Prostate Cancer Treatments & The CTCA

In October 2015, the Administration Food and Drug Administration finally approved the high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to treat prostate cancer, nearly two decades after being approved by regulatory agencies in Asian countries and Europe.

doctors that the procedure, two hours, is minimally invasive say. Patients return home the same day and can continue with their normal activities. HIFU treatment may be partial, it focused on the overall tissue damage, or if the cancer is affecting the entire prostate.

Instead of using radiation, HIFU uses ultrasound energy to destroy the affected tissue. Ultrasound waves are directed to the area of prostate cancer that is then the temperature at the top of the probe insertion is increased to 90 degrees Celsius to destroy diseased tissue. The fabric in the outside of the injury remains intact.

In addition to skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men, with about 240,000 new cases reported each year, according to the American Cancer Society. At thee International HIFU Center in South Miami, the cost of treatment is $ 25,000. Suarez said that the likelihood of needing a second treatment is rare.

Prior to FDA approval, insurance companies usually do not cover the cost of treatment, claiming it was experimental. With FDA approval, insurance still do not cover, but may do so in the future due to certain criteria that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has set in place for all effective methods of curing cancer. This condition may even permit holistic methods of eradicating cancer as well.

Of the 240,000 men are diagnosed annually with prostate cancer in the United States, a third party will select surgery. CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers Of America) use 4D radiation therapy, immunotherapy and even hormone therapy to correct prostate cancer. For those that will select radiation CTCA has many other alternatives, some of which have been proven to be more effective.

Cassio Audi: Brazil’s Legendary Rock Star

When someone mentions the name Cassio Audi, most people are likely to associate him with the finance industry.. However, back in the day, Cassio was affiliated to a popular rock band known as Viper. Cassio teamed up with the Yves and Pit Passarell, and Andre and Felipe Machado to form the band in 1985. The group was formed following the metal music trend in Britain. Cassio was recognized for his skill in playing drums.

The Rise of Viper in the Rock Music Industry

Viper produced its first demo album “Killer Sword”. The demo album did so well that some of the tracks in it were incorporated in Viper’s first album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”. This album was created in 1987 and was crucial in the band’s rise to fame.

Viper’s album was doing so well that they managed to clinch a four star from Allmusic. The Soliders of Sunrise has been redone and released several times after its first debut. Cassio left the music industry in 1989 after the group launched its second album dubbed “Theatre of Fate”. The album was sold in many developed nations including the U.S.A, Europe, China, and Japan.

Cassio’s Finance Career

It is not clear why Cassio left the group but there comes a point in one’s life when they realize their true calling. For Cassio, his destiny was not in music but in the financial sector. After he retired from music, he went back to school. He studied for his MBA in finance at the “University of Sao Paulo”. After completing his studies, Cassio ventured into finance management and later on into real estate. Currently, Cassio works as a consultant on matters concerning stock exchange.

Even though Cassio left the music industry to pursue a career in finance, he will always be remembered as one of the pioneers of rock music in Brazil.

Is ClassDojo Right for Your Classroom?


There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the mobile education app ClassDojo, but what exactly is ClassDojo, and is it the right tool to improve your classroom?

The Purpose of ClassDojo

ClassDojo was created as an educational communication app, built from the ground up for classroom usage. The purpose of the app is to provide a strong connection between teachers, students, and the parents of those students, in order to provide a medium for the sharing of messages and multimedia content during school hours through a safe and controlled environment.

The app is actively used in a significant majority of K-8 schools across the United States, as well as having significant adoption in more than 180 other countries.

Classroom Usage of ClassDojo

There are three primary features of the app that make it ideal for classroom usage. A description of each of these major features follows in no particular order. The first of these is the Stories feature, stories being real-time dynamic streams of content (such as video or images) centered around the school itself, a class, or even an individual student. Each story serves a purpose and shares a facet of the school experience with family, fellow students, or teachers.

Another major feature is the messenger portion of the app, a system which allows the school’s administration and teachers to keep in touch with parents via real-time text communication, without the need to share personal contact information. The messenger includes built-in translation services supporting many major languages.

The third of these features is the classroom, a place where students, as well as teachers, are able to build a creative environment, nurture their skills, and share opinions and feedback with both their teachers and their fellow students.


Eric Lefkofsky Wants to Continue to Innovate in the World of Health and Wellness

Eric Lefkofsky Life

Eric Lefkofsky has lived an interesting life. Although he runs a major company, Tempus, he has always juggled different projects that interest him. There are a lot of people who look up to the life and the career that he has had. Throughout his life, Eric Lefkofsky has always wanted to help others with their health.

Early Career

When Eric Lefkofsky graduated from college and started Eric Lefkofsky career, he did not know what he wanted to do with his life. He always had a passion for helping others, but other than that he really did not know a direction that he wanted to go to learn more: click here.

He quickly noticed that many people in his local area were looking for ways to improve their health. This is where he got the idea for starting Tempus. He knew that starting a company was going to be difficult, but he wanted to do everything that he could in order to take his business to a new level.

Starting a Company

Starting a business is never easy. There are a lot of different areas that you have to juggle in business, and Eric Lefkofsky did not have experience when he started Tempus. There were many times when he thought he made mistake in starting company. However, he wanted to keep working hard because he knew that this was the best way to transform the industry.

Once he started to get a regular stream of income, Eric Lefkofsky started to concentrate on helping other people in his community. He quickly found that the majority of people lacked a basic understanding of health and wellness. A lot of people today are excited about all of the changes that are taking place in the healthcare industry, and Eric Lefkofsky wants to help as many people as possible with the new technology available.

Future Plans

In the coming years, Eric Lefkofsky wants to continue to innovate in the world of health and wellness. A lot of people are excited about the innovation that he is bringing to the industry. Many people are ready to see what he has planned next.

How Patty Rocklage Helps Couples Sort Out Their Problems

When it comes to marriages there are a lot of couples that are going to struggle with coming together under one roof and working together to build their relationship. Patty Rocklage is the person that has become very well known in Massachusetts for helping people build a better family structure. She has a degree from USC and she has been practicing marriage therapy for over 20 years.

Everyone may not know what it takes to build a successful marriage, but Patty Rocklage is definitely going to be able to help a lot of people in Sudbury Massachusetts build a better life for themselves. She has a focus on marriage, but she also has the ability to help people that are dealing with relationship issues and family conflict.

She is certainly going to be able to help people that are getting married for the first time, but she can also help people that are transitioning as they go through a divorce or get married to a second partner for the second time.

Patty Rocklage has the ability to help families that are dealing with various struggles that they may endure in life. She believes that she can be a great mediator in the union of marriage because she helps couples deal with their communication issues.

Patty believes that just about every problem that can happen inside of a family will hinge on the lack of communication within the home. She believes that people in the Greater Boston metropolitan area can benefit from counseling where they are able to talk out their problems and really get a feel for what is going on. Read more: Twitter Rocklage | Twitter

Most people that are having conflict within their household are having these problems because they do not know how to express themselves. They may not have a greater edge on what it takes to communicate effectively.

Patty Rocklage is someone that has taken on a very interesting role inside of marriages. She has become the person that can listen to both sides and help couples reconcile their differences and work harder to keep the marriage together after experience struggle.

The Great Greg Secker’s Works and Achievements

Recently, on the 19th June 2017, CEOCFO Magazine interviewed the successful businessman, Greg Secker. He mentioned that he does not believe in asking why and that has been his philosophy since he always believes in saying yes to ideas but figures them out later. He believes in giving chances to things and people. He advises people to take risks, and he is recently working on a project that creates awareness for charity by giving the needy money and this way he teaches people that one could make a living out of any circumstances and at any time.

Surprisingly, Mr. Greg Secker studied food science and agriculture but ventured in the field of finance. His passion was quite evident since while in school he still came up with sales from the computers he created. He, however, wants to focus his interests in the Filipinos. He believes that he could help them improve their low esteems and confidence by empowering them to unleash their potential abilities to work towards living their dreams.

Greg Secker works in Traders University and runs various trading networks and programs for some investors at the same place. His program is well known as Knowledge to Action where he believes that profit is brought about by risk taken in dealing with underestimated stocks. Greg Secker is also a CEO in London, UK.

By his 20’s, he was already making multi-millions of dollars and is rated as the best leader in the financial field. He is recognized in Australia, South Africa, Middle East, and England.

He also holds the title of founder at The Greg Secker Foundation, FX Capital, learns to Trade Company, SmartCharts Software, and Capital Index. FX Capital is a firm that provides services to Forex Investment Companies and manages their accounts. Greg is known for his wealth of experience and foreign exchange.

He is also a successful author of several books that act as an inspiration to people. To date, he continues to be a philanthropist, mentor, entrepreneur, and an international motivational speaker, educating people on how to start as interns until they become successful entrepreneurs.


Avaaz – Leaders In Creating Global Resolution

Avaaz is a global organization that was founded in 2007. The goal of Avaaz is to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people want. This organization is dedicated to empowering people all around the world to take action on regional, national, and even global issues. They are known for fighting issues such as poverty, climate change, and animal and human rights. Avaaz operates in 16 different languages within 6 out of the 7 continents.

Avaaz finds that the best way to handle their organization is through one global team. Their way of operation has led the organization to be flexible, focused, nimble, and scaled. Avaaz focuses on issues and matters that are important to the members of the organization. Each week, a poll is held to decide which issues are going to be tackled. This method allows Avaaz to work as a democracy. When an issue is chosen by members, the staff sends important updates that highlight the issue that was chosen in order to start taking action. This organization has found that it is best to tackle issues at their peak. By doing this, they are assured that their action really matters.

Since its founding in 2007, Avaaz has resolved a number of issues around the globe. One of the largest accomplishments made by this organization was the signing of the Paris Climate Accord. The signing of this agreement between the United Nations brought attention to stop the issue of Climate Change. Along with this accomplishment, several others had been made. Avaaz had helped with conflict in the Middle East by holding campaigns to stop bombing attacks and aid refugees from conflict-ridden countries. Campaigns to stop the Yulin Dog Festival and the murdering of Fin Whales was also started and ended in success.

Dr. Akhil Says His Success Was Not Instant

Dr. Akhil is a leading dental practitioner in MB2 Dental, which is a dental firm offering dentists the capacity and resources they need to practice in many parts of the U.S. He was born in Texas and was just an ordinary kid as he grew up. Dr. Aphil enjoyed extra-curriculum activities such as scouting, soccer and Red Cross club. Dr. Akhil joined the University of the Pacific where he was part of the accelerated dental program from an early age. Here, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and immediately joined the doctorate class in the same institution. Dr. Eddy then received the Doctor of Dental surgery degree at the age of 23 years. He then headed back to Texas where he established his dental practice in Dallas. Since then, he has been in the region offering services to patients and is now a very influential person at MB2.

MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental was founded by Dr. Chris Villanuella back in 2009. Dr. Chris’s vision was to combine private and corporate dentistry in the same unit. In his view, this would benefit dentists and help them reap more satisfactory practice as opposed to the older system. Moreover, there would be no strings attached to the contracts. The venture has now grown and has over 75 workers and 60 dental offices in the country.

Interview with Dr. Akhil

In an interview, Dr. Akhil revealed that he wanted to pursue a career that was as practical as engineering or dentistry. As he spent more time in school, it became clearer that dentistry would be the choice career as he aspired to help people once he graduated from college. Dr. Aphil faced challenges in his practice, particularly when raising capital for his business was concerned. He as well has problems with staffing. He also made some losses, especially at the moment where he bought a practice and sold it at a loss after it failed. Dr. Aphil mainly earns his revenue from dentistry as well as consultancy. His first customers came to the practice from word of mouth, which was his only way of advertising. However, with time, he employed the social media as a marketing tool, earning him more customers. Dr. Aphil believes that his source of success is the people who work below him. He believes that a set of motivated employees moves boulders for the boss and therefore encourages his employees to be the best team and listens to all their complaints and suggestions. One of his core values is that he does not discriminate against patients based on their backgrounds or financial status. Dr. Akhil balances his work and family as he believes all are important. Case in point he works for 8 hours five days a week and half day on Saturdays. He then spends the rest of the time with his family and fiancé.

Lime Crime’s Guilt Free Unicorn Cosmetics For The Statement-Maker In You From

When Doe Deere was unable to find makeup bright enough to match her clothes, she decided to create a line of makeup for herself, and thus, Lime Crime was born in 2008. Today, the brand boasts a cult following from across the world. The brand’s makeup creations aim to allow consumers to express themselves unapologetically. It has worked to “revolutionize makeup, from the way you shop for it to the way it makes you feel.” Each product features bold color so that your individuality, no matter your mood, can shine through. This “makeup for unicorns” permits you to put your unique personality and sparkle on display (not to mention the products shimmer like a unicorn’s tail!).


Lime Crime is an innovator in the beauty market. The brand the first to offer radical lipstick colors such as “black velvet,” a deep black, “alien,” a neon mint green, and “teacup,” a sky blue. The brand also created the first, now iconic, liquid to matte lip color. Now an essential makeup product for any beauty buff, the “Velvetines” were the first ever waterproof lipstick to apply like lipgloss and dry down completely matte on the lips. The matte Velvetines come in every bright, bold color imaginable, allowing you to choose the best color for your mood. Feeling romantic? Try the deep, sensual pinky-red of “rustic.” Feeling all dark and stormy? Go for the inky violet tones of “raven” for a serious lip statement.


The brand is more than just the groundbreaking Velvetine lipsticks, however. Another iconic product is “Unicorn Hair,” a semi-permanent hair dye that is designed to fade gracefully. Unicorn Hair comes in every color from stone gray to electric purple to bright orange, and every shade is sure to turn heads. It was developed by CEO and founder Doe Deere, who sports purple hair herself. Another make-up must-have is the “Diamond Crusher,” a revolutionary topper that you swipe over bare lips or lipstick for an iridescent shimmer. These lip toppers make your lips sparkle as if they were sprinkled with fairy dust, and are sure to bring out the inner unicorn in you. The brand is an expert on shimmer, and also features the “Hi-Lite,” a highlight palette that bursts with color and glows when it is applied to the skin. It comes in “warm-n-cool,” which features warm gold, lavender, and sunset highlights, “opalescent,” which makes you look seriously dewy, and the new “glitter-n-glow” palette which lets you glisten like a mermaid under the moon.


The best part about the cosmetics, however, isn’t the show-stopping hair dyes or the shimmery lip toppers; the best part is knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of your killer look. Every Lime Crime product is verified vegan by PETA and certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny. This means that every product contains no animal products, and that no animal testing is ever performed at any point in the supply chain. You can feel comforted in knowing that those fairy-dusted lips come cruelty free and guilt free.

John Holt speaks at Texas Banker’s Converence

The Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference, presented by the Texas Banker’s Association, is a gathering place for bank leaders to learn about and discuss the challenges and opportunities today’s bank leaders face. Conference participants and panelists examine strategic opportunities through organic growth, M&A, technology, and branching. The goal is to positively influence leadership and provide information for the next year’s challenges.

in November 2016, John Holt, President and CEO of Nexbank, spoke at the 5th annual conference, held in New Orleans, Lousiana. He served as a panelist on the “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” panel. Mr. Holt has been with Nexbank since 2011 and also serves on the Board of Directors of the Texas Bankers Association.

Chartered in 1922, and founded in 1934, Nexbank is a banking institution focused on businesses. With assets totaling 5.3 billion dollars, Nexbank participates in commercial, mortgage, and investment banking. Nexbank’s primary clients are financial institutions, corporations, and institutional clients. Based in Dallas, Texas, Nexbank has four physical locations in Texas and operates nationwide.

Nexbank is the 13th largest bank in Texas and the 200th largest bank nationwide. Nexbank is positioned to provide customized services for their clients particular and specialized needs.