OSI Foods Expands Chicken Production

The food production industry is extremely important as it is responsible for ensuring that people all over the world have enough food and vitamins to thrive. One company that has continued to be a major participant in the food production industry is the OSI Group. This company has been in business for around 100 years and is based out of Aurora, IL. While the company has a major presence in the United States, it is also one of the largest producers of poultry, beef, pork, fish, and other foods across the world. Recently, OSI Food Solutions made a major investment that will help to grow their presence in Europe.

Over the past few months, OSI Food Solutions finished a renovation and expansion of a plant that they have in Spain. This plant is used specifically for the processing of chicken and poultry-prepared dishes. The expansion of the plan will allow the company to more than double its annual chicken production in Europe. Now that the plant is done, OSI Food Solutions will be able to process more than 45,000 pounds of chicken on an annual basis. This will help to make the company one of the largest food producers in all of Europe.

While the investment by OSI Food Solutions will be great for the company, it is also a big improvement for the local economy. With the expanded plant, the company will need more employees to help manage the operations. OSI Food Solutions will likely need to hire a few hundred more individuals that will work on the assembly line and oversee the operations. The company will also likely need to invest in other areas of its business to further support the expanded operations, which will lead to the creation of even more jobs.

One of the main reasons why OSI Food Solutions has continued to grow and develop is that they have a reputation for quality. OSI Food Solutions will only use the freshest and best products available, even when they cost more money. This policy has continued to allow them to make very good and healthy products. The company has since been given a number of awards for quality and ethics in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other areas of the world. OSI Food Solutions will continue to look for new ways in which they can better serve its customers by providing excellent products and services.

For More info: branchenbuch.meinestadt.de/duisburg/company/8872003

The Pursuit of Greatness: Brown Modeling Agency

The modeling industry is loaded with some of the most talented individuals. Many of these individuals are multi-faceted and can work in numerous sectors of business. Austin, Texas, is home to one of the top up-and-coming modeling agencies in the country, and it is making a name for itself in the process. Have you ever heard of Brown Modeling Agency? Well, if you’re really not interested in this field of work, then you probably haven’t heard about it. Brown Modeling Agency is helping to change the modeling industry’s landscape to some degree. When you think about these companies, what are some of the first names that come to mind. More than likely, many of you will probably say IMG Models, Next Model Management or Ford Models. These are all great choices, but did you know that Brown Modeling Agency has been competing with these agencies as of late?


Despite its current Austin-based location, this exceptional agency has booked plenty of jobs and has participated in some of the biggest of campaigns. This place isn’t your standard run-of-the-mill company. Brown Modeling Agency has a solid backing because it was built from the foundation of two major companies itself. Heyman Talent South and Wilhelmina Austin has given life to this specific agency thanks to Founder Justin Brown. Justin has a strong interest in modeling because he has worked as a successful model for many years. Justin has been able to earn a good living from this field of work, and he used those earning to pay his way through college. This type of business-savvy sense has carried-over into his latest project. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The agency has become so successful to where it is headquartered in Austin, Texas, it has a secondary office is Dallas, Texas, and it has a strong presence in Los Angeles, California. What more can you say about this magical place and the funny thing about it is that it’s only been in business for nearly three years. All in all, Brown Modeling Agency is simply outperforming many of its competitors, and it’s doing it with class.




Dr. Jennifer Walden & Her Cosmetics Revolution

Whether you call it cosmetic surgery, or you call it plastic surgery, these advanced treatments are designed to boost your confidence. When your confidence is enhanced, you’ll feel as if you can tackle the world. There are a plethora of cosmetic surgeons in the United States, but all aren’t created equal. Dr. Jennifer Walden just so happens to be one of the top female surgeons in the country, and she has brought a lot of new things to the game. This former-soccer standout is the loving mother of two twin boys. Her medical practice, Dr.Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to its wonderful services. These services include:

• Lip Enhancement

• Breast Augmentation

• Breast Reduction

• Chemical Peel

• Acne Treatments

• Laser-Hair Removal

• Body Sculpting

• Rhinoplasty

• Medical Facials

• And many more

Dr. Walden’s career is built on excellence. She just so happens to be one of a few female surgeons to serve on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors. The Austin, Texas-native has appeared on numerous television shows that relates to plastic surgery. This includes E! Network’s “Dr. 90210,” VH1’s “Plastic Surgery Obsession,” and E! Network’s “Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories.” Yes, Dr. Walden has made it to the mainstream level. She has also been the co-author of a best-selling book. Dr. Walden earned her M.D. from the University of Texas Medical Branch, and she held the title for being her class’ salutatorian.

When it comes to clinical research, she has helped to reintroduce silicone-breast implants. Dr. Walden has worked with the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital and this is where she received her fellowship. Everything has seemed to come full-circle and only time will tell what this woman has in store in the years to come.

Learn More: www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-jennifer-walden#/entity

Becoming A Member The Oxford Club Most Privileged Circle

Investors wishing to join the club can do so in any of the three membership levels. The Premier Membership, the Director’s Circle and the Chairman’s Circle offer different benefits to members.

The Chairman’s Circle

This is the highest membership level with the most exclusive benefits to members. They have lifetime access to the Oxford Club newsletters and a special section of the club’s website.

They can contact the chairman directly through the VIP customer care agent assigned exclusively to members. They meet regularly at exclusive venues to network and share investment ideas.

The VIP customer care representatives are always available to assist members who want to join the membership level. The members pay a one-time fee and an annual membership maintenance fee.

The Oxford Club Investment U

This is the education arm of the Oxford Club. It aims to enlighten members on how to attain financial freedom. They do so through conferences, courses, videos and a free online newsletter — the Investment U Daily.

In the e-newsletter, they include actionable trading advice from renowned investment analyst from CNBC, Wall Street, and Fox Business. Members can take advantage of the information to make investment decisions with high potential for success.

Other Oxford Club services


Oxford Club members have access to three newsletters each month and three daily online publications. The newsletters contain articles by established and successful investors and strategists such as Matthew Carr, Marc Lichtenfeld, and Alexander Green. Other contributors in the publications are David Fessler and Eric Fry.

Oxford Club Trading services

Oxford Club members have the privilege of getting trading news and services tailored for each membership level. The services are research-based, and they contain recommendations on the best investment opportunities globally.

By taking advantage of the resources they access from the club, members can invest in the most viable global investment opportunities and generate wealth that guarantees financial freedom.


Inspiring Leader Vijay Eswaran Acknowledges the Ego is an Obstacle to Learning

The inspiring leader and successful businessman Vijay Eswaran acknowledges that ego is a major obstacle to learning and expanding one’s horizons. Vijay Eswaran is a motivational speaker, generous philanthropist, and founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies.

The QI Group of Companies has conducts business in areas including education, real estate, direct selling, hospitality, and retail in several countries around the world. Mr. Eswaran is also the author of a best-selling book ‘In the Sphere of Silence. He also is a renowned writer of various publications and articles as well. As a leader in business and as a philosopher Vijay Eswaran acknowledges the ego as one of the main obstacles to one’s ability to learn and grow.

In fact, the ego can be the opposing force to the advancement and the seizing of opportunities to learn. Ego can prevent you from learning from mentors, teachers and other instructors with valuable insight into life and business. Driven by ego a person can become self-absorbed and operate with the sense of knowing everything, which limits their ability to see new ideas to learn and grow. Furthermore, the ego can be manifest in various forms.

One of the most recognizable forms of ego is the aggressive ego. The aggressive ego can be seen through acts of anger and other aggressive behavior exhibited. The other passive ego trait is not as easily recognized but it is still detrimental none the less to the learning process. Vijay Eswaran asserts by assuming that you know everything you don’t open yourself up to the opportunity to learn anything.

In fact, by thinking that you know everything you’re confusing your identity and knowledge base with your ego and intern reject new ideas and new patterns of thinking. Consequently, once you start assuming that you know everything the learning process comes to an end. As a result, Vijay Eswaran acknowledges that the ego is a major obstacle to the learning process.

Find out more about Vijay Eswaran: https://www.businessforhome.org/2012/11/vijay-eswaran-ceo-qnet-featured-in-forbes/

malcolm casSelle’s success history.

Malcolm graduated with computer science both in masters and bachelors degree, where he received his master’s degree from MIT and a bachelors degree from Stanford University. Malcolm is currently a chief information officer at Opskins and also the president of wax. Before wax, he held positions which were basically for taking new start-ups into the digital platform. Malcolm has worked for major high-tech companies especially many that are based in China.

Malcolm has actively been involved in investing in early-stage companies like Facebook and more recently bitcoin-related companies. He was a co-founder of timeline labs, which is a social media tracking software company where he served as a CEO. At Capital Union Investments he was entitled to manage direct investments into big web companies, this being a part of his corporate ladder until he found his way to wax. At wax, he has been a contributor of bringing in double-digit revenues in terms of growth.

Opskins is a number one online platform for buying online games. It is also a number one bitcoin merchant in the world. Opskins recently launched WAX, worldwide asset exchange, which is basically a marketplace for buyers and sellers to make a trade, with virtual assets. Wax is able to solve main problems in this virtual online platform which are fraud and fragmentation. It means that one does not necessarily need to exit a game while still conducting the trade. Wax introduced block-chain technology that also enables e-sports hence countering fragmentation.

Wax Company has also taken care of the middlemen in the block-chain that come as a result of Forex problems between different parties, buyer and seller, hence able to transact with people using different denominations. Malcolm CasSelle is very confident and sure that this platform is the most secure and the best in the gaming industry. Wax also introduced centralized marketplaces which are key to getting fraudsters out of the block-chain market. A smart contract is also involved as a full proof of top security. This means that constant troubles as a result of the economic crisis are solved.

The Influence of Mathematician Michael Lacey

When the proof of certainty of the Central Limit Theorem was published, the name Michael Lacey became closely associated with it.

Together with Walter Philipp who served as his thesis adviser, he came up with this evidence while working towards his first postdoctoral degree at Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina. His work in regards to the Central Limit Theorem has garnered several awards and citations in the field of mathematics.

Many people may not have heard of this mathematician yet, but working in silence has proved his ingenuity in the field of mathematics. Born on September 26, 1959, Michael Lacey has continuously explored math beyond its limitations.

When he began his studies to earn a Ph.D. at the University of Illinois, his thesis was focused on probability in Banach spaces and finding solutions to problems and logarithms associated with the functions of empirical characteristic. Learn more about Michael Lacey: https://www.math.gatech.edu/people/michael-lacey

Empirical characteristic is used in the study of hypothesis testing and estimation theory. Throughout his doctoral studies, he relentlessly worked on ergodic theory, probability, and the theory of harmonic analysis.

As a Mathematics professor at Indiana University from 1989 to 1996, Lacey was chosen as a fellow of the National Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship where he was able to take a closer look at Bilinear Hilbert Transformation and gave his own solutions to the problems posed by the theory.

It is the same study that other well-known mathematicians researched to form their own solutions. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

In 1996, he began teaching mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, just after finishing his tenure at Indiana University. As a faculty member there, his work was genuinely recognized. Moreover, he was awarded the coveted Guggenheim Fellowship for his work with fellow mathematician Xiaochun Li in 2004.

He also received a fellowship award from the American Mathematical Society in 2012 and encouraged many undergraduate students to pursue graduate programs.

With all of his contributions in the field of mathematics, Michael Lacey has never stopped aiming for higher learning. Math remains a dynamic subject that needs evolving ideas. His passion towards generating theories and creating solutions has made the area of study less challenging and more enhancing.

David McDonald: Three Decades Helping The OSI Group To Grow

The president and COO of the food processing giant the OSI Group is Iowa native and Iowa State University graduate David McDonald. McDonald has been with the company since 1987 and has played an important role in the growth of the OSI Group. When he joined the company, the OSI Group’s focus was on providing meat patties for McDonald’s all around the country. The company was also producing and packaging meat products for restaurants, supermarkets, private labels and name brand companies in the United States. David McDonald helped the OSI Group become a force in the international food service industry.

David McDonald’s diverse skillset has made him very valuable to the OSI Group. Those skills include strategic planning, product development, supply chain management, food science, budgets and operations management. Those skills were crucially important as the OSI Group began to expand into the international market and David McDonald got more and more responsibilities. He was deeply involved in the OSI Group’s processing and packaging food products for major companies located all around the world. The company now has over 70 food processing facilities in more than 20 countries.

To make sure the OSI Group was able to succeed in the global marketplace, David McDonald has worked to establish solid relationships with government agencies, local suppliers, workers and customers. He learns about the dietary preferences of the people in the culture group they are attempting to serve to deliver products they will love. McDonald was also charged with solving many of the complex infrastructure and technical issues the OSI Group faced regularly. His work with the OSI Group’s logistics team helped the company adapt to the global food industry’s rapid and constantly changes.

Very proud of his alma mater Iowa State University, where he earned a BA in animal science, David McDonald remains involved with the school. He donates to the scholarship fund, works with the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative and helped set up an internship program at the OSI Group for ISU students. A husband and father of 6, two of McDonald’s children attend Iowa State University and friends say they’re certain the other four will attend the school as well.

In addition to his work at the OSI Group, David McDonald also volunteers to work in Wheaton, Illinois’s St. Michael Parish. He is the North American Meat Institute’s board chairman and McDonald is also a Marfrig Global Foods independent director.

For details: www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

What Is Jeremy Goldsteins Answer To The Problem Of EPS?

There are proponents and detractors of Earnings Per Share or EPS. Both have their own ideas of how good and how bad this thing is. It is a bone of contention that seems to have no answer. Its advocates say that EPS will enhance the sustainability of a company, while its adversaries claim that corporations can use it to further their own interests. It seems that this thorny issue is hard to resolve. Thankfully, Jeremy Goldstein, a practicing lawyer in New York City, has an answer that will enable the two sides to get what they want.



Earnings per share is the aspect of a company that can show its profitability. It is fundamentally a part of the company’s profit which is apportioned to its common stock’s outstanding share. In effect, EPS can break down the company’s profit on a per share basis. There is a formula that companies use to calculate their EPS. The formula is: EPS = (Net Income – Preferred Stock) / Average Outstanding Shares. EPS is a way by which a company or a business entity is valuated.



Goldstein is positioning himself in between the proponents of EPS and its detractors. He proposes a compromise to help the two resolve their differences. Goldstein knows what he is saying because as a New York City lawyer, he has been resolving issues on this subject. His extensive experience in successfully resolving the issues regarding EPS between employers and employees can be used to find the ultimate solution to this question.



Detractors of EPS claim that employers and business owners can take unfair advantages of some of its features because of the nature of shares and trading which remains very competitive. They also say that EPS can be used by company owners to show an attractive financial picture even if the real picture is not that promising. EPS, they also claim, can be a cause for company favoritism.



EPS proponents, on the other hand, claim that company owners can use it to reward its workers with pay hikes. Furthermore, they say that EPS can be used by business owners to influence their shareholders to buy or sell their stocks. If these claims are true, company owner can leverage EPS to encourage its growth and therefore ensure its sustainability.



Based on his extensive experience in resolving disputes between workers and company owners, Goldstein believes that compromise is the best solution to this problem. Goldstein’s proposal is: rather than abolishing EPS, company owners should be held accountable for all the decisions they make that will affect their company’s sustainability and growth. In the process, employees can still enjoy the benefits of EPS, and will be happy doing their work and their performance and productivity will improve. As a result, the company will also benefit because of the increased productivity of its employees. Learn more: https://lawyers.justia.com/lawyer/jeremy-goldstein-1275422


RealReal, The Future of Retail Luxury!

The RealReal, a 6-year-old posh online consignment store has transitioned into a brick and mortar retail market, offering premium shopping options. The resale store was founded by Chief Executive Officer Julie Wainwright who is no stranger to the startup industry. She has been involved in multiple dot.com companies like Pets.com. The RealReal’s cornerstone store in New York City is by far the latest rage for true shopping enthusiasts. The emporium houses a cafe and flower shop which further creates a magnificent experience for its customers. The RealReal is working toward expanding its brand into cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas. Director of marketing, Allison Sommer explains that each new region will offer something different. The RealReal fosters continuity by selling glamorous fashion wear, home decor, and exquisite jewelry lines, but they are finding that customers are craving more possibilities. The company prides themselves on staying in front of keeping their customers happy.

The digital store noticed that when they delivered pop-up experiences, their retail sales skyrocketed. This type of marketing enables them to brand like no other initiative. It allows the brand to creatively gain awareness. The store is careful in the selection of its sales staff. The RealReal has been known to seek sales talent from high-end stores like Gucci and Sotheby’s. The store leads in presenting remarkable enjoyment for their customers; they offer shopping events for their very important customer sector as well classes on themes like “How to value a diamond” and “The history of Chanel”.

Consignment shop sellers, or “consignors” play a major role in The RealReal’s success. These sellers can now visit the in-store consignment locations to receive real-time price quotes on merchandise. They also can conveniently drop off items to be sold online. Strangely enough, a majority of The RealReal’s new consignors have never taken part in reselling before. The store takes great measures in inspecting and authenticating all items they acquire, which strongly contributes to sustaining brand reliability and customer trust. The shop is hoping that more and more people will explore buying and selling in this manner in the future.