Investment planning for retirement life by David Giertz

Most of us will most likely find ourselves in the retirement stage. This is a period when you no longer working in the formal employment sector. However, this is one major issue that most retirees find themselves grappling with. Most retirees never have a plan on what they will do after retirement. This means that they do not have a sustainable source of income since they are no longer on the pay slips of any employer. To make it worse, most retirees are at a stage in life when they are unlikely to find another job that would sustain them financially. We will follow the insightful points of David Giertz who is a financial advisor to help address this topic.

What many people do while they are on the payslip is that they save part of their salaries for the future. These saving are usually meant to come in handy during the retirement period. However, as David Giertz says, this might not necessarily work for you. The reason is, even if you have a fat pay slip, chances are that you will not save enough to last you through your entire retirement life. The issue then becomes, what should one do to secure his or her retirement life financially.

According to David Giertz, investment is the best solution for anyone who wants to have a sustainable financial life. Investments can be a surefire way of earning the extra income. However, before you take this step you need to ask yourself a few questions.

It is important to factor in a few things when interrogating yourself on this topic. How stable you will be financially will depend on how you anticipate your spending in life to be. This situation may be worse in case of early retirement. It means that you may not be in a position to save you enough.

About David Giertz

David Giertz in a renowned financial advisor. He has huge experience in this sector having worked for almost every 30 years.

David Giertz holds a bachelor and a master’s degree from the University of Millikin University and the University of Miami respectively.

Doe Deere’s Fantastic Scandalous Idea

Lime Crime is a cosmetic/beauty line. The CEO is Doe Deere. Deere has always been unique to me because she doesn’t have a problem with expressing herself through spontaneous hair and makeup choices. Deere has always been very creative with expressing herself which is why her customers are always left satisfied. Lime Crime products are really changing the game with the latest addition to their makeup line. The company has come out with this new idea that many people will like. The line has reinvented the Polly Pocket toys from the 90’s, except there’s a cool twist to this renovated idea. The cool twist is that these new pockets are not toys, but makeup palettes instead.

They have decided to create eyeshadow palettes instead. These Palettes are awesome! It reminds me of the portable doll toys from the 90’s. These palettes are portable. They are pocket-sized, which is great for people who like to do their makeup on-the-go. Any Woman would be able to put the palette in her jean pocket, clutch purse, or nice sized bags. Another benefit of the these ‘Pocket Candy Palettes’ is that they come in extremely pretty colors. The outside of the palettes come in bubblegum, sugarplum, and pink lemonade.

The actual eyeshadow colors are so beautifully unique. The colors from the shadow range from light nudes for casual events, dark shades for the Smokey eye look, along with bright shades for the extraordinary diva look. This eyeshadow palettes are a hot topic right now because not only do they look great but they are budget friendly as well. Anyone can purchase one palette for $34 or all three palettes for $90! These palettes hold a special place in my heart because they are not expensive as most makeup palettes but the quality is better than lots of eyeshadows in the makeup department. I would recommend this product!

Greg Secker: Getting Started With Forex

If you have ever been a forex trader, it’s the high time you start to think about it in a more serious manner. There are many reasons as to why you need to incorporate forex trading as one of your investment regimens. The major ultimate reasons are that the wages and salaries are generally stagnant, interest rates are rising each and every day and lastly, inflation has become a nightmare as the days goes by. By joining forex trading, you can easily find yourself in a new way of investment that pays you quite well with huge and reliable profits. However, the main question is whether it’s or it’s not for you. One of the internationally widely known forex trader Greg Secker is answering all of your pressing and complicated questions that lead you into doubts.

What is Forex? The simple definition for this question as per Greg Secker is that forex is simply the foreign exchange market. This is where international currencies are getting exchange 4hrs per day. Unlike the stock market, Forex has no centralized exchange. Instead, forex is fairly a high-tech activity.. In forex trading, you make trades on the basing of whether you think a certain currency will either rise or fall its value in comparison to another currency. You are liable to make the profit whether the market either rises or fall. Why do you need to start trading now? Forex trading has been in existence for quite a long time. What you need to be aware I that the worldwide economy is highly unstable and unpredictable at the same time. This is because the wages rise continues to stagnate while inflation keep rising each and every day.

Traditional trading based on the stock market indicates that it’s not as reliable as it used to be back then. To overcome this challenge, traders are highly shifting to forex as their form of trading. The key element to success is the excellence focus. Thus, it’s important to choose a single trading strategy, get to learn it well and the stick with it for a long term basis. As for the philanthropist Greg Secker, you need not n be left out. Don’t be the odd one out, join the others in forex trading. There is more assistance coming through. Stay connected.

Goettl Explains How to Keep Cool Without Burning Money

If necessary reinsulate and plug gaps and cracks with caulking or weather stripping. Weatherproofing saves on both heating and cooling costs.

An air conditioning unit that is protected from the heat of the sun will run less. Try to keep it shaded.

Keep your thermostat away from heat sources and sunlight. The warmer your thermostat the more your AC will run.

If your windows aren’t designed to reduce the levels of heat (low-emissivity) that gets into your dwelling apply some stick-on window tinting.

Keep your thermostat at or around 78 degrees. Every notch below 78 increases energy consumption.

A strip of foil known as a radiant barrier when placed underneath your existing insulation (they must be used together) will reduce heating and cooling costs by preventing warm or cool air from leeching into the attic through the ceiling.

A new HVAC air filter installed once a month will help your unit operate more efficiently.

Installing a programmable or smart thermostat enables you to adjust temperature settings away from anywhere.

Have an HVAC contractor tune up your unit every 6-12 months. Your unit will operate more efficiently and repair costs minimized.

Last resort, invest in a new HVAC unit, suggests AZ Central.


For 91 years Goettl Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing Specialists have been installing repairing and servicing all AC brands. Emphasizing customer satisfaction Goettl works at the customer’s convenience including holidays and weekends.

Examples of the company’s pay-it-forward philosophy include the story of an elderly woman who Goettl provided with an up-to-date air conditioner free of charge. Goettl also threw in free ductwork and its installation. Goettl made a $1,000.00 donation to the College of Southern Nevada in the form of tools. Follow Goettl on Twitter.

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Jason Hope: Pioneer for Technology

Jason Hope is very strong on the stance that he has for the Internet of Things. In fact, he is one of the biggest supporters of the IoT, and he has come a long way to help people out with the things they need to know about it. He tries his best to show people what they are able to get out of these situations and what they can do to make things easier on themselves. The Internet of Things has seen some major changes in the past because of the way that people are doing different things. Since Jason Hope knows what he can do to make the IoT better, he also knows he can make everything easier on different people. There have been so many different options that people will experience on their own. For Jason Hope to do this, he had to make things better for different people. He also had to try his best to show them all of the options they would need in different areas thanks to the opportunities created for people who are in different situations.

The IoT is something that will be able to help every person who is in a different situation. Jason Hope knows a lot about it and knows the right way to set things up. He also knows that things will be able to make more sense for people who are in these situations. There had been many things that Jason Hope had done to help other people out and he continued to do his best to provide people with all of the help they needed.

Even when Jason Hope was working to promote different opportunities, he did his best to help people out. He has tried to make the IoT something that is so much more accessible and something that people will use on a regular basis. Instead of it just being a novelty for most people and something might consider using, he hopes that it will one day become a staple for the people who are trying to do more with their home and make it as tech-friendly as possible.

For Jason Hope to do this, he has to continuously promote the IoT. He knows what he can do to help people and just has to do his best to make it happen. There have been many different things that he has tried his best to do and the IoT has been the most successful. He did not necessarily invent the IoT, but he has done a lot to ensure that it becomes more popular and that it is something people will be able to use for years to come in the future. It is part of what Jason Hope has been dedicated to since the beginning of his career.

Jason Hope Info:

What You Should Know Of Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a rally driver, contender of the class Prototypes T1. A couple of years back, the enthusiasm for speed and off road driving leading the São Paulo siblings Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins to shape the group Bull Sertões Rally Team. Michel Terpins made his introduction on the Rally dos Sertões network to the bike classification in 2002, and influenced a development in his guiding and remained to out in vital phases of the Brazilian Cross Rally Championship Country. The two drivers were highly ranked for four seasons on board the T-Rex, created by MEM Motorsport, and are planning to go after the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship and Sertões Rally.

The best pair of Paulistas Michel Terpins age 40 and Maykel Justo age 37, of the Bull Sertões Rally Team, finished another imperative phase of the 25th edition of the Sertões Rally. In the wake of winning two of the three phases of the race in Prototypes T1 are ahead of the pack in the class. They collected the most points and furthermore among the top 5 quickest in the opposition, take the number four position with their best time. Subsequent to being sure of the triumphs in the initial two super-difficult stages, Michel Terpins and Justo, who run together surprisingly, proceeded onward to the third stage, where it will be much more complicated with the changes in roads and even erosions of the course. However, towards the end of the day he could not receive the support that he needed, which caused his gearbox to break down and rear suspension to become damaged. This caused Mickel Terpins to reduce off the accelerator to not cause anymore damage to his prototype T1 and lose some places as he finished fourth. To Michel Terpins the most important thing to do was to complete the race even if he had to take it slowly. This allows them to start at a great place on the fourth day rather than having a more damaged vehicle.


Dr. Clay Siegall: A Man of Many Acts

There are truly some great individuals that have graced people with their presence over the years. These talented individuals come in all colors as well as perform in different fields of work. Unfortunately, the people that seem to do more for society lacks the recognition. On the other hand, movie stars and professional athletes get all the glory. This article is about a brilliant individual. He’s not a household name, but he’s done more for society than any entertainer in history. Dr. Clay Siegall is his name, and fighting cancer is his game.

To start things off, Siegall isn’t looking for any recognition because he takes pride in doing good deeds for people without any camera presence. This guy is the current CEO and President of Seattle Genetics. This is the world’s largest oncology biotech company, and it’s located in Bothell, Washington. Vigorous research goes into each and every drug that the company produces, and it produces some of the best. These drugs are empowering to the patients who use them. Antibody drug conjugates or (ADCs) have changed the game thanks to their advanced delivery system. These drugs inject cell-killing agents into dangerous cancer cells.

Dr. Siegall uses his patience, education and perseverance for each and every drug. The guy uses his own personal blog to update the community and the general public on what’s going on. Some of his latest posts were on some of the newer drugs that were already in the pipeline of success. He also has spoken on the progression of the company’s flagship drug ADCETRIS. Free of charge is what this information is and Siegall does everything in his powers to get the information out to the public in a timely fashion.

Siegall has also spoke about revenue. Seattle Genetics’ net sales of ADCETRIS is now well over $66.2 million. The cancer research community is blessed to have such a talented individual fighting in its corner. Dr. Clay Siegall is the epitome of a philanthropist, and his company personifies greatness on all levels.


Robert Ivy’s Inspirational Journey On The Impact Of Architecture

A well-known and respected figure in the architectural profession, Robert Ivy has been an advocate for the profession on a diversity of issues that range from social and political to the environment.

He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the South in Tennessee and his Master’s Degree in architecture from Tulane University.

Early in his career, Ivy was a principal and managing partner at architectural firm Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy as well as a critic for several national publications.

In 1996, Ivy became the Editor in Chief of Mc-Graw Hill’s Architectural Record. During his fifteen year tenure, he lead the growth of the publication developing it into the world’s most widely read architectural journal.

Under his leadership, Architectural Record received the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence, the 2008 MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year: Enthusiast as well as 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards and more.

In 2009, Ivy received the G.D. Crain Award for his lifetime involvement with regard to editorial excellence. And in 2010, the national architecture fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi, named Ivy “Master Architecture” for his input in exchanging information on the significance of design. He is one of just seven to be given this distinction in the 100-year history of the fraternity.

In 2011, Ivy was appointed executive vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), a position he holds today.

In this position, Robert Ivy takes on the responsibility for supervising the budget and employees in AIA’s national office in Washington, DC.

Specifically, he will guide the way for AIA’s design application and practice issues, improve the company’s ability to validate the significance of design as well as the public’s knowledge and perception of architects and architecture. He will also team up with more than 300 chapters nationwide and worldwide to provide support for AIA members.

For more than 150 years, members of the AIA have worked to establish strong, safe and maintainable buildings. The organization does this through instruction, support from the government, community redevelopment and more.

Honey Birdette: Focusing on the new market

The plan for expansion
Currently, Honey Birdette has 55 stores in Australia. Being the country of origin, the products were first intended to be sold in Australia. A huge demand has increased for the products outside the country. The company has currently built three stores outside of Australia with the first market being London, United Kingdom. The increase in the number of sales has surpassed the expectation. In the United States, the company has made ridiculous profits past the expectations of the company.

The increased sales in the online market
From the United States alone, the company has made more than 374% profits. Most of the purchases from this country are made online since Honey Birdette has not opened stores in the country yet. In their current plans for expansion, the company has cited the United States as one of the major markets. Certain plans underway to increase the number of external stores from three to 40. The United States and the United Kingdom will be the most targeted markets. In their plan for expanding the market influence, the company has equally laid the plans to increase the quality of service delivery. The market in the United States is set to have their products delivered to them. For the items that are bought above $50, the company has laid plans to introduce the free delivery options.
The contribution of Eloise Monaghan
Before 2006, two friends met for a bottle of champagne at a bar. Eloise Monaghan, while drinking with his friend, kept seeing ladies wearing unpleasant lingerie. The dissatisfaction that Eloise expressed in the lingerie pushed him to develop their brand. In 2006, Mr. Monaghan decided to create a lingerie brand that would be satisfactory to him. His target market was the Brisbane town. At the beginning of his venture, Eloise did not have plans of taking the brand global. His focus was the town and maybe other parts of Australia. Within a few years, the brand received a lot of recognition in the country. Deciding to go online with the products, the external market gained interest in the product. His lingerie did not only attract people within the country but also around the United States and the UK.

Igor Cornelsen Is Giving Three Valuable Tips to Invest in a Growing but Troubled Brazilian Market

On Dec. 31, 2014, Igor Cornelsen wrote an article for, and he had decided enough was enough with political corruption. He, like many Brazilians, were fed up with President Dilma Roussef and the farce that was the “new economic matrix”. Brazil had moved away from a right-leaning center system of government, and it had been conned by President Dilma Roussef. She originally won her first election using left-leaning populism, and she subsequently won reelection by making promises to shift away from her populism. Now, the country is having even more problems. Be sure to check out the original article here, and this article will recap and summarize the three tips recommended by Igor Cornelsen to investing in Brazil, where a lot of money can be made, especially if the large nation and economy is poised for financial growth.

Get Familiar With Currency Restrictions

Brazil has strict currency controls. For example, if you are not a resident or local business, you have to find an authorized bank to exchange. There are also multiple exchange rates depending on the type of transaction. A truly smart person could use this to their advantage, but research into the currency laws is essential.

Connect With the Natives

Brazil is full of entrepreneurs and people who are business oriented. Relationships and networking are what keep businesses going in Brazil. According to Igor Cornelsen, it should be fairly simple to network and connect in the country. The article claims 25 percent of Brazilians between 18 and 64 are self-starters in business. Additionally, Brazilians like to talk and are genuinely welcoming, so it is easy to do impromptu focus groups and to solicit new ideas.

Prepare for the Red Tape

The Brazilian government has been heavy on regulations, so it can be difficult to make into business with red tape blocking people. Even though the market is getting bigger, it is still delicate, which is why there are so many regulations. It is a good idea to research them ahead of time to be prepared to handle the unavoidable ones and avoid the ones possible.