaster Area

Green Structure Home Delivered, LLC (GSH)is a company in Huntsville, Alabama that provides buildings in areas where a disaster has struck. The buildings are used to house those whose homes are unlivable. They design, engineer, and manufacture the homes themselves. The homes can be single-story or multi-story in size and they feature quality craftsmanship. Read this article at

Chief Executive Officer Barbara J. Stokes leads the company, and her husband Scott Stokes is the Chief Operating Officer. They have years of experience working with the United States Government and, in particular, working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In addition to having employs in Alabama they also employ people in other states such as North Carolina, Texas, Louisiane, Minnesota, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey on Houston, Texas, and its surrounding communities, Barbara Stokes and her team at GSH were selected by FEMA to provide relief efforts to homeowners and small businesses in the region. As a company that has been in the industry for almost 10 years they are well-qualified to provide their products and services in the wake of a major disaster like Hurricane Harvey caused.

Barbara Stokes attended Mercer University and holds a degree in Biomedical/Medical Engineering. She also studied other classes such as those on manufacturing and business management.

After graduating from Mercer University, Barbara Stokes worked for both Boeing and Pisces Corporation at different times for a number of years. This experience led her to being qualified to open her own company as she had developed a lot of experience in manufacturing and management.


In 2017 GSH was awarded a $28.5 million FEMA contract. They used this money to boost hiring at their manufacturing plants in six states. The structures that these plants produce are then shipped to areas that FEMA has declared a disaster in. While some were used to help those in Houston, Texas, others were shipped to other areas that have also experienced disasters in the latter half of 2017.

When talking about the FEMA contract, Stokes said that the money was being used to support local businesses around their manufacturing plants by increasing economic activity. She said these areas were able to get indirect job growth benefits as her company was hiring so many people for well-paying jobs.

When outsider her office, Barbara Stokes is a mom with three young children. She enjoys spending some of her precious free time volunteering for a number of nonprofit organizations in and around Huntsville. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Susan McGalla Setting An Example for Women in Business

Businesses that have ethnic and gender diversity have a 15 to 35% chance of outperforming companies that do not. The belief is these companies are open to new idea making them capable of outperforming the competition because there are multiple perspectives from the workplace diversity. Women hold only a small portion of the S&P 500 companies C-level positions.

A Story of Success

While reaching high level positions is something a number of women struggle to achieve in there organizations there are also woman like Susan McGalla helping to pave the way for women leaders. McGalla gives credit to raising her comfort level working with women and men. Susan did not get breaks because she was a girl growing up having a dad who coached football and two brothers, she was required to work for the things she wanted and took this lesson with her to become successful. She has held several high level positions.

When Susan McGalla started at American Eagle Outfitters the company executives were all men but she worked her way up to become president before she left. She is no the Pittsburgh Steelers Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development and founder of P3 Executive Consulting. She is in a male dominated industry, she participated in the campaign to get fans to purchase the Steeler gear. She is confident in the workplace and began with a company willing to take a chance on her and allow her to move up as she earned higher positions in the company.

Leadership Initiatives for Women

The success of Susan McGalla is encouraging but not every woman will find the same opportunities. Woman have faced the glass ceiling for years and there are a lot of initiatives and networks for women. Women leaders have a place to share ideas and get support while having a place to develop strategies and plans for their businesses. Woman also get to make connections in the industry while learning the latest business trends.

Initiatives and networks for women have been working to make changes for years. The goal is to show the women can hold executive positions just as well as men can while giving them opportunities to support each other and stand out.

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Susan McGalla: CEO and Role Model

American Eagle is one of the most popular brands among young adults in America, but it would not be the company that it is today without the work of Susan McGalla. McGalla is a professional originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has a degree in marketing and business from Mount Union College. She has a past rooted in the business side of fashion. As the former president of American Eagle and chief executive of Wet Seal, McGalla is well familiar with a role in leadership, which she credits to the influence that her father and brothers had on her when she was younger. Still there’s one person that gets full credit for McGalla’s work: herself.

By working hard and striving to success, McGalla went from a buyer for American Eagle to their president, but she didn’t stop there. She has moved higher and higher up the ladder until she earned her current position as vice president of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the National Football Team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla’s tenacity, drive, and business-minded attitude have clearly done her well as she creates business strategies for one of the most well-known names in football.

McGalla proves that women can pursue high levels in business and has blazed a path for other women striving for success. She has also made a name for herself on the business side of professional sports. Many of the executives working for the Steelers are men,so McGalla’s intrinsic role in the company displays that gender does not matter, regardless of what field you’re in.

Still, gender discrimination unfortunately still exists, as noted by the male dominated fields that McGalla is in; she is the exception to the rule. We need to make a change and pave the way for more women like McGalla to be in power. If women like McGalla show us that it is possible to succeed in a male dominated field and empower other women with the resources to do so, we will find more successful, diverse work atmospheres where men and women work as equals.

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Louis Chenevert – An All-Time Successful CEO

Louis Chenevert is a former chief executive officer at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and a Canadian businessperson. UTC is an American multinational company that is involved in the research, development, and manufacture of high-technology products.  He was once the general manager at General Motors for over a decade. He joined Pratt Whitney Canada in 1993 where climbed up the ladders of leadership in the firm to become the president of the company.

Between 2011 and 2012, Chenevert served at Business Council as the vice chair of the executive committee. On December 8, 2014, he stepped down as the CEO of UTC joining Merchant Banking Division at Goldman Sachs in September 2015 as an exclusive advisor. His target is in the aerospace and industrial sectors. Visit United Technologies website for more info.

What has he achieved?

His notable achievement includes the acquisition of Goodrich and making profits for the company in the recession. Acquiring of Goodrich marked his signature deal highlighting extraordinary managerial skills and business acumen having spent more than a year in negotiating that resulted in $18.4 billion deal. Louis Chenevert enabled UTC to achieve its goals of investing in high-quality technology that creates manufacturing jobs, still pushes the growth of the company to date boosting the United States economy. Chenevert believes in employee education and the use of latest technology for future success the same belief shared by the UTC current CEO Gregory Hayes.

Capitalizing in people that can help in steering company forward and a combination of right technological infrastructure are resources that any company can’t afford to miss. The two are the leading ideologies of Louis. The doctrines have seen him climb to be exclusive CEO of all time, picking up the organizations he worked in to great heights. Chenevert enabled UTC to achieve its goals of investing in. Chenevert enabled UTC to achieve its goals of investing in high-quality technology that creates manufacturing jobs, still pushes the growth of the company to date boosting the United States economy. Chenevert believes in employee education and the use of latest technology for future success the same belief shared by the UTC current CEO Gregory Hayes. Read more at Reporter Expert.

Louis Chenevert comprehended the idea of making all the more ecologically inviting and greener plans making it an offering point for the items United Technologies Corporation was delivering. The organization could set comparable norms for every one of its offices all around. They made items that limited the outflow impression, manufacturing plants and plants lessened water utilization by 53% and the discharge of greenhouse gasses diminished by 26%. Louis knew the idea of making all the more ecologically well-disposed plans making it an offering point for United Technologies Corporation. The organization was able to set similar models for every one of its facilities all inclusive.

Louis’ fantastic initiative abilities are likewise exhibited in different regions, where he additionally worked in various organizations. The consistent quality of a few organizations possessing top administration positions demonstrate that Louis had a few ascribes that added to their development. His profoundly gifted administration aptitudes can be attributed to her degree in production management, which he got for the University of Montreal.


Desiree Perez one of 2017’s Top Women Executives in the Music Industry

Desiree Perez is known for being the driving force behind a multitude of Rap legend Sean ‘Jay Z’ Carter’s slew of businesses and corporations. Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Hip-Hop powerhouse Roc Nation, Perez has had a hand in a variety of lucrative deals for the company, as well as high end and intense negotiations for a variety of Carter’s other corporations. As a business woman, Perez is known for being a tough negotiator, who is incredibly intelligent when it comes to brokering deals and providing the best opportunities possible for the artists and company’s she represents.

In a recent Billboard article, Perez was listed alongside a prolific assortment of the music industry’s most successful women executives, including such notable names as Dia Simms, President of Combs Enterprises, and Nicki Farag, Senior Vice President of Promotion at Def Jam. The article makes mention of a variety of the extremely profitable deals that Perez has brokered for Roc Nation, a company Perez has been a part of since its establishment in 2008. With a reputation as a tough negotiator, and for being able to pull out the best parts of any deal, Perez has provided Roc Nation, and its roster of artists with a slew of recent high profile wins.

With a lucrative 200 million dollar Sprint investment into TIDAL, Jay Z’s streaming service, and a Roc Nation affiliate, Perez was able to provide Jay’s latest album, 4:44, with a platinum status before its release. The businesswoman also recently renegotiated a partnership between Roc Nation and Live Nation which had garnered money for both companies through touring licensing. With Perez’s business knowhow, it’s easy to see how the COO of Roc Nation is listed alongside other notable women executives, and will more thank likely provide the company with guidance for years to come.


OneLogin — the Consolidated Identity-Management Plan

Consumers and businesses have reached the same conclusion about how safe their computer data might be in the cloud setting. Yes, cloud computing is advancing for the better — as far as concerns of a risk-migration issue. Thus, enterprises do not sit on their hands and worry about compromising their application data transfer to the cloud — they just do it.

Nevertheless, organizations know that security will remain a serious interest. And, this is why they go to great lengths in making sure the vendors of cloud services are transparent on how they detail information on security programs. However, many of these same businesses will fail in following the same procedures while transferring their data to the cloud.

As a leader in the fast-growing industry, OneLogin can assist their clients with data and account protection. By staying in touch with a professional service representative, each user will have proper guidance while going through the functional experience. Other than using the on-premise connections, both businesses and users can avoid the exposure to the many unknown risks through the use of their inefficient applications.

Additionally, customers who wish to have a safe cloud migration of their infrastructure and applications will need to implement two methods. Accordingly, the businesses and their workers will need to understand how the technical mechanisms function. Further, they will need to study what skills architects, operators, policymakers, and coders are equipped with or lacking.

OneLogin is the option for many enterprises expecting a secure-streamline connection from associates, clients, employees, and customers — via any device. What’s more, employee-handled passwords and manual user applications can be reliable. OneLogin secures the process of a company revoking or granting instant access to a worker who may try using applications.

Also, many businesses have wound up selecting a cloud vendor that failed in identifying foreseen vulnerabilities. So, the two-way approach to prevent a security oversight while migrating computer data to the cloud must comprise the proper tools and policies. Even so, hardware-based risks usually come across an unsecured error during the endpoint.

OneLogin provides the business a consolidated identity-management plan. And, this solution is not only for the company employees. Here, any enterprise can execute an identity policy across all users, devices, on-premise and cloud applications.

ClassDojo will Penetrate the Educators Market Successfully

Education technology is one of the fastest growing technologies in the industry. Through this, most developers have been able to come up with products that suit bot the needs of the educators and the educated. In most cases the student and the tutor. This growing market niche of EdTech consumers however is very specific in the kind of product they require.

Therefore, as a technology developer, one needs to understand what they really need to develop before you release a product into the education market that is very lucrative once a product is accepted. First of all, one should understand the needs of the educators. This is because, capturing an educator is the most important aspect of selling an EdTech product. The only way to do this is going and taking time with an educator and understand they problems they go through in their day to day business.

One product has successfully penetrated the market by understanding the problems that educators go through and in turn creating a product that helps in solving them. The name of the product is ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a group of parents, teachers and the students. Through that, ClassDojo has captured the attention of all the stakeholders due to its customization so as to meet the needs of the educators.

It has been able to solve actual problems in the classroom for both the student and the teacher. Furthermore, ClassDojo is also tested and proven by the EdTech gurus and this way it is a trusted learning tool by educators. Another success tip that has been demonstrated by ClassDojo is that the product should should adopt and implementation plan.

Developing a product is not just enough, it is necessary to enable to have a plan to implement in in the already technological advanced schools countrywide. Through its planning and proper development, ClassDojo is used by over 97% of schools in the US in their education system. It has been able to penetrate the education market successful through provision of customized services to education stakeholders. Educational technology is an important area that you need to consider if you are a stakeholder in the sector.