Equity first holding in Australia

Equity first holding is a company which was formed in 2000 by Christy Jr who is still the president of the company. The company is privately owned hence working as a limited liability company laws. The organization helps in providing alternative ways of peoples to acquire finance on the bases of the shares in the marked all over the world. The company has completed about 700 transactions since it started its activities.

In Australia, the company is based in Sydney, but they also operate satellite offices in Perth and Melbourne. Equity first holdings announced their agreement to work with the Environmental clean technologies limited company which deals with engineering and commercializing of leading-edge coal and iron making technologies. In this agreement equity first holding will help in funding the major project which will be conducted in India.

Equity first holdings team of staff are well qualified and dedicated to working together to create a great future for the company.

For details: uk.linkedin.com/company/equities-first-holdings-llc

Agora Financial Providing Crucial Information to Readers to Make Smart Investments

If you are looking to make a lot of money through your investments, you need to ensure that you have considerable knowledge of the financial world. People are so busy these days that they have little to no time left to make a sound and strategic financial planning. Most people end up investing randomly, which may or may not be enough to support their future financially. It is like a gamble that may or may not pay off as expected, and it is indeed not recommended by experts. As per the financial experts, one needs to ensure that they invest their money in a calculated manner to achieve their desired business goals.

Agora Financial is a name one can trust with closed eyes when it comes to market predictions and financial advice. Agora Financial is a financial publishing house that was founded by Bill Bonner in 1984 with the aim to educate everyday people about the financial market and how it works. It is essential for the people to know how the financial market works to help them invest smartly and logically. People who are looking to invest in the financial markets need to know about the various economic parameters and factors that would help them spend intelligently.

As there are tons of investment options available in the market, it is imperative that people do their research before they start investing. Agora Financial is a company that aims to make a difference in the lives of its readers by telling them where to invest and what is the ways they can follow to protect their money. The company spends over a million dollars each year on the traveling expenses of its reporters, who travel around the world to research in deep about various industries and where they are heading. It provides crucial information to the readers that they can use to make smart investments.

Glen Wakeman – LaunchPad and Why it was Founded

Glen Wakeman is an extremely successful entrepreneur. During Wakeman’s career he has been an investor, executive mentor, business owner, financial service executive, and writer. He is currently the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, which he assisted in founding. He attended the University of Chicago and the University of Scranton.

“I like to match idea with money,” Wakeman explained. This is how he got the idea of LaunchPad Holdings. Glen Wakeman is taking good ideas and backing them financially. “An idea isn’t a plan,” Wakeman says. “So we thought we would make it easy and intuitive to build a plan with a simple software platform.

Glen Wakeman begins his days by reviewing the previous day’s sales and performance. He then conducts conferences with his partner and they divide duties. Glen Wakeman also researches competition, responds to consumer concerns, and client inquiries.

Prior to creating LaunchPad Holdings, he worked in multiple positions across South America, Asia, and Europe. His first major position was General Electric, one of the worlds largest and most well-known energy producers. At General Electric, he began his world travels as he was required to move to London, England. During his time with General Electric, Wakeman also served in various positions with companies owned by General Electric.

Some time after he left General Electric is when he got the idea for LaunchPad. During his world travels, Wakeman met with hundreds of people with incredible ideas. Glen Wakeman knew if he could create a platform for inventive people to use, innovative ideas would spring up from all over the world.


About LaunchPad Holdings

LaunchPad holds was founded by Glen Wakeman and Rick Cano. They have raised hundreds of millions of dollars across several industries and Fortune 10 companies. As well as providing expert advisers, accelerators and capital providers, LaunchPad also provides a toolkit that includes everything a new entrepreneur needs to create their own business plan.


Securus Technologies Tries to Take Cell Phones Away From Inmates

It might come as a surprise to many, but the prisoners have had the opportunity to access cell phones during their incarceration. Most people would probably be surprised to hear this was ever an option for inmates. Here’s the story.


It starts with a man named Robert Johnson of Delray Beach, South Carolina. He worked at the Lee Correctional Institution where his main job was to confiscate contraband from the inmates. Contraband are items that the inmates are not allowed to have. This position led to him becoming a target. He was shot in his home. He has discussed this for seven years now. Fortunately, the shooter has been convicted and is behind bars today.


Situations like that and many others are what makes this an issue that must be resolved. Securus Technologies were quick to decide that the access to this type of technology was the reason why the hit was ever possible. Security systems can be installed by Securus to prevent any of the contraband technology from working. That solves two problems. The first is the confiscation of contraband and the second prevents any signal from being used. This renders any un-confiscated contraband useless.


Help has been offered from the FCC as well to help streamline this type of technology blocking device to help place the situation on the fast track. The regulations could then be implemented across the country. In the place of the illegal contraband cell phones would be a legit system for prisoners to use to communicate with the outside world. The key is that communication would be monitored. Most people involved, consider it a win for both inmate communication and the outside world’s public safety.


It is important to note that inmates do need a legitimate way to communicate with their family and friends. The important part of that is the screening. The communication should help the inmate get back on track with integration of society. Let it help them serve their time well and gain employment after they are released.


Securus Technologies are a company out of Dallas, Texas that serves the public safety portion of the business. They serve facilities that house 1,200,000 inmates all together. With their help, 1.7 million attempts at communication with outsiders were intercepted from the inmates. Think of what that could mean in prevention of crime. Imagine gangs communicating from in the prison systems to the gang members on the outside. The implications are immense. Securus can help the system to never fail someone like Robert Johnson and still enable the inmates to communicate as needed in a legitimate way.

Streaming Power And Environmental Philanthropy

Why Is It Important To Stream?

We use the “stream terminology” today because information, wireless signals, and energy are traveling as a stream through our societies. These energy waves aren’t seen by the naked eye. The vast sources the world uses for raw energy are coming down to how that energy is then conformed for a digital society.

Using electricity to sustain or create wireless signals is a perfect example of how energy is being used. Those signals are forms of energy. These usable signals of energy bring a new consideration into focus for energy suppliers. “What happens when we consolidate the various energy streams in society”?

Wireless energy creates the potential to provide energy services in many other areas than you might have considered.

Connecting To Society In A Bran-New Way

Stream Energy combines services in a way that makes them considered energy within itself. These sources give you access to cell-phone services, television reception and a medical directory. This directory allows normal Stream Energy clients to access medical services without visiting a doctor.

There’s a new way to connect to energy, and these forms are what create the streams within society. Connecting to this transformation begins with understanding the energy sources that you’re already using. Consider the limitations or expansions of life as technology continues to close in on human innovation. …

Stream Energy: Limitless Potential For All Of Your Energy Needs

Forgetting about how much our lives are influenced by technology is easy. Many are being born into a digital society and have little imagination of “life on the other side.” The message we have for you today is that your life is improved by the advances made with energy. Energy can be connected to in many ways.

Life is presenting a faster approach, a shorter direction and more knowledge in the hands of people across the planet. There are unlimited uses, and connecting through one service provider is key. It no longer makes sense to be extended between multiple suppliers. Condense today and be powered by Stream Energy.


Sussex Healthcare Is The Right Choice For All Seniors

No matter what issues seniors are dealing with, Sussex Healthcare has something for them. They know people are always looking to help their loved ones and they’ll do what they can to support those missions. They also want people to know there are things they can do to make life better. For Sussex Healthcare, the point of helping seniors is to give them a better life. They don’t want anything in return and they don’t want people to miss out on the things they could enjoy in life because of the opportunities they have at the senior care facility. It is their idea to always give people the help they need.

Even though Sussex Healthcare has tried to help others with issues they might be facing, they know they can try different things. They also know how important it is to help people through the difficult times they deal with. Seniors know how they can get the care they need and loved ones know they can feel confident in their choice of senior care facilities. No other facility has the things that Sussex Healthcare has to offer. They don’t do things the same way and seniors don’t get the excellent care Sussex Healthcare has anywhere else.

While Sussex Healthcare continues to help people through the most difficult times, they know what it takes to give the community things that will help them. They also know how important it is to show people there are things they can enjoy. For seniors to take advantage of the opportunities, Sussex Healthcare knows what they need to do. They introduce new things regularly. They also try to give the community the help they need by doing their best job at making things easier on them. For Sussex Healthcare to do this, they have to be prepared to always come up with new things.

Technology has played a huge role in everything Sussex Healthcare does. The company relies on technology to help them take care of senior patients. They also rely on technology to come up with new things they can use for seniors. There are other opportunities people can use to help them make sure things are working in their favor, but it all goes back to the hard work they do with seniors. As long as they’re providing people with a better life, Sussex Healthcare doesn’t care what they have to do to get to that point.

Visit gazetteday.com for more details about the company.

NewsWatch TV review on the Contour Ultimate Workstation

Contour is a company that specializes in functional technology that aids in work proficiency. Their slogan, “Where performance meets comfort”, is truly brought to life by the Ultimate Workstation. This keyboard and mouse alternative is crucial to better productivity through comfort while working at a computer. There are 3 billion people in the world using computers, so Contour enlisted the help of News Watch to promote their innovative workstation.

The Ultimate Work Station features the Roller Mouse Red paired with a Balance Keyboard. With seven senses tracking technology and adjustable legs/tilt option, the wireless workstation is convenient as well as easy to use. The Roller Mouse Red can be replaced by the new update called the Roller Mouse Free3. All of the product options can be found on the Contour website.

Design’s Product Marketing Manager, Bret Hudson, had high praise for the NewsWatch work that was done to help promote Contour’s product. More awareness was raised with the NewsWatch campaign reaching over 95 million households in the U.S. Due to this, the sales of the Contour workstation have dramatically spiked and more people are aware of more comfortable alternatives to the classic keyboard and mouse.

News Watch continues to reach viewers through over 200 market outlets across the country. As a company, News Watch has seen enormous success as a reliable source of all news. Currently, NewsWatch TV airs on both the ION Network as well as The AMC Network.

Over 25 years, the NewsWatch series has reached more than 700 million people. The company is one of the most successful independently produced news outlets on television today. The NewsWatch employees and news reporters work hard to bring America top quality information and reviews on technological advancments, medical stories, media coverage, and government events.


Shervin Pishevar warns that 200-day moving averages are not a reliable benchmark

The performance of the U.S. stock market over the last decade has been nothing short of astonishing. While the 2008 financial crisis raised serious questions about whether the country was about to suffer another Great Depression, the ensuing 10 years have proven that the nation’s central bankers and leading financial regulators were able to not only stave off that outcome, but they were also able to create fairly broad economic growth, at least for the top 20 percent of earners.

However, there have been an increasing number of voices warning that the Federal Reserve has gone too far in its zeal to buoy the market in the wake of the 2008 financial crash. One of those voices has been that of Shervin Pishevar. As one of the most prolific entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the United States, Shervin Pishevar has been personally responsible for the rise of such industry stalwarts as Airbnb, Uber and Social Gaming Network.

But in a recent tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar took to social media to warn people about the excesses of the central bank’s expansionist monetary policies and the potential long-term consequences. One of the problems that Shervin Pishevar identified was the overheated nature of current equity markets. Pishevar argues that the central bank’s quantitative easing programs has only succeeded in inflating a bubble. He says that for every dollar that the Fed spent buying Treasury bonds, less than $1 was added to the nation’s GDP. This, says Pishevar, is an indication that quantitative easing has largely been a macroeconomic failure. It has, nonetheless, been very good for those owning equities and those in a position to use cheap money to buy them.

Pishevar says that the most notable effect of quantitative easing has been the availability of nearly zero-interest money, which some of the country’s largest corporations have used gladly to buy back their own stock. This is what has fundamentally led to the serious overvaluations seen today in the equity markets. Pishevar says that these considerations nullify all traditional tools for estimating prospective returns. The 200-day moving average, he says, is worth less than the pixels it’s written on.


The Global Journey’s of Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman has been involved in the field of medicine since his passion brought him to Yale in 1976 to major in the field of Biology. Since his early days, his passion for healthcare has experienced some exciting changes as he advanced into some of the most exciting and ever evolving areas of modern medicine. After Dr. Mark Holterman’s basic education was complete, he decided to further his degree in Immunology and Internal Medicine.

After contemplating his field of specialty further, Dr. Mark Holterman decided to become involved in pediatric surgery. He took advantage of his acquired skills in immunology and worked his way up to chief surgeon of Advocate Children’s Hospital in Chicago. In addition, he became a professor at the University of Illinois for several years while he furthered his medical research capabilities.

During his work in Chicago, he has performed thousands of pediatric surgeries at the Children’s Hospital of OSF Healthcare in Illinois. Holterman’s passion for helping children with illnesses and disease is evident by his continued efforts to improve the lives of thousands of children through his surgical and immunological expertise. This effort has since begun to span into a global effort. Presently, he continues offering his teaching skills by teaching pediatric surgery to surgical residents and medical students.


The Founding of Mariam Global Health

In 2012, Dr. Mark Holterman began a new medical journey on a global scale by the founding of Mariam Global Health of which he is the CEO. In his need to continue to assist others through his expertise, he set out to work with his medical professional friends to help shape their ideas on healthcare into positive initiatives. The focus is to bring these initiatives to benefit medical treatments for people around the world (Medicaldailytimes). In addition to pediatrics, his passion through Mariam Global Health is assisting medical professionals in other countries in the areas of Autoimmunity and Stem Cell Research.

The team Dr. Holterman has put together at Mariam Global Health also examines proposals for medical start-up companies in other countries to find the ones that have the best chance of success and the greatest possible medical impact to different regions of the world. Once a medical start up is chosen by Mariam Global Health, he works closely with them to get them off the ground. Their initiatives include getting them the medical funding they need to operate and the managerial assistance to help them on the path to success.

Ian King Excels in Business and Crypto Mining

Ian King is a pacesetter in the world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. For over twenty years, he worked as an investment manager and managed to garner invaluable experience. Being the founder of Intellicoins, Ian King is always at the forefront of creating original content that will later assist conventional investors to navigate cryptocurrency markets. Even so, Ian King has a past that encompasses long years of experience as a senior trader. Initially, he worked for several companies including Peahi Capital, where he served for ten years. Follow Ian King on Medium.com.

Ian first worked as a clerk at Salomon Brothers. Later in his years of work and garnering vast experience, he joined Credit Derivative, Citigroup’s affiliate. Mr. King’s career roots from a long daytime walk he was enjoying on the shores of New Jersey a few years ago. Well, as he walked, he realized that bad weather was approaching and kids were surfing in the waters. He called them out, but unfortunately, they did not hear him. Because it was a life or death situation, Ian King called for help from the lifeguards who never showed up on time. Therefore, Ian king had to do the saving on his own.

Visit: http://www.talkmarkets.com/contributor/Ian-King/


From that moment, he decided to be more involved in other people’s lives. Consequently, he was chosen to serve as the deputy lifeguard. On a typical day, King and his team would save about fifty people on the shores. After working at the beach for some time, King decided to pursue formal education. He majored in psychology because he wanted to help people lead healthy lives. King later pursued pre-med. As a student, King was partly interested in business. Therefore, he read helpful books on business and stock markets.

Mr. King’s interests took a quick turn from psychology to business. He started monitoring the stock market and decided to delve into investment. Currently, he is a dedicated crypto king working at Banyan Hill Publishing. Ian King offers crypto insights to prospective investors. Following his ability to successfully predict the future of cryptocurrency, his idea has received tremendous publications on different platforms including Fox News, Zero Hedge, Seeking Alpha and Investopedia.

Moreover, he developed the leading crypto investing product for Investopedia Academy. King’s major role at Banyan Hill Publishing is helping investors to make sound investment moves. Up to now, King’s clients can attest to his input in transforming their lives through successful strategies and investment insight. Visit cryptoprofitsummit.com to know more about Ian King.