The Man With A Heart-Jason Hope

Wherever he goes people smile. He is the reason for hope for a better future, by many people. Jason Hope is an individual that has greatly ventured into almost all aspects of life. His efforts have normally been centered on technology, business, and philanthropy. In his view, he perceives technology as the pillar of world success, now and in future.

With better technology, established systems can yield more output. With increased productivity, more businesses are created to help alleviate the financial conditions of many people. As a man who is in love with business, he has made it his business to nurture young souls that want to venture into entrepreneurship. He not only provides startups with insight but also offers financial assistance whenever he deems fit.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist. It is his belief that he is where he is today so that he can get to help the less fortunate members of society. For this course, he has financially supported humanitarian organizations located in Arizona, to see to it that the less fortunate and elderly citizens are taken care of.

He has also partnered with and pledged half a million dollars to SENS Foundation so as to facilitate extensive research on better ways of treating age-related ailments and even rejuvenate the human body so as to work at optimum capacity. He is a man greatly concerned about the plight of the senior citizens of Arizona. Also, Jason Hope has helped improve education standards through his hefty donations.

In his portfolio, Jason Hope boasts of having successfully attained a bachelor’s of science degree in finance and an MBA in business. Business strategy, business development, SaaS, start-ups, and entrepreneurship are some of the skills under his wing. He has also published nine IoT articles over the years.

Finally, Jason Hope has a vested interest in politics. He believes that he is the main ingredient needed to help the disadvantaged members of society receive equal opportunity. Hence, Jason Hope is a true people lover with the heart and will to see to it that everyone around him succeeds in life.

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Online Reputation Management

In this modern era, the internet world is becoming more incorporated into the rest of our lives. Through Smartphone, computers, and other internet devices, you realize that our lives are continuously getting a relation with the web. We, therefore, transmit many impacts onto the ever-expanding online world. The internet has established substantial information about you even without you ever getting in touch with an internet device. People perceive your reputation differently regarding the available type of online information.

Importance of Descent Online Reputation

Your online reputation is the way other people see when they search for you online. They can perceive your status as positive or reproachful. Hence, it is through online reputation management that you can control what people think of you on the internet. According to, this incorporates taking into account the strategies and techniques that ensure people find the right materials when they search for you on the Internet. Proper online reputation management allows you to put the best foot forward and counteract misleading information. Misleading information can be critical when landlords search for you online as a prospective renter. An employer could also search you on the internet for a potential pre-interview. It is vital to ensure that you share appropriate online information for your employer’s or landlord’s consideration. You may never understand why you do not qualify for business tenders. You can as well be wondering why your job interviews never materialize.

Managing Your Online Reputation

It is hard to follow up on what other people say and see about you online and then employ measures to correct any exaggerations that may have come up. You can establish a proper online reputation by only promoting the right online material information. You need to develop accurate and active content that helps your online reputation. Other individuals may write negative information about you online, and this may be detrimental in the long term. Nonetheless, you can avoid this and improve your online reputation by using correct full names for social sites and ensure you control the type of content displayed on social media. You can also choose not to engage detractor sites that may post critical information. Avoid writing back, commenting, or posting to these offensive online forums.


Booming Conferences of 2017 – the Wessex Institute of Technology

There are several sources for information about the Wessex Institute of Technology’s conferences. Wessex Institute of Technology contains a blogspot that contains information regarding the “8th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning.” This blog was last updated in early December of 2016, but provides an introduction and a list of conference topics for the reader. There are also a few other 2016 conference headlines that are highlighted across the blog for information regarding the Institute’s activities based on


Another source is a ‘2017 Conference’ page provided by the Wessex Institute of Technology itself. The site provides several posters and dates for 2017 that display information about conferences taking place in the upcoming year.


Ricardo Tosto Provides Reliable Business Representation

Not every lawyer is right for a particular assignment. When individuals and businesses contact Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho,it is because they want a highly knowledgeable lawyer in business matters and who is also well experienced in litigation.Having a good legal counsel by your side will give you peace of mind in knowing that your case will be handled appropriately. So it is absolutely critical for you to take the time to select the right legal representative in Brazil.

Business disputes often arise, especially in shareholder issues, and such a conflict always requires the expertise of a corporate or business lawyer in order to arrive a resolution.Shareholder disputes commonly occur in closely held corporations. The majority of these disputes can be addressed among the shareholders with little, if any, assistance from lawyer or attorneys. Unfortunately, in some cases the disputes can not be dealt with without the help of counsel.

An experienced business lawyer or attorney can effectively guide you through: Ownership considerations, selecting an entity type, Employee relations, guidance through business, acquisitions and sales, contract negotiations, buy-sell agreements, severance agreements, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, complete or partial transactions when buying or selling, member control agreements and drafting non-solicitation and non-compete agreements.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho renders top quality advice and representation in all matters regarding corporate and business law. He has a popular law firm in Brazil and has represented numerous companies and professionals. He is well known for his unique negotiation and litigation skills.Clients turn to Ricardo Tosto for effective litigation in Brazil. You know you are hiring proficient and successful counsel when you have Ricardo Tosto resolve your case.

Ricardo Tosto knows how damaging a suit can be for establishments. His goal is to offer clients with a tailored practice that will help them achieve a beneficial case outcome. Ricardo Tosto is a caring individual, and a proficient lawyer. His clients’ success is very important to him, and as such, he will do everything in his power to provide the outcomes his clients require to keep on growing their business venture.

Ricardo Tosto Is A Powerful Litigation Attorney

If you are starting a business or if you already have a business, it is advisable to have a good lawyer on your side. Build a relationship with an attorney who can help you with the legal issues your new business will face early on in the start-up process.Business law deals with the creation or setup of new business enterprises and the issues that come up as existing enterprises interact with the public, other businesses, and the government. Lawyers that handle business matters provide a wide variety of business related legal services, including breach of contract and shareholder disputes and they usually represent clients in court, and in negotiation sessions.

To understand the role of company law within the legal system, it helps to view companies as entities separate from their employees and owners. Just like individuals living together in society, business enterprise entities are subject to legal rules that gives every entity in the marketplace a fair possibility to succeed.An enforceable system of business organization laws also provide benefits to the economy and ensures more efficient transactions. A supplier who sells merchandise on credit can be certain that the buyer will comply with the payment terms agreement. As long as the agreement or contract is formulated and executed in accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) adopted in that jurisdiction, the supplier knows beforehand it will be able to enforce the contract.

Choose a lawyer or attorney who understands Brazil laws and courts. A number of business enterprises count on Ricardo Tosto’s knowledge of Brazil law to represent their interests in the country.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has provided excellent legal services for many years and comes highly recommended. He specializes in business and corporate litigation and has helped numerous companies and professionals resolve their legal issues.Realizing what is at stake for businesses and organizations if they do not win, Ricardo Tosto works tirelessly on behalf of his clients. Ricardo Tosto can evaluate contracts and file suits if essential to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients.

Quality services offered by Goettl Company

Goettl is known for taking pride in their ability of their experienced staff and technicians to exceed the client’s expectations when providing services. The firm’s mission is to do the right thing to the first time customers and later provide unmatched quality services. The company is known for providing a full gamut of commercial and home services in various areas.

Some of these services include installation, replacement, maintenance and repair of heat pumps, air cleaners, furnaces, air units, ductless splits, humidifiers, heating systems, UV Germicidal Lights among others. At any time, the company’s staff is ready to uptake any project be it changing AC or providing a new AC. Everyone at Goettl understands the importance of having an excellent customer service, and this is why the company offers a 24/7 response team to deliver services regardless of the time.

Some of the major areas the company is seen to offer quality services include;

Commercial HVAC

In case you need commercial HVAC services, Goettl is the people to call. This is because you will be in a position of gaining a wealth of expertise and experience as the technicians work on your AC breakdowns or keeping your system in good shape. All of the technicians are well trained and know what to look at in case of an AC failure and what to change. The company can address any issue you might be facing in your business and are in a position of improving the buildings energy efficiency and the indoor air quality.

Air Conditioning services

If you are in need of an AC contractor, you need a contractor you can rely on depending on to offer quality service. With Goettl, you can never go wrong as it understands how important an AC system is important to you as their client. During the summer, every individual wants to stay cool, and in some cases, your AC might break down. Have no worry as Goettl technicians are trained on how to repair broken down AC exceedingly well to ensure you are comfortable. In case you buy an AC you can also depend on the company to provide you with their staff that is in a position of installing your AC.

With Goettl, you are guaranteed of satisfaction from all their services.

Is Desiree Perez Having a Deal with Samsung?

According to, it is said that there are talking going on for Tidal to seal a deal with Samsung. Samsung is an electronic manufacturing company that is based in Korea. The company has had interests to work with Tidal which is a music streaming company that is owned by Jay-Z. The company has already supported Jay-Z in launching the Magna Carta Holy Grail. They have also had a deal with Rihanna who belongs to Roc Nation, a recording label owned by Jay-Z. There are also rumors that the company paid a check to Kanye West regarding the album Life of Pablo. Some sources say that Samsung is planning big things. They are after signing a deal to make their marketing easy.


Tidal is a company that houses great talents and artists such as Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. The release of the album by Kanye West the life of Pablo and entry of people like Desiree Perez has made the company to revive and firmly stand to the ground. There has been a rise in trial subscribers growing to millions of trial subscriptions in a period of a month.  However, remember that Desiree Perez is the primary decision maker and that is why many companies may not make it because they do not have the best offers. Click here.


It does not matter the since with the firm leadership of Desiree; things are in the right direction.  Leadership is not easy, and that is why there are people who are determined concerning leadership. Desiree is a lady who has been in the field of management for over twenty years. She is good at sealing deals, and that is why she is important in the deal with Samsung. She is good at making the right decisions, and Jay-Z has nothing to worry concerning any deal that may come along the way.


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Maggie Gill CEO Provides MUMC the Leadership Abilities to Provide Quality Levels of Care without Emptying the Patient’s Wallets or Pocketbooks!

Maggie Gill is the CEO of MUMC. Memorial University Medical Center is an academic healthcare institution, located in one of the foremost southern metropolitan venues: Savannah, Georgia. The residents of Savannah, Georgia are smart, savvy healthcare consumers and believe in attaining value, in way of healthcare service. The illustrious CEO, Maggie Gill, of Memorial University Medical Center, is in sync, with the thinking. During her tenure, at the well-regarded healthcare institution, Ms. Gill has been instrumental in trimming any fat from the MUMC budget–in example, items that were necessary; however, are no longer required; aligning herself with exceptional health insurers–who–like Ms. Gill–believe in saving the healthcare consumer money, without sacrifice of service–and by constantly encouraging the MUMC team to provide the best in quality service, relative to the growing demands of the Savannah healthcare populace.


Ms. Gill, it is quite apparent, is a truly compassionate healthcare CEO. She has been recognized by many of the foremost prestigious medical organizations for her contributions to the healthcare community. Ms. Gill’s team is continually recognized, in way of the superior service levels, which they provide to persons residing in the southern sector.


The awards, as to levels of achievement, provide the healthcare community, as a whole, a great deal of confidence in Ms. Gill’s innate ability to lead. Ms. Gill, it can be said, with absolute certainty, is a “textbook example of what exemplifies a great leader.”


Ms. Gill has much on her plate. She oversees many areas of responsibility which she sees as challenging as well as fundamental in her role as CEO of MUMC. Some of the areas wherein Ms. Gill acts as an overseer include the following:


1) MHUP–Memorial Health University Physicians;


2) The Orthopedic Program,


3) The Neuroscience Program,


4) The Internal Audit Function of MUMC;


5) The Heart & Vascular Institute,


6) The Financial Assistance area,


7) Perioperative Services area,


8) Facilities Management,


9) Corporate Communications, and


10) Trauma Service.


The preceding is not a complete list. Ms. Gill, in her role of CEO is busy in establishing relationships with outside vendors and sources; and identifying and recognizing requirements as it pertains to the staff of MUMC as well as the patients which her staff is so determinedly dedicated. Maggie Gill, during her tenure at MUMC, has demonstrated reliability, as it pertains to customer care.


Prior to Ms. Gill’s coming on board, at MUMC, she served in a leadership capacity within the Tenet Healthcare System in Florida. During her academic career, she attained her degrees with Honors. It is clear, as demonstrated from her progressive climb within her chosen profession, as well as her outstanding academic performance, that Ms. Gill possesses all of the qualities expected of an exceptional healthcare leader.

Roberto Santiago – A Buzzing Name In The Brazilian’s Growing Entertainment Sector

Roberto Santiago is a popular name in the field of entertainment and show business in Brazil, and is a proud owner of many malls, activity centers, and establishments across the country. Two of the most famous properties for which Roberto Santiago is widely known are Manaira Shopping Mall and Mangabeira Shopping Mall.

Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the latest entries in his long list of real estate development investments in the area of entertainment and is among the largest malls in the country on It is located in the Joao Pessoa city, in the Brazilian State of Paraiba. Manaira Shopping Mall has been constructed as per the international standards and has numerous activities and amenities that are offered at the best malls worldwide. Having immense experience in the sector of entertainment and having a working knowledge when building Mangabeira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago ensured that with Manaira Shopping Mall he would leave no stone unturned in giving to the society the best they have seen so far.

Manaira Shopping Mall boasts of having 11 movie theaters and three of these screens are equipped with the latest 3D technology sourced from abroad to give the audience a larger than life and immersive experience on The movie watching experience of the public is further enhanced by the bar and refreshment services, which includes premium alcohol drinks, popcorn, snacks and a range of fizzy drinks.

Apart from having a multiplex, the mall also has numerous activities on Facebook for the visitors to indulge in, such as bowling alleys, gaming center, restaurants, shopping area, kids zone, garden, a large food court, ballroom, and much more. The mall also hosts various events, concerts and live music and shows regularly, which further enhances the entertainment value provided by the venue.

Manaira Shopping Mall, one can say, is a little city in itself, and apart from the above-mentioned sub-establishments in the mall, it also features a bank and a college. Another attractive feature of the mall is the area having Game Station. The area consists of over 200 game machines and is spread across the area of 1,800 square meters. Domus Hall stationed at the Terrace of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is another unique feature. The hall can accommodate over 8,000 people and is a rental space that hosts business conferences, exhibitions, seminars, concerts, music shows, parties, and so on. Famous artists such as Jorge Mario Da Silva, ORappa Band, and Ana Carolina have performed in Domus Hall.

Manaira Shopping Mall aims at providing the youth, adults, and families in the region with a comprehensive and addictive entertainment experience. As a visionary entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago has many more plans in the field of entertainment and aims at reviving the entertainment infrastructure of the country.