NuoDB’s SQL database a giant within the tech industry

NuoDB is a popular database company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. NuoDB was launched in 2008 and has been recognized on the respected research report the Gartner Magic Quadrant. The company was founded by Barry Morris and Jim Starkey. NuoDB filed a 2011 patent for their elastically scalable database. In 2012 NuoDB earned $12 million in venture capital. In 2014, NuoDB was named as an innovation All Star by Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech. Barry Morris became executive chairman in 2015 and promoted Bob Walmsley as CEO. In 2017, NuoDB joined forces with Causesquare, becomng the official database for the social engagement tool. Causesquare connects donors and volunteers with organizations.

NuoDB was built as an elastic SQL database for virtual applications. The NuoDB database has been made SQL compliant. The database scales out without needing sharding. The database outsources tasks to several processors to avoid creating virtual chokepoints for data. The SQL database is ACID compliant and uses a tiered system, working with multiple tiers of engines and storage managers. The latest update of the SQL database was in January 2017, when the company added table partitions, storage groups and support for Amazon Web Services Inc. NuoDB continues to thrive in the tech industry.

Yanni Hufnagel is positioned for success in his coaching career.

There is little doubt that Yanni Hufnagel is among the top rising stars in basketball coaching.His career is backed up by experience with some of the highest performing institutions and even an impressive academic achievement.

Yanni Hufnagel graduated from Cornell University with a BSc. In Industrial and Labor relations and later did his Masters in Adult Higher Education at Oklahoma, with a bias in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration. This academic portfolio places him at a good position for basketball administration.

Although he has had an interest in basketball since childhood, his career kicked off in broadcasting as sports announcer with a local TV station.Hufnagel acknowledges having read almost any book on coaching that he came across as a child.

Early in his career, his talent displayed quite prominently almost everywhere he went, helping him to scale up the ladder with ease.In his first year at Cornell University, Hufnagel was basketball manager. During summer he interned with the New Jersey Nets and landed a coaching job with an affiliate of the NJ, Nets upon graduation.

One of the people who influenced Hufnagel in his career is coach Jeff Capel, with whom he worked at Oklahoma. Capel was looking for a graduate assistant coach and Hufnagel easily fit the requirements. Capel could later recommend Yanni Hufnagel to the coach at Harvard. While at Harvard, Hufnagel was key in the recruitment of new players for Harvard and continues to use his talent-hunting skills in recruiting players, a job at which he is very good.

It is remarkable that Yanni Hufnagel has what it takes to succeed as a coach. When he resigned from Cal, several opportunities came calling but he ultimately chose to work at Nevada. So far, he has performed well especially with the recruitment of new players for the team.

Yanni Hufnagel’s childhood interests have paid off and he is no doubt geared for a successful coaching career.

Omar Boraie’s Visions Helped Shape New Brunswick

In the Central Jersey Working Moms article that was published on their site, they talk about how Omar Boraie is a better influence for the people of New Brunswick and how he has been able to do things that nobody was able to do in the past. They like the things that he has done and they talk about his hopes for the city in their article, The Visions of Omar Boraie. Because of how they are doing different things, they know that he can make things better for the city and they know that he will continue to be a great business man. They hope that his influence over the city will continue to be positive so that he can try different things and have a better experience overall. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

For Omar Boraie to be able to try these things, he had to make sure that he was doing everything the right way. He also wanted to be sure that he could make more out of the situations that he was working in. For Omar Boraie to try these things, he had to do more than what other people were expecting. He also had to make sure that things would get better no matter what was going on in the business that he was a part of.

Since Omar Boraie had visions of the future and had an idea of what he could do to help people, he was always clear about the plan that he had for success. He tried to make sure that he had things laid out in front of him and this is what he was able to do to help other people. While Omar Boraie was doing all of this, he was also working to build up his business.

The thing about Omar’s plan is that it wasn’t about money. Instead, it was about what he could do for the city and how he could make it better for every person who was there. He wanted to be able to show people that they could get a more positive experience out of all of the things that they were trying. While Omar Boraie did know that he would have to make some type of profit to stay in the business, he didn’t think that the profit would be as big as what it is. He also wasn’t doing the business for the sole purpose of profiting.

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The Great CEO of our Time, Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is a highly respected CEO and the chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd.’s board of directors. He has ascended to such a powerful position in the company leadership due to his hard work and academic background, Tony has achieved a lot in his lifetime both academically and in the professional world. As a scholar, he is a graduate of several degrees from very high ranking universities namely, Harvard and Yale University. From the former, Tony acquired law degree which played a major role in launching him in the professionals’ world. He got a job in law firm where he worked for 5 years before shifting his careen career.

At the Yale University, Petrello acquired a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and subsequently a master’s degree in the same field. His academic prowess has since set him up to grab some of the most coveted positions in the corporate world. At the law firm, he was not just a practicing lawyer but a managing partner which gave him some notable command. Currently he holds the position as the CEO of the Nabors Company and as mentioned earlier he is the chairman of the board. Prior to that, he was the president and the vice chairman of the board.

Today, due to his great academic background, Petrello is one of the most sought after business leaders. He has helped the company to make tremendous strides in influencing the entire energy industry. The Nabors Company is the biggest company in world and in the industry and it commands a lot of respect from players in that market. Taking the company to such great heights and keeping it there for so many years have earned the great CEO a reputation across the entire corporate world. He is currently one of the most respected CEOs of our times.

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Richard Smith Comments on the Addition of Josh Bell into Securus Administration Team

Securus Technologies has established its name as the leader in provision of communication to correctional institutions in America and Europe. The organization has displayed rapid and evolutionary growth over the recent years in technology especially after the recruitment of Rick Smith as chief executive officer. Securus’ devices are vital in more than communications between inmates and their outside connects. They are use in investigation cases by prison staff, enhancing public safety and tracking.In 2016, Securus announced its recruitment of a competitive professional who will go a long way in enhancing their mission to protect the civil society and improve the performance of facilities. John Bell’s addition as senior vice president on December 30th 2015 will greatly improve the management of more than 800 products for the legal and correctional facilities.

Richard Smith commented that Securus has a $600 million investment that went into the creation of innovative tech to safeguard prisons. The acquisitions took place in the last three years prior to 2016 and would have a better performance with the management of an expert businessman. He commented that John Bell’s career portfolio is a clear indication of his unmatched performance in the industry. He has spent 35 years working in high tech firms like IBM which have given him an international scope on the technological progression internationally.John Bell studied at Holy Cross, the Wharton School of Business and Kellog School of Management. His tenures including working at Verizon, IBM, AT&T, Time Warner Cable and NTT Verio. John bell is currently managing a sales team of 100 experts who are also above independent sales associates deployed on the streets.

John Bell will work closely with Josh Conklin the senior vice president of sales ate Securus to secure five goals over the course of the next few years. Their top priority is to have in place a fully developed package to cater to the needs of clients. They plan to improve customer experience by applying an in person consultation program to receive feedbacks on products. Securus will also have multiple presentations of products by customers annually that will showcase the full power of the Securus Technology Center. The newly introduced products will be intensely compared with previous products to accurately mark progress over time.Richard Smith commented that if their prospective and existing partners had an in-depth and broad understanding of the vision in security they would not hesitate to close every deal. He added that Securus has picked a more complex approach towards security that offers clients a well-rounded safety. Securus plans to intensify its sales team with the contributions of John Bell and Josh to stress the effect of the products. Rick stated that Securus has a core mission to uphold the law and support the federal system protect the civil community.

How Michael Lacey Has Helped Mathematics

From an early age, it was clear that Michael Lacey knew what he was doing with mathematics. He knew a lot about math and he consistently surprised people with the things that he was able to learn. He tried to make sure that he was doing things right and that he was going to be able to try different things in the math field. He had always had a clear idea of what he wanted to do and that helped to make him one of the most successful mathematicians in the entire country.

Even when Michael Lacey was in high school, he was doing complicated math problems, designing algorithms that nobody else had done before and making things better for people who wanted to be able to make the right type of moves in the math world. There were many different things that he learned how to do even when he was just young.

When it was time for Michael Lacey to go to college, it was clear what he was going to study. He didn’t want to just learn the basics of math, though. Instead, he wanted to learn about the different workings of math and how it made a difference in daily life. Read more

He was more interested in the complicated subject materials and he tried to make sure that he was going to be able to show people the things that would make sense if they were studying math. Michael Lacey was experienced in college and he actually knew more than many of the professors that he had.

For Michael Lacey, the career path that he had was a clear one. After becoming a fellow of math, he decided that he was going to teach it at the college level. He now teaches at the Georgia Institute of Technology. There, he helps students discover their passion for math.

He is also able to do the research at the university that will make a difference for him. He tries to always do what he can to help people have a clear understanding of the things that he is able to do with his mathematics.

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Michael Lacey

Cassio From Music to Finance

Cassio Finance Background
Cassio Audi is a 46 year old Brazilian, with a rich professional background in finance. In 1994, Cassio graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Pontifical Catholic University and later earned an MBA from the University of Sao Paulo in 1999. This laid a foundation for his future career at the Dow chemical and agricultural corporation among other firms both private and public. Cassio, who is result driven, has been in the finance profession for more than 23 years.

Cassio Passion for Music
What most people do not know is that Cassio, who is a successful result-driven financial expert, has a passion for music. He was once in the music industry and produced big hits in the 90s. What started as a band for teenage boys from the same neighborhood, in 1985 led to the establishment of a band called the Viper. This was after making attempts in other bands leading to the main metal band in Brazil (Viper). This was the only band by then that incorporated a variety of genres like thrash metal and rock.

The Viper Band
The Viper band gained momentum after they went on a trip to Largo, and encountered Celso Barbieri, who hosted a program that had an influence on the Brazilian rock music. They did a presentation that led to a performance at the SP Metal Project making more fame.

The Viper Growth
Cassio as a drummer of the band was responsible for creating the rhythm and uniting the band. His prowess contributed to the release of hit songs, like ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ in 1987.This was one of the biggest heavy metal hits, and was played on radio shows thus gaining prominence in magazines. Cassio witnessed tremendous growth of his band such as the opening of the Motor head show and the release of the ’Theater of Fate’ album.

How Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Built Their Empire

The fashion industry has never been the same since Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg launched their first company, Shoedazzle. Although both men are creative, the bottom line is that they new working together as a team would give them a better chance to get the notoriety they needed and deserved with their skills and their experience in e-commerce. How did these two discover the true desire of those who love fashion? Consumers were looking for an easy way to find just what they wanted while eliminating the long days in stores trying clothing on when they could be out having fun!


The ability to purchase online would give their customers more freedom, and they would be able to purchase when they wanted while getting a great value for their money via the membership platform they created. Customers didn’t want to look too far, but they wanted the latest in fashion all within the click of a button. This is when Ressler and his partner Goldenberg took their entrepreneurial passion to the next level. Building brands online was the key to their success, and it didn’t take long for these gentlemen to figure out that promotional offers were just what customers were looking for to click through to their website.


Memberships would be the one gateway into which customers would know upfront what deals were the best and what deals were the hottest. What if a customer could purchase something that no one else had? This is what it meant to have it all and in a good way. Those who purchased a membership would be able to purchase when they wanted, or they could opt out for the month in which they did not want to purchase. This spelled freedom for the customers, and it was catching on quickly.


Fabletics was the first brand after Shoedazzle to work through the kinks, and then the brand was changed to JustFab. Ressler and Goldenberg wanted their brands to be all-inclusive, meaning that everyone would be able to get the sizes they needed in the fashion trends that they wanted most. No woman would be excluded just because of her size. Ressler and Goldenberg believe that all women should feel beautiful, and they should be able to do so at a great price.


Their success is nothing short of amazing as they continue with brand building globally.