Eric Lefkofsky-Ambitious Entrepreneur

Almost 40 percent of adults living in the United States has a cancer diagnosis, and most people can say that they know at least one person who has cancer or who has beat cancer. In 2014 alone, at least 14.5 million Americans have cancer, and that figure is expected to climb up to over 19 million by 2024.

Tempus, co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, is taking the reins when it comes to data-enabled medicine. The healthcare industry does not have everything under complete control as it may seem and is quite the opposite. There are overwhelming amounts of data collected on patients and all of their treatments but no effective or efficient way to handle it all. That’s where companies such as Tempus come in. Tempus is changing the way that care is delivered, and they have come up with a way to develop better analytics software. However, they are faced with some challenges such as providing medical data that is both affordable and accessible.

Tempus has also had to deal with how information is gotten and stored on patients. The physician notes that they have to work with can be difficult to process, but the software that they developed have made it possible to handle the workload. Tempus is helping to lower the cost of sequencing and is helping to make progress in combating cancer.

Tempus is making it possible for doctors to pair their cancer patients with the proper treatments and to make better treatment decisions.

Eric Lefkofsky is not only the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, but he is also the co-founder of Groupon. He graduated from the University of Michigan and he has also obtained his Juris Doctor degree. He is also the founding partner of Lightbank and co-founder of Uptake Technologies. He also established the Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006.

Eric Lefkofsky is on the board of directors of the Art Institute of Chicago, and of Lurie’s Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Lefkofsky has also taught at the Kellstadt Graduate School of business, and he is the professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

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Talk Fusion Is Changing Up Email and Conference Meetings

Do you hate opening your email? Do you receive email that simply is junk mail because it looks dreary and undated? If so, there is a whole new way to enjoy email.


The old way of communicating through email is a thing of the past with the new emails being sent. Your own personal email is a way of communication between you and friends as well as with businesses. With the new programs and apps out there that will allow for email communications to be updated is going to help you stay in touch but in a stylish manner.


Think of it this way, the new types of services that are offered through email and webRTC browser type video calling. The emails which were once drab are now some of the most advanced looking emails. Through the use of direct marketing, Talk Fusion is now bringing a whole new level of communication out with their evolution of email.


With Talk Fusion, your email will now be able to send email messages to others across various different devices by allowing them to see the videos inside of their emails. You will be able to see the videos from right inside of the one email that was sent to everyone. When you push a little further, you will start to see a different level of email communications.


If you want to send newsletters that are stylish and trendy, WebRTC email will do the trick. There is no demand for the Talk Fusion app to be installed and this is great for people who wish to be involved in conversations but have no room or space for a large app to be installed onto their devices. Learn more:


Talk Fusion offers a number of different products to use for business and personal use. You will be able to connect with others through their video email along with video newsletters and live meetings. Video chat is now just ahead of most other programs. Group video meetings are great for those who want to reach a number of their employee’s at once instead of individual emails. The multi-level marketing program is going to work similar to other programs which pay for individuals to use the videos to bring in sales.


The WebRTC technology is going to make everything fall into place for Talk Fusion users. Web browser technology is going to bypass most other users of various other programs without any added plugins or downloads.

OSI Group Takes Many Steps To Assure Food Safety

Food safety is essential. People need to make sure that any food they consume is as safe as possible. This is true whether or not people are eating at home or eating food when they are away from home. Many people today rely on fast food to help them get through the day. One company that provides many of the fast food that people consume on the go is OSI Group. This Aurora, IL company has headquarters in the United States. However, it also has outlets and manufacturing plants in other places including the United Kingdom, India, China and Germany. At OSI Group, their aim at all times is to provide high quality foods for each and every single of their clients. Their aim is to also make sure that all of the food they provide to providers is completely safe. In order to make sure that their suppliers can depend on them employee, managers and President and Chief Executive Officer David G. McDonald have taken many steps to that end. In doing so, they have helped keep to the kind of utterly necessary important quality standards that are necessary in today’s vast global retail food markets.

Varied Steps

One of the most important steps that officials at the OSI Group have taken to provide food that is safe is the use of machines that can help find any problem. These machines have a built-in X-ray equipment that is directly on site. This process allows company officials to make sure they can detect all possible foreign particles that might be in the food. This helps them ward off any food particles that may pose a danger to people eating the end product. The net result is food that is as safe as possible when it leaves the company and arrives on plates in other parts of the world. In addition to this system of machinery, officials at OSI Group are also taking other steps to keep to the highest possible quality standards. They are also monitoring all of their suppliers of raw materials directly as they grow the food people eat. Agricultural supervision is a crucial part of their quality reassurance efforts. Company officials know they need to make sure that all of the products they use from tomatoes to the beef and chickens they use are fully supervised and high quality before they enter the company’s many manufacturing plants.

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Nick Vertucci’s academy helps people of any background achieve financial success

If you have ever checked out the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy website you will see a lot of success stories from happy students. His straightforward method and hands on training makes it easy for anyone to understand the real estate business. Since opening in 2013 NVREA has become one of the most popular educational program in the United States. Nick concocted his own system that he now shares with all of his students so they can live the life of their dreams, and have fun doing it at the same time.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy holds live workshops all over the country for anyone to attend. The great thing is you do not need any previous real estate experience, formal training, or cash savings to attend. You will learn all about real estate including how to buy properties for long term cash flow, how to flip houses for extra income, and so much more. Nick also has a great community of expert investors and private lenders to help students achieve success. They raise millions of dollars each month to help make student’s real estate deals happen.

The self made millionaire understands what it’s like to struggle in life. Nick Vertucci was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. When he was a child, Nick’s mother had to work long hours to support the family. His father died when he was 10, so his mother had to work a lot harder to keep things afloat. Mr. Vertucci’s struggles continued into adulthood and ended up living in a van at age 18. That was rock bottom for him. Later he started a business selling computer parts and had a family. Unfortunately that did not fly very long and went into a massive amount of debt. Just by luck Nick’s friend invited him to a real estate seminar. This was a game changer for him and he’s never looked back ever since. With a lot of research, training, practice, and and time Nick learned how to be a power player in the real estate industry. He devised his own system for others to learn from. It is simple, easy, and you don’t have to have any real estate experience. Nick Vertucci walks his students through the ins and outs of the booming industry with a straightforwardness that is easy to understand, no matter your background of education level.