Meet One Of The Youngest CEOs Globally, Milan Kordestani

It is only in our millennial generation that a youth below the age of twenty years can be the Chief Executive Officer and consequently a Founder of a certain company having several employees under him. Meet Milan Kordestani who is famous than his age due to his capabilities in horse riding.

Milan Kordestani was born and grew up in Stanford in California State and partly attended Phillips Brooks School for his elementary studies in the same region. Later, his whole family relocated to London in England that was after his parent divorced. In his new region he attended Eaton Square School but later after one year in 2010, he came back to his home area for preparatory and high school studies. He joined Sacred Heart Preparatory School where he completed his high school studies in 2017.

One outstanding thing about Milan Kordestani is his prowess when it comes to horse riding. As a matter of fact, at the age of ten, he had started horse riding. It is at this age that he was thrown down by his horse and amazingly, he got up and continued with his ride. He was surely determined to be one of the best horse riders competing in various competitions and challenges.

As a result of his determination, Milan never took long to learn horse riding in Atherton before he started competing in world championships. He has become second and fourth in World’s Championship Horse Show and third in American Royal. He still holds the record for this championship as far as his age is concerned.

In his 3rd year in High school, Milan did what many young people could not think; he created his own company and called them Milan Farms. Being the CEO of Milan farms by itself is history and the technology employed in the farm is a whole new history. He is the first farmer to grow saffron in their microfiber sponges hydroponically in the world. The farm is also great in poultry and eggs production.

The underlying values in Milan Farms are transparency in the production of their products and always being honest with their consumers. The company has expanded to own 3 separate farms that distribute eggs and saffron across the globe. He is also a writer with Huffington Post.


Sheldon Lavin; Scaling the Heights of Global Expansion with OSI Group

Leaders are charismatic individuals who have a great passion and understanding for communication. They also possess a great potential for understanding the community’s economic and social issues. With that said, a good leader has to register excellent communication skills while caring about his or her employees. Moreover, an excellent leader must help the organization to continue to expand its operations through continuous adaptation to various market changes. Therefore, for a firm to excel in its services and products provision, an experienced leader must be part of the package. One such leader who has perfected the art of helping the workforce to come up with revolutionary ideas alongside implementing competitive strategies that support global expansion is Sheldon Lavin.

Who is Sheldon Lavin?

From the modest beginnings of working as a financial consultant to managing a leading food processing company, Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group. From a tender age, he grew up wanting to become a leader. Even though he could not point the angle of the leadership structure he admired then, he invested in an education that would later on propel him into the world of careers. At first, Lavin was self employed as a finance executive in a small consultancy firm that he owned. However, since he was good at arithmetic and resources allocation, Sheldon Lavin started landing challenging and well-paying jobs. At the peak of his career, Lavin received a call from a company called Otto & Sons. Apparently, the firm’s owner needed a finance executive who could help the management in financing different projects through technical accounts and resources allocation.

Lavin Joins OSI Group

Lavin was the right candidate for the job that Otto & Sons offered at that moment since apart from having vast experience in finance and business management, he exuded confidence and reliability. With the two principles, he was trusted to govern the company for a while. Well, after a few months of service, Otto realized that the firm received additional local purchase orders. It was at that moment that Lavin was appointed to serve as the head cheerleader. Since the company provided fresh foods, he needed to focus on the establishment of viable marketing strategies so that the food was supplied to stores on time. As such, Otto and his sons cut off some costs associated with expiries. Similarly, Otto needed to expand the firm’s base so that it could accommodate different clients. Therefore, with Lavin’s help, OSI Group was born. The rebranding of the company set a new trend in the industry of food production. Thanks to Sheldon Lavin, the firm has since been expanding its portfolio of services.

Global Expansion and Observation

Over the years, Lavin has played a pivotal role in overseeing the strategic management of the company. With that said, he is the man behind various global expansion projects with Baho Food being the leading project. In addition, the firm has been delving into major expansions across China and Spain, Toledo. As it is well known, global expansion contributes to the growth of an impressive client base. Lavin is therefore not only successful for leading OSI Group but also for guiding it through major international expansions that have contributed to hefty revenues. As he maintains his position as the head cheerleader, OSI Group will always register unparalleled sales.

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Reasons Why Randal Nardone Is Considered The Epitome Of Financial Success

Randal Nardone is the director of Fortress Investment Group, an international investment company that started in 1998. He started the organization with two of his friends, Wes Edens and Pete Brigger after gaining incredible experience from financial institutions he worked with. Randal was promoted to serve as the Chief executive officer in 2013 and has since used his position to influence company strategies that work for them and has changed those that do not. His employees are content with working at Fortress and they are enough proof that he is a great leader. Randal holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and biology from Connecticut University and a doctorate in Jurisprudence from the University of Boston School of Law. He started off his career as a partner in the corporate law department of Thatcher Proffitt and Wood, a law firm in New York City.

While in the department, Randal Nardone developed an interest in Financial investments and immediately moved to BlackRock Financial Management firm where he assumed the role of Principal. He moved up the ladder, to working as the managing director of the Union Bank of Switzerland, a Swiss banking giant. With all these experiences he was able to co-found one of the most excellent investment companies worldwide. Randal Nardone has had the chance to grace the Forbes list as the 557th wealthiest man with a net worth of 1.8 billion dollars. The investment mogul is attached to 8 different organizations and has a high capacity role in each. He is the non- executive director of the Alea Group holdings Bermuda Ltd and the director of Florida East coast holdings, Springleaf Finance and Springleaf Reit Inc.

Randal is the chairman of Springleaf Financial holdings and a serving board member of the Fortress Credit Corporation.When SoftBank Group acquired Fortress Investment group in December 2017, Randal Nardone thought of it as a wise step considering its private equity assets had started lagging behind. He said it was an intelligent move by Fortress Investment Group to increase their business connections with their investor clients. He further added that with increased assets the investors would be confident to trust them with their property. The Company that has consolidated its holdings with the SBG group has maintained its leadership and workforce and is based in New York.


Wes Edens is an American citizen who was conceived in the year 1961, October 30. He is the Principal, Founder, and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group which was established in the year 1998 and a 72 billion dollars elective resource administration organization which has a branch office in New York and all over the world. Mr. Edens is in charge of Fortress’ private value business, which puts resources into transportation, land, social insurance, money related administrations and media.Edens is Director of Nationstar Mortgage, previously known as Centex Home Equity Company, LLC, a subprime home value contract bank, which was procured by Fortress for 575 million dollars in the year 2006.

Wes and Lasry acquired the Bucks from Mr. Kohl for approximately 550 million dollars, assuring to keep the group in Wisconsin and assemble another field to supplant the BMO Harris Bradley Center in the year 2014. Mr. Wes Edens was once an associate and administering head of Lehman Brothers.Wes Edens venture style was outlined in the divider road diary article as one in context of “contrarian wagers, creative financing, and expert for building the business from speculations. Fortress transformed into the primary trade on an open market buyout firm in the year 2007 February 9. Eden together with the associates made the organization accessible through its basic public offering. Fortress Company has sold over 8% of its shares to the general public for over 600 million dollars by the year 2009.

By 2007 Fortress resources under administration included both private value and traded on an open market elective speculation vehicles, fourteen private value reserves, four multifaceted investments and opened up to the world.At the point when the Japanese money related holding organization, Nomura Holdings gained 15% of Fortress for 888 million dollars in December 2006. The organization continues setting off to the five concepts, Edens and his accomplices progressed toward becoming self-made billionaires. Wes Edens moved toward becoming Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress in the year 2009 and helped the organization, which saw its stock value reduce to below one dollar after the subprime contract crisis. He filled in as Board member of Fortress Transportation Investors LLC from the year 2015 – 2016 May.In January 2017 Fortress announced the generation of capable video gaming mix called FlyQuest. The gathering at the exhibit has a League of Legends that fights in the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

Robert Deignan Stays Ahed of the Curve

If there is one thing that Robert Deignan understands, it is the fact that anyone can hardly go wrong from over performance in the business world. This native of Fort Lauderdale Florida and Purdue University graduate, with a degree in Organizational Leadership, has a lot to validate this business understanding. Perhaps, most notably is his performance as a playing team member of the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets.

He also has the venture Fanlink on his resume, in which he is on record as co-founder. The most current company on his list of ventures is ATS Digital Services. The inspiration for this establishment comes from his experience and service to a previous employer. The details of these facts have a linear and logical development to them. They pretty much boil down to his starting a company from improving the service that his then employer-provided.

It is not so much that he took a million-dollar idea and ran with it. Rather, he is responsible for finding the solution to a problem that others simply overlooked. This process of due diligence actually lays down the foundation for the business model that runs ADT Digital Services. In other words, Robert Deignan runs a company brought into fruition by the evolution of technology.

Robert Deignan enjoys his position and rewards of his business acumen due to the fact that he married a superlative level of customer service to advancements in the technical evolution of modern times It is exactly this type of business savvy, along with his habit of overachievement, that keep him busy for 12 hours a day during the work week. He balances it nicely with a steady and early family-oriented regimen, before tackling a myriad of troubles for the sake of the company.

His inspiration often comes during one of those “a-ha” moments where the solution to one of life’s little irritants presents itself. When it comes to what has attention his attention field, Robert Deignan states that he is mostly excited about the progressive attitude toward remote technology being used in the home. Naturally, his interest on the matter is as a businessman, as he constantly searches for new and better ways to serve the general public.

Jeunesse Global makes big advances in weight loss with Zen Bodi

The weight-loss industry has been long beset with shaky products and marketing ploys involving promises that simply can’t be kept. Too often, weight-loss systems claim that people can see real, lasting results without having to change or do any real work for themselves. The hard truth is that unhealthy lifestyles and obesity are the direct product of habits. And these habits, once ingrained, take enormous energy and effort to change.

The good news is that it is increasingly understood how those unhealthy habits that so often lead to a state of obesity can be effectively changed over time. Additionally, science is allowing for the development of nutritional supplements that can physically aid the body in reversing some of the biological processes that lead to the accumulation of excess adipose tissue.

Jeunesse Global is one of the first companies that have decided to take a strictly scientific approach to the development of weight-loss systems. With its Zen Bodi supplement and its Zen 8 Project weight-loss system, Jeunesse Global has added a powerful tool to the arsenal of anyone who genuinely desires to lose weight and keep it off.

Rather than focusing solely on weight loss, the Zen 8 Project concentrates on reshaping an individual’s entire lifestyle, taking them in the direction of a total-health-centric mode of living that can not only cause the person to shed pounds but can also lead to a sharp and permanent upgrade to their overall health.

The Zen 8 Project identifies three core pillars of weight loss. These are burning fat, curbing appetite and building muscle. The Zen Bodi supplement is scientifically designed to help maximize the user’s chances of reaching these goals. In building muscle, the user will be able to replace blanket-like fat with much denser muscle tissue. This can make a radical difference in one’s appearance even when no weight is actually lost, leading to a much fitter, firmer look.

Zen Bodi also helps curb appetite and burn fat. Fat burning is boosted directly through the supplement’s bioactive ingredients. It is also enhanced through the building of muscle, which requires more energy to maintain itself than fatty tissue.

Clayton Hutson and Concert Skills

Clayton Hutson is a professional tour rigger who is going to be teaming up with country music superstars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. He’s set to work with the married couple for the duration of part two of “Soul2Soul.” This is the name of their global tour. They haven’t toured as a team for more than a decade now.


Part one of Soul2Soul was a major success. 70 of the performances ended up selling out. These took place starting in the spring of 2017 all the way into the last month of the year. Organizers made the choice to add dates to the tour. Fans wanted more. They requested more, too. Clay Hutson now is in charge of all live production matters. He’s a Nashville, Tennessee resident. He has a strong reputation within the concert community. He has given his talents to a broad array of widely known musical acts. Diverse examples of these acts are Guns ‘n’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson, Pink and, finally, Kid Rock. Hutson has assisted musical acts with their concerts for more than two full decades now. He is particularly talented in tour production, stage management and sound engineering.


Hutson in the past was a sound engineer who went everywhere with Billy Graham’s crew. He’s enamored by rock music and that encouraged him to concentrate on something different afterward. He was attracted to the music field like a magnet. He was all over the place with his new music vocation. He went to locations all around North America. He went to Australia and Europe as well.


Hutson states that he wants others to consider him to be the most assiduous individual around. He indicates that musical acts are genuinely elated any time engineers go the extra mile for their concerts. This individual is more than exclusively a sound engineer. He’s also a tour producer and stage manager who boasts an outstanding track record. This motivated music fan has accounts on social media websites including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


He presents musical clients with a dizzying array of choices in useful services. His offered services include monitor engineering, show production, production management, production design, rigging and even logistics management. He provides clients of all kinds with assistance that’s economical. He provides them with assistance that’s thrilling and innovative as well. Musical artists who want to enchant audiences everywhere with performances that are fresh often work with Hutson. Learn more:


Paul Herdsman Offers Twelve Successful Strategies To Being An Entrepreneur

Paul Herdsman is the co-founder of the company NICE Global in Boca Raton, FL.

He offers some of the steps that he himself has learned about being a global entrepreneur. Here are some of the tips he shares in his artilcle: 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman

First, a positive attitude is very important. People with positive attitudes are naturally better problem solvers, more energetic, and are more resilient. In order to increase positivity, Paul Herdsman suggests showing gratitude in the morning and at night before bed. Be thankful for at least five things that you do have. The gratitude will remove any negativity that could be lingering.

Second, Paul Herdsman emphasizes risk taking. That’s the only way to find out if an idea would really work or not. A successful entrepreneur is not afraid of failure and has also learned enough about failing to be able to analyze a risk and decide whether or not it is worth taking.

Third, do something you care about. Your love for your work will show in the work itself.

Fourth, have a vision of where you see yourself and company and know the direction you should be going to get there.

Fifth, make sure you have the right support people working with you. Paul Herdsman says you can’t change people’s values but you can teach them skills. Choose people who complement your strengths and weaknesses.

Sixth, don’t look for shortcuts, put in the time and effort to be successful. Know as much as you can about the business you’re in.

Seventh, Paul Herdsman advise to use each mistake as a learning opportunity to keep from repeating it.

Eighth, know who you’re serving, that way you can serve them better and make the necessary adjustments from any feedback.

Ninth, go above and beyond. Your customers will remember why they choose you every time.

Tenth, stick with it, don’t give up. It will be hard but be ready to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Eleventh, find a person you can look up to, someone you can get advice from. This a support person that you respect, listens well, and you can learn something from them.

Twelfth, Paul Herdsman says some things you will need to decline. Stay focused on things that will support the goals of your business. Time is very valuable. Visit This Page for related information.


Read more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman


Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Gives Fans A Glimpse Of What Drives Them And The Music That They Make

Over the past four years, The Chainsmokers have grown into a worldwide phenomenon, taking over charts all over the world. With hit singles like ‘Closer’, ‘Roses’, ‘Don’t Get Me Down’ and ‘Sick Boy’, the duo has managed to capture not just the hearts of their fans, but the electronic music industry as well.

The Chainsmokers consists of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, who were two DJs brought together by a common manager. After experimenting with a few sounds, the duo decided to set up the foundations for their music style and image that they were going to go with. After a while, they become the new kids on the block and the ones playing in everyone’s playlists. The fact that the duo sings over their own songs is also something that has got a lot of attention. Not many DJs who currently produce electronic music sing over their own songs. Most of them turn to other well-known vocalists to fill out the void in their tracks. However, The Chainsmokers have always been the ones to go down the path less traveled, which is why they decided to let their very own be featured on tracks like ‘Closer’ and ‘Sick Boy’.

Being in tune with the current experiences that today’s youth are going through and making music about it has always been one of the defining facets of The Chainsmokers. In a recent interview, Alex Pall, one half of the group spoke about what drives them to make the kind of songs that captivate their audiences. They believe in always making music about the events in their lives that they are going through, which is something that people are naturally drawn towards. Their fans can relate to their music, which is what makes them tune into them with every new song that they come out with.

Both members of the duo have always been into music since a young age. They shared similar backgrounds of starting to DJ at an early age and shared their passion for making electronic music. Together, they managed to make something that is truly iconic and has made a mark on the electronic music industry.

Everything You Need to Know About Equities First Holdings in Australia

A global lending company, Equities First Holdings is a company with several bases throughout the world. Particularly in Australia, this company has quite the standing with the community for their lending services that provide aid to both individual investors and businesses throughout the country. They have been providing loans based on evaluations of future performance and risks that come with things like bonds, stocks, and treasuries. Founded back in 2002, the company has expanded from their original location in Indianapolis, Indiana to all parts of the world.

Their key executives have been working hard to provide valuable loans to businesses and individuals who are set on investing their money in certain stocks, treasuries, and bonds. Equities First Holdings, LLC gives secure loans to those who apply and meet all the requirements for their lending process. With all of the tightening lending options nowadays, this company has been a valuable resource for many as they hope to invest money in stocks and bonds. This company also provides loans for those who are seeking to raise their capital at a faster rate or who may not qualify for more traditional loans. Equities First Holdings continues to be a great and global leader in lending opportunities throughout the world. In Australia, they have succeeded as being a valuable asset to individuals and businesses alike.