Vijay Eswaran’s Business Giant

One of the most important aspects of business is creativity and passion. Vijay Eswaran has shown that he has both. For one thing, he is always looking for ways to provide for people around the world that are less than fortunate.

This is one of the reasons that he runs the QI Group. His business has expanded and grown branches such as QNET. QNET is one of the more prominent groups in that it is always offering people a chance to move to better circumstances. One of the most valuable aspects of business is that it is based on philanthropy.

With the QI Group being philanthropic in nature, there is always something that is helpful to humanity. This is one thing that Vijay prides himself in. If he is able to make like better for people, then he is fulfilled in what he is doing.

With QNEt, Vijay had a vision. His vision was a marriage of the social abilities of QNET with the global nature of the internet. This is in fact a great combination. For one thing, the internet is able to reach people in ways that no other medium could. This is one of the reasons that many businesses start off online.

Vijay has taken The QI Group from being a local entity of Malasia to a global enterprise that is helping people in many different ways. It takes a lot of thought and skill in order to achieve something of that magnitude.

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran had to know the right people and be in touch with the right connections so that he can be able to market his business to the point of success beyond his wildest dreams.

Of course he is not done helping people with what he has to offer them. QI Group will not only sell useful items, but will also make donations.

Clay Siegall’s Visionary Leadership That Drives Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is one of the firms that have made significant inroads in cancer research. Presently, the company is focused on a number of innovations. Seattle Genetics’ objective is to develop affordable cancer therapies that would be used by cancer patients. With the passage of time, the company has continued to make strides in their research process.

Seattle Genetics CEO, Clay Siegall has been ardent about enhancing the lives of cancer patients. Since he began his profession in the biomedical field, Clay has been optimistic that cancer drugs can be developed and used to cure different cancer cells. He has been at Seattle Genetics for almost 20 years. This corporation was incorporated in 1998. Since forming the firm, Siegall has worked unstintingly to guide the firm to greater heights in terms of cancer research and revolutionary therapies for cancer patients.

Siegall has achieved many other professional accomplishments. Siegall received his PhD from the George Washington University. He started his career at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. In the company, Siegall served as a senior research investigator. Following his success in this position, he was promoted to work as a principal scientist. Later, he rendered his services as a Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow at the National Cancer Institute. It is here that he started thinking about Seattle Genetics.

One of Siegall’s major career accomplishments includes his fidelity to concentrating on imperative research. He is also meticulous about using the most advanced research developments. Consistently, Siegall has been led by a true aspiration to help patients. Clay continues to fund cancer research with the objective of developing drugs that can be used to prevent or kill cancer cells.

Clay Siegall is the chief executive officer, president, and the chairman of the board of Seattle Genetics. He built the company on the foundation of drug development practices, innovation, passion for helping others, and rigorous research. Siegall specializes on targeted cancer therapies.

Over the years, clay has led the company in developing antibody –based cancer therapies like ADCETRIS. He has also enhanced the company’s capital raising strategies. So far, Siegall has secured over $1.2 billion via public and private financing.