Securus Technologies: a Tech Company that Demonstrates Excellence in Service Provision

In 2016, Securus Technologies published their customers’ comments on using Securus tech to solve crimes and enhance security. Based on the company’s report, these comments are received on a daily basis from jail officials, working in the prisons serviced by Securus Technologies. A majority of these letters also come from officers tasked to solve crimes and enhance safety in the correctional facilities.


A look at the comments published by Securus Technologies


Most of these messages were centered on praising the company’s products for their efficiency. The products praised include:


  • The LBS technology, which was used to arrest narcotics and illegal cash by the sheriff’s department.


  • This software was also used together with Investigator Pro to enhance communication as well as facilitate in carrying out an investigation.



  • Additionally, some calls were tracked, which led to the arrest of corrupt jail officials dealing in criminal activities.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is an inmate’s telecommunication company whose headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. This company provides services to more than 3,000 correctional agencies in America. It also serves more than 1,200,000 prisoners in Central and North America. Among the services provided by this company include information management, biometric analysis, emergency response, inmate self-service, and investigation.


Rick Smith, an entrepreneur skilled in business administration, manages Securus Technologies. This company has acquired significant experience in the last three decades. Securus Technologies has operations in parts of Texas, Georgia, Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta. This company is a recipient of numerous awards, including the 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service and the International Business Awards. This company employs the latest technology, which gives them a competitive edge in the global market. Securus Technologies is currently one of the top inmate’s service providers in the United States.


Talk Fusion Releases Exclusive Training Program, “Talk Fusion University”

Talk Fusion is a United States-based network marketing firm. The company has worked to sustain their solutions through a wide range of intuitive capabilities that develop assimilated better business activities through their new online training programs in the country. The Talk Fusion University is the new program launched by Talk Fusion Company before they had an audience in the international arena on the broadcast.

The Talk Fusion University is a new private capability used by the firm to assimilate expert training on both capabilities as a way of accelerating uniform business solutions. The university was developed as one of the newest private hubs to be used by the Talk Fusion Associates to receive expert training from expert Bob Reina. This is a new capability that will not go unrewarded in the industry. Because the company is entitled to expand their innovation to attract more clients to their services, they are expected to increase anticipated business capabilities in a manner that depicts the true nature of the industry.

Bob Reina is the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion. Bob Reina has more than two decades of professional experience in the network marketing industry for better business accessibilities. He is also a former police officer based in Florida. When he was about to exit the police force, he was introduced into the network marketing industry. In most cases, the network marketing industry goes by the name direct selling. In the 19th century, network marketing was referred to as multi-level marketing. The only reason he was named as a high earned in this industry is that he used individual steps to develop this capability.

In this business, Bob Reina says that your success depends upon other people’s input towards a prosperous nation in the country. He also explains that this is a team of sport where everyone has a contribution to the overall success. This is because you are dealing with people from a varied range of backgrounds. These people have different sales experiences. They have a varied level of personalities, and different educational levels. Therefore, you must formulate a way that attracts all these people to come to one board of action. Learn more:


Eric Pulier A Figure Of Innovation And Success

Known for his dedication as an entrepreneur, author, public speaker, philanthropist, and technologist. Eric Pulier started programming computers at the young age of four and now lives a life of innovative ideas that turn into reality for the bigger development of individuals.

As an American founder of over sixteen companies at the short age of 50, Mr. Pulier has obtained over billions of dollars from his daring journeys as a founder/co-founder of several projects.

Projects which have led Mr. Pulier on a path of achievements as a founder or a co-founder include: US Interactive, ServiceMesh, Akana, Digital Evolution, Media Platform, and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council which later went on to merge into TM Forum.

Eric Pulier’s ultimate goal is to aid and collaborate with others to maximize the success of a business leaving behind greater impact for society.

As the Co-author of Understanding Enterprise SOA, it is evident that Mr. Pulier shares his knowledge of what it really takes to understand service oriented architecture. The book presents arguments and technical information to back up one’s arguments on whether why or why not a person would want to adopt the SOA technique.

If an individual wants to educate themselves on the SOA topic, Mr. Pulier can turn any small idea into successful startup.

As a successful entrepreneur, it would not come as a surprise that Eric Pulier owns an amazing restaurant attached to his nightclub in Santa Monica, California.

As a business professional and a massive influence in enterprise technology world, Eric Pulier inspires others to create something out of absolutely nothing.

Although his life might seem like a never ending busy strategy for more building, Pulier has informed that most of his time is spent with his family and friends. As a father of four children, Eric spends most of his time balancing his own homework with the most important part of his life, his four children and his wife to learn more: click here.

Mr. Pulier ultimately wants to achieve something in his life that will serve for a greater purpose to someone else. Something that would not have been possible if he would not have been placed on this Earth.


Scott M. Rocklage, PhD has been a managing partner at 5 AM Ventures since 2004. This was after he associated himself with the ventures as a partner in the year 2003.

In his academic journey,Dr. Scott Rocklage acquired his first degree in chemistry from the University of California, Berkely. He continued with his higher studies in chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he acquired his PhD degree.

Richard R. Schrock who was a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry in the year 2005 gave Dr. Scott Rocklage an opportunity to conduct his doctorate research in his laboratory.

In more than thirty U.S. Patents the doctor’s, Boston MA office based, appears as either an inventor or a co-inventor. Being one of the best scholars in healthcare, Dr. Scott Rocklage has also managed to successfully make more than one hundred reviews on professional publications.

The doctor has many years of experience in healthcare. Dr. Rocklage has been in healthcare management for more than thirty years. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

This experience awarded him a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of three US based New Drugs Applications. The three approvals include; Omniscantm, then teslascan(R) and lastly Cubicin(R). He has also made several clinical trials for new drugs.

In his career path, Dr. Scott Rocklage has served in several senior management positions. He has served as Cubist Pharmaceuticals Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He has also worked as Nycomed Salutar Chief Executive Officer and President as well as Relypsa and Novira Board Chairman.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has also served as an executive chairman at Ilypsa which was acquired by Amgen and also Miikana which was acquired too by Entremed. The Doctor also served as an executive chairman of Semprus which was an acquisition of Teleflex. The doctor also served in research and development positions at catalytica and salutar.

The doctor is currently the chair of several Boards which includes; Rennovia, Kinestral and Cidara. He chairs Epirus and Pulmatrix Boards. In one of his interviews, Dr. Scott Rocklage considers the 5 AM Ventures an early stage company. This he says explains the use of the term 5 AM that is early in the morning.

George Soros Identifies The Threat Posed To The World By Capitalism

George Soros is a man who is known to have taken advantage of the capitalist system that dominates the economic system of the world in the late 20th-century and early 21st-century. The work of George Soros as a business and investment specialist has seen the investment specialist create a personal fortune of more than $25 billion over the course of his career as a hedge fund manager who became famous in 1992 for the key role he played in the devaluation of the British Pound; the Open Society Foundations reports George Soros believes his own personal economic success has resulted in a commitment to charitable work being completed in the name of George Soros through the Foundations in the name of the Hungarian born philanthropist.

Capitalism may have allowed George Soros the opportunity to create a personal fortune Forbes rates as the 21st largest in the world, but he has also looked to bring an end to many of the advantages he receives as one of the world’s richest individuals. The Open Society Foundations reports George Soros was a major opponent of many of the dominant totalitarian regimes of the 20th-century, including the South African Apartheid system and the communist regime that swept across eastern Europe in the wake of the end of hostilities at the close of the second World War. Soros has taken a stand against both these outdated versions of the closed society and uses the ideology developed by philosopher Karl Popper of the open society that has been developed over the course of the career of the Austrian philosopher; Soros himself is known to have used Popper as a mentor as he set out on his life and career in the late 1940s in the London capital of the U.K.

In an article for The Atlantic, George Soros detailed his beliefs about how and why the open society is threatened within the U.S. by the rise of capitalism as the dominant ideology that has divided the world into the rich and the poor. Soros explained he sees many similarities between the global political situation at the start of the 21st-century that is similar to that of the early 20th-century in the buildup to the World Wars; in the 21st century, George Soros believes the rising threat of a capitalist system standing without rival will see a rise in fringe groups across the planet. Politico reports George Soros has been a major critic and opponent of the rise of the so-called “alt-right” in the U.S. that resulted in the election of President Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election cycle.

George Soros – In Politics But Out Of Politics

George Soros a born in Hungary, America on the 12th day of August 1930. An 86 year old Soros is considered as an investor, philanthropist, business magnate, and an author. Soros is said to be among the most successful investors in the world. By May 2017, his net worth was worth $25.2 billion. This made him one of the 30 richest guys in the world.

In his schooling, he attended the London School of Economics and he graduated with bachelors. Later, he graduated with his masters in philosophy. He married three times and blessed with 6 children.

His business career began by accepting to take various jobs that opened his eyes for later business opportunities. He started with Merchant banks, the Double Eagle, the first hedge fund in 1969. The profits gained from Double Eagle were used to fund his second hedge, Soros Fund Management, 1970. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros is a known supporter of American liberal and American progressive political causes do his donations through his own foundation, Open Society Foundations. He donated $11 billion to various philanthropic events in between the years of 1979 and 2011. He had given a donation of $12 billion by 2017 to various civil initiatives. These funds were meant to help reduce poverty, increase transparency and support the students gain their academic dreams as scholarships. George Soros also played a key role in the diplomatic transition from communism to capitalism in the late 1980s and 1990s in Eastern Europe. In his hometown, he supported the Central European University in a big way.

George Soros has been involved in politics not actively in it but through his enormous financial contributions. According to the Centre for Responsive Politics, Soros contributed to the 2003 and 2004 election $23, 581,000 to 527 Groups. These funded groups were aimed to defeat President Bush. Sores and other donors resorted to supporting a new political fundraising group by the name Democracy Alliance after Bush’s re-election. This group was formed to support progressive causes formation of strong progressive infrastructure in America.

George Soros donated $35 million in August 2009 to the New York State. This was meant for underprivileged children and the parents as well benefited more so those with valid cards. $140 million also was invested into the fund, the money recovered from 2009 federal recovery act.

George Soros supported Center for America Progress and continues to support it even when it’s through Open Society Foundations.

A story is written in the Reuters story in the year 2011 that salutes the contribution of George Soros though his activities were underwater.

In 2012, September 20th George Soros announced that he was backing up President Obama’s reelection by donating $1million to Priority USA Action. Read more on

Therefore as seen from the above observations, George Soros is a very active political supporter since 2004 up to date.

Jason Halpern and JHM Development

Jason Halpern is a high successful real estate developer. He took on the responsibility of running JMH Development which is a business that his family founded. He took control of the business in 2010 and since then he has had some tremendous success.

Jason’s Family

JMH Development creates luxury properties specifically in city type areas that accommodate these high-end type of living situations. They take on projects like recreating warehouse buildings into beautiful new apartments that make areas more beautiful and create revenue. The properties that JMH development sells go for prices upward of $105, so they will undoubtedly bring income and jobs into new areas.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Jason Halpern and JMH Development have invested $500 million dollars into projects in New York State. With the very successful past of this company, you can trust that these investments will likely be very wise and pay off.

While the company always comes through with a high income on their properties, they still respect the land that they work on. JMH works around and restores historic sights. They see the historic parts of a city as important landmarks and choose to always respect them.

Jason’s Own Time

JMH Development has been a long standing company with a lot of success. Plenty of their profit has come under the lead of Jason Halpern. Expect to see a lot more newly renovated areas coming from Halpern’s company. They are a company with a bright future so long as they have his lead. The company’s profit margin will continue to grow, as will the happiness of those who move into the buildings.

White Shark Media Delivers Offline and Online Marketing Solutions

Three Danish entrepreneurs established White Shark Media in 2011. With an infinite amount of experience in the marketing field, their goal was to master the small and medium business world in the United States and Latin America. They built their business with a winning formula by providing their clients with outstanding services and a product that would grow their clients businesses to new and exciting heights.

White Shark Media is a digital marketing company that services all types of businesses for all their advertising needs. Most small and medium sized businesses do not have the time or the marketing knowledge to manage their own advertising campaigns. White Shark Media, with their expertise and experience will manage the businesses advertising campaigns so the owners and directors can spend their valuable time running their business.

As one of the strongest and fastest growing digital companies throughout the United States, White Shark Media’s success has been established by their solid customer service. They have helped thousands of small and medium sized businesses to grow with their exclusive marketing tools and online tactics. They pride themselves on being completely committed to their clients and their needs. Having a competitive edge, Google Analytics integration and key-word tracking, their representative track all of their clients business for proper exposure in the media.

Their primary services to their clients are Pay Per Click, Management, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development and Mobile Marketing. They also service their clients in Landing Page Optimization, Pay Per Click Engines and Conversion Optimization. Each client has an account representative assigned to them who will learn about their business and formulate a winning solution for growth for that company. Businesses who are looking to succeed would be wise to check into White Shark Media and learn how straight forward they are and how positive they are in focusing in on their client’s needs.

Cassio Audi’s Career as a Heavy Metal Drummer

Cassio Audi is a highly knowledgeable finance professional who is based in Brazil. He is a reliable consultant, and his main clients include private equity funds, multi-billion organizations, start-ups, as well as public and private businesses. Audi is highly experienced in fields such as business planning, decision support, resource and financial management, fundraising, and investor relations. He is committed to offering top notch guidance to the clients that seek his services.

Apart from being successful in the finance profession, Cassio is a good musician. He is a former member of the Viper band, and he joined it in the mid-1980s. Viper was recognized for being among the leading metal music groups in Brazil. He was a drummer for the band until 1989 when he decided to focus on his career in the finance sector. During his time at the group, he participated in the making of Soldiers of Sunrise, which was its most popular album. Cassio also wrote one song for the album. The people of Brazil greatly celebrated him for his excellent skills as a drummer. He is appreciated for being among the musicians who helped in making the metal genre popular in Latin America. Audi was a teenager when he was at Viper, and he stayed with the group for about nine years.

Audi had a significant role in the rise of Viper band. He was with the group when it was making its first demo and the first two albums. His last album was the Soldier of Sunrise, but he left the band one year before it was launched. His heavy metal drummer career was inspired by a British group that was called Iron Maiden. Viper’s songs were loved by most of the Brazilians, and they were popular for years. Cassio Audi is currently not a career musician, but he still loves singing.

For more information follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Talos Energy Stakes its Claim in Mexican Waters

The Talos Energy oil and gas company, lead by a professional management team with significant experience in offshore production as well as offshore exploration, has recently secured a deal with the Mexican government to help oversee the first privately owned oil rig to be constructed in Mexican waters in almost eight decades.

With a strong track record in regards to offshore oil production and a strong focus on oil and gas, Talos Energy has become specialists in the offshore exploration and production industries, as well as the development of deepwater assets and acquisition of exploitable assets to be optimized. In addition, the company has specializations in bleeding-edge seismic technologies as well as deepwater and offshore exploration. Their recent joint effort with other companies has the potential to pay significant dividends and could make history as the first privately owned oil rig in the past eight decades to be built and operated in Mexican waters.

The Venture

As the most recent step in the country’s drive to increase foreign competition on their energy markets, and drive business back to Mexico, this venture marks the first time in nearly eight decades that private companies have been allowed to operate a brand new offshore oil well located in Mexican owned waters.

As a joint operation between Talos Energy LLC, Premier Oil PLC, and Sierra Oil & Gas, this operation is the first time an offshore exploration well has been launched by any entity other than Petroleos Mexicanos since 1938, when the country completed nationalization of its oil industry.

The venture first began in 2015 when all three of the companies mentioned won the rights to the prospect in the initial round of bidding immediately after the Mexican government voted to open its energy and oil industries to private corporations. The well, designated as Zama-1 and located off the state of Tabasco in the Sureste Basin is estimated to hold anywhere between 100 million and 500 million barrels of crude oil.

Talos Energy holds a 35% stake in the venture, as well as being the primary operator of the well. The pressure to perform well is immense, as, depending on the success of this joint venture, the implications for the energy industry in Mexico could be massive. If the venture is successful, it could also pave the way for further privatization of the Mexican energy industry.