The Business Enterprise that is Committed to Environment Conservation

Flavio Maluf is the head of Eucatex, a natural eucalyptus products company that is located in Brazil. He is the Vice Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Trading Engenharia. Eucatex was founded in 1951 by the Maluf’s family. The founders had no idea that the small scale company would grow into an international company that it is today. The company grew progressively within the first three years, and in 1954, it opened its factory in Sao Paulo. This marked the beginning of its expansion story. The company diversified into production of the acoustic ceiling, wood fibre plates, and soft sheets. In no time, Eucatex was producing insulation and acoustic panels.


Eucatex has received several awards for its dedication to conservation of the environment. It was the first acoustic company that focuses on the preservation of the environment by planting eucalyptus trees in a bid to conserve the environment for future generations. When it was established, there were very few environmental regulations for companies. This did not hinder the company form ensuring all its products are environmentally friendly.

Eucatex has expanded its product portfolio into construction and furniture. The company is still leading in today’s market and the production of sustainable and affordable building materials.


Flavio Maluf has a postgraduate degree in Business Management from the New York University and has a degree in mechanical engineering from PUC. His education background gives him both trade and industrial skills that are necessary to lead the company.Eucatex has grown under the strategic leadership of Flavio Maluf. The company opened more branches under his watch, and he ensured all the branches are using solar power, a move towards energy conservation.


Flavio specialized in accounting for non-accountants, management people, foreign trade principals, rural management, and foreign exchange principles thus his vast wealth of knowledge and skills. He has a lot of experience in the business world apart from his prestigious educational background.



Flavio Maluf is a good role model for those entering the business world and has a blog where he offers advice on how to succeed in employment, how to handle job interviews, and how to achieve remarkable career growth. Flavio has also been talking about the future of business in Brazil.


Lime Crime is More than Makeup

 Lime Crime appeals to the unicorn inside everyone, in whatever shade of uniqueness they would choose to most authentically indulge in colorful self-expression. The brand is an exploration of possibilities, asking shoppers to question every rule they’ve ever been told about beauty, offering instead for their consideration a feast to the senses, shocking palettes that are a fitting homage to Roman Goddesses, and lipsticks that are presented so beautifully that it is impossible not to wonder how a lipstick shade could possibly be so perfectly unexpected and yet utterly correct in every way.


Their unique perspective is more substance than flash, as every product is certified vegan and cruelty-free by both PETA and Leaping Bunny. The brand has grown from a cult beauty brand to a household name, though they have stayed true to the rebellious and non-traditional ethos that they have celebrated since their founding. The company has embraced growth in self-aware ways, and is stocked in carefully curated ranges in Urban Outfitters and Planet Beauty in North America and Asos in the UK. They also are found in thoughtful beauty stores around the world.


The brand is a one-stop shop for the makeup user that wants to play by their own rules, offering everything from hair color in Bunny Pink and Jello Green to lipsticks inspired by rose petals, in colors from Red Hot to Seashell Bra purple. Lime Crime encourages makeup users to give voice to the unique beings, to step outside of trends and rules, and be their most authentic and daring selves.


Because their range is extensive, there is an item that will speak to everyone individually, even as the company maintains a very niche vibe. This careful balance speaks to the brand’s crystal clear vision and self-awareness. In this sense, the products amount to far more than a brand. It is an example of a company that walks the walk of the self-awareness and self-acceptance behind their products. With every swipe of Utopia neon orchid lipstick across unique lips, Lime Crime makes a statement and empowers the wearer in more ways than one.

Jose Henrique Borghi Does Advertising Campaign ForFini

The Mullen Lowe Brazilian ad agency has been tasked by the Spanish company of Fini to create a brand marketing and outreach campaign in Brazil. Jose Henrique Borghi of Mullen Lowe will be leading the design and implementation of the advertising campaign. Mr. Borghi is a co-chief executive officer at the marketing firm and is also the chief creative officer at Mullen Lowe.Fini is a Spanish candy producer. Products that Fini produces include chewing gum, licorice, marshmallows and jellied candies. It is part of the larger Spanish group called Sanchez Cano. Fini sells it candies in over 80 different countries.

It is the top candy producer and retailer in Brazil. One of the hallmarks of Fini in the creation of its products is to always create surprises within its products. Using artistic and surprise elements, Fini has managed to expand its sales across national retailers year after year.The latest Brazilian marketing campaign of Fini is called Abriu, Sorriu. The intention of this campaign is to create good surprises and fun sensations whenever somebody opens up a new pack of Fini’s bullet shaped candies.Fini’sAbriu, Sorriu marketing campaign was launched in April of 2017. Its theme involves that you can have a pleasant little surprise when you open up a new bag of candy.

To help spread this new motto and marketing message, Mullen Lowe was tasked to help spread the word about both Fini and Abriu, Sorriu. This was done both in the offline and online advertising sector.Jose Borghi helped to highlight Fini and its message by associating good news and a pleasant surprise with the consumption of branded candies made by Fini. He teamed up with Brazilian newspaper, Metro to create a public relations campaign. People received a newspaper with only good news as well as a bullet candy pack. The results of this was filmed and shared. This helped to spread the message of Fini in Brazil. Original Article.


Omar Yunes – Winner of the Best Franchisee in the World Competition, and Rightly So

Omar Yunes is amongst the most successful entrepreneurs in the restaurant business in Mexico and is the owner of 13 franchise units of highly popular global Japanese fast food chain named Sushi Itto. Sushi Itto has a total of 150 franchise units out of which Omar Yunes himself own 13.


He started in the franchise business and owned the first Sushi Itto store when he was just 21, but with time and his determination to succeed, he is the proud owner of 13 Sushi Itto fast food restaurants. Moreover, Omar Yunes is contemplating over opening many new Sushi Itto outlets in the time to come.


Omar Yunes was recently given the award of Best Franchisee in the World in a competition that took place in the beautiful city of Florence in Italy. Many franchise owners from across the globe participated in the event, but eventually, Omar Yunes and one other franchise owner won the title of the Best Franchisee in the World.


Diego Elizarrarraz is the organizer of the BFW Competition, and he said in one of the interviews that Omar Yunes is deserving of the title he won because, in all the parameters that the judged checked before finalizing the winner, Omar Yunes surpassed all the other candidates by a great margin.


Over the years, Omar Yunes has helped add value to the brand and also helped with its brand awareness on a local and national level. It has not only helped his franchise units but also helped the brand as a whole to reach out to the potential customers. There were many people in the places where Omar Yunes opened his joints where the people have never tried Japanese fast food, but Omar Yunes implemented innovative marketing techniques to create an interest among the consumers to try what Sushi Itto had to offer, and most of these people are now loyal patrons of the brand.


After winning the award at the BFW competition, he humbly thanked everyone who helped him achieve what he achieved, and also mentioned that the success of his franchise units is all due to the hard work of the 400 employees who work at his 13 franchise units of Sushi Itto.

The Top Investing Gurus

In the age where recessions remain rampant, numerous people remain looking for ways to diversify their income. Each year, more and more people retire without having any benefits. This remains attributed to their lack of an investment vehicle such as an IRA or 401K. Although unfortunate, it remains the sad reality of this society. Therefore, more and more people may want to consider a stake in investing. As with anything in life, investing has different levels. To expound further, you have low-risk investments and you have high-risk Investments. For beginner investors, they should consider using low-risk investments. Moreover, high-risk investing remains exclusive to advanced investors and more information click here.

Furthermore, investors with a long track record of success should consider making high-risk investments. With that being said, Warren Buffett and Timothy Armour remain among the world’s premier investors. In their respective careers, both men became business Leaders through their hard work and determination. Moreover, Warren Buffett started his career over half a century ago. Due to such diligence, Buffett worked his way to the top of the investment industry. This remains attributed to his instinctive knowledge about investing. Furthermore, Warren Buffett also had and impeccable investment strategy. In fact, it remains an investment strategy that he still uses today. This remains attributed to its effectiveness. Recently, Warren Buffett challenged a group of hedge fund investors. During their competition, Buffett declared that he would give $1 million dollars to charity if he failed to achieve a better return on his investments than they did. As a result, Warren Buffet won the competition and learn more about Timothy.


In parallel, Timothy Armour remains another respectable investor. For over 32 years, Timothy Armour worked his way up to the chairman position of Capital group. Due to such expertise and a desire for success, Timothy Armour led his company into an unprecedented state of profitability. Moreover, Timothy Armour continues to lead by example. This remains attributed to his never-ending work ethic. In addition, Timothy Armour remains equally educated. Therefore, he has a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College. In closing, Timothy Armour and Warren Buffett remain two important figures in the world of investing and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

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Insights about Ricardo Tosto and the Brazilian Legal System

Brazilian Lawyers

Many people are unable to navigate and understand on their own the Brazilian legal system. This is why legal professionals in Brazil play critical role of helping people through various processes of the law. Additionally, the constitution of Brazil was enacted three decades ago, and hence many individuals are interested in understanding it clearly. Many Brazilian lawyers begin their career at the age of about 23, after completing five to six years of college studies and internship. For an individual to be considered as a certified lawyer, they must pass Brazilian Bar Exam.

Finding the Right Lawyer in Brazil

The number of lawyers in Brazil keeps on increasing every year, as young professionals are joining the industry after completing their studies. After a lawyer has successfully passed the Bar exam and then licensed, they can actually join any legal division of their choice. Indeed, a qualified lawyer has ability to assist clients in several legal matters including contract law, tax law, and other civil matters, as well as criminal proceedings.

Majority of lawyers in Brazil and around the world are employed by law firms. Law firms are founded by experienced legal professionals who want to absorb other lawyers of different cadre to assist in their quest of seeking justice to their clients. Some large law firms in Brazil hire more than 500 lawyers.

Understanding Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto is a prominent lawyer in Brazil. He is a partner in Leite, Tosto e Barros law firm. Ricardo Tosto and his partners are recognized for their ability to work on complicated and high value lawsuit, and that has created a good reputation for the firm. Furthermore, the firm engages mass litigation, a very common practice in Brazil. Click here to know more.

Ricardo Tosto’s law firm was the pioneer of mass litigation in Brazil. The demand for this form of litigation has continued to grow hence putting Leite, Tosto e Barros ahead of other providers of legal services. Ricardo Tosto is also a specialist in M&A and has been offering this service to the financial and banking sector. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is the most experienced and prominent lawyer in the law firm, as he is regarded as a market leader.