Ryan Seacrest Shares How He Makes it Through the Day

Ryan Seacrest is well known for his many appearances on television. He is the long-time host of “American Idol”, and he appears each weekday with Kelly Ripa on “Live With Kelly and Ryan”. In addition to his television work, Ryan Seacrest is host of a radio program called “On Air With Ryan”. When away from his media work, Mr. Seacrest is involved with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which helps children in pediatric hospitals.

Ryan Seacrest recently completed an interview in the New York Times where he was asked to share how he went about his daily routine. Mr. Seacrest shared information about his exercise routine, his eating habits and what motivates him in life.

Ryan Seacrest makes it a habit to get up each morning at six. He doesn’t spend a lot of time getting ready for the day. He has a quick shave, gets dressed and then he goes downstairs for a drink of coffee or tea.

Exercise is an important part of Ryan Seacrest’s life. He exercises every day. He is so committed to his exercise routine that he hired a personal trainer to come with him when he went for an extended television appearance outside of New York. He likes to work on boxing training, and he rides a stationary bicycle before setting off for work each day.

The rest of the morning, Ryan Seacrest catches up on what happened in the world during the evening, and he watches TV programs of interest to him. In the afternoon, he conducts interviews with media organizations, and he concentrates his time on projects that he is working on long-term.

In his interview with the New York Times, Ryan Seacrest stated that he is a vegan, and he loves to eat. He stated that he works as hard as he does so that he can eat well and drink the best wines. His idea of enjoyment is putting away the phone and eating a nice meal with an excellent bottle of wine.

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Surf Air Celebrates 5 Years in the Air

For a private air transport company like Surf Air, providing current and future customers with some of the best insight on where to travel for fun excursions is what drives us! Surf Air Recommends, a weekly activity, covers new, exciting destinations for dining and fun.

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Surf Air provides many essential recommendations on where you should fly — it is a strong point of our business. Surf Air takes pride in our great work for accommodating all of our jet-setters. Air travelers can also pay monthly as part of this jet service. And it is convenient for taking short flights between cities in Texas, California, or California to Nevada. Las Vegas is always a destination to consider for the weekend. And there are many fun, exciting things to do in the “city that never sleeps.”

For those who plan to jet-set in Europe, Surf Air offers jet flights from Luxembourg to Brussels, Belgium. If you are planning a short plane trip to Milan, Italy from Geneva, Switzerland, Surf Air can cover all of your flight needs in a jiffy. Surf Air plans to grow our flight services. Look for flight availability to London, Frankfurt, Dublin, and Amsterdam soon. Contact Surf Air, today!

The Entrepreneurial Journey of Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a man with many a passion. As a businessman and an investor, he also has a knack for sports as he co-owns, along with Marc Lasry, a basketball team that plays in the NBA; the Milwaukee Bucks. Mr. Edens was born on October 30th, 1961 and graduated from Oregon State University some 23 years later, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance and Business Administration.Three years after his graduation, Wes Edens began his career journey as a partner and managing director at Lehman Brothers where he worked until 1993. Wes then joined another company; BlackRock Asset Investors albeit in the same capacity of managing director where he worked for four years.

A year later, in 1998 Wes Edens embarked on a partnership that founded the company that would make him a household name in the business world across America. The company, Fortress Investment Group would become the first buyout firm to be publicly traded when it did in February 2007, gaining $600 million for an 8% share by the year 2009. It is with this success that The Wall Street Journal described Edens as “having a knack for building a business from investments”. As from 2009, Edens serves as the Co-Chairman in the board of directors at Fortress Investment Group. He also Chairs Nationstar Mortgage, which is a subprime home equity mortgage lender acquired by F.I.G in 2006.

According to BizJournals, Wes Edens takes home a staggering $54.4 million in annual salary a figure that has accumulatively helped him join the billionaires club, with Forbes listing him at number 962 of the top billionaires globally with a net worth of $1.6 Billion. Apart from Fortress Investment Group, Wes has also invested in sports, and as earlier said, co-owns an NBA team which they purchased for $550 Million from its previous owner Herb Kohl. He also owns a League of Legends eSports team by the name of FlyQuest which was formed on the 6th of January 2017.At the age of 56, Wes Eden is a family man, married to Lynn Edens with whom they have four children.

End Citizens United Keeps Fighting For Election Reform

In 2008, during the Democratic presidential primary, a fringe conservative group attempted to show a film. It was called Hilary the Movie and was an unflattering look at one of the candidates vying for Democratic sponsorship. The Federal Elections Commission got a hold of the film and labeled it a 90-minute campaign ad. When the group, named Citizens United, refused to reveal the identity of their backer, which was illegal back in those days, the FEC shut them down. What followed was a series of court battles ending in a much debated Supreme Court ruling.

The aftermath of this ruling set a new precedent many still rebel against, the broadening of the definition of freedom of speech. The Citizens United ruling extended it to corporations, allowing them unlimited contributions to political campaigns. Many feared that this would allow Big Money to manipulate elections, purchasing favors from elected officials they support. In 2015 a PAC was created for the express purpose of repealing that ruling, End Citizens United. Currently they are sinking their teeth into political hopeful Rick Scott.Since Citizens United passed the big court, the only way to repeal it is to redefine the first amendment.

But amending an amendment to the constitution takes a heavy bit of legislation, which is why End Citizens United strives to get legislators favoring election reform elected. It also means End Citizens United targets candidates who take corporate PAC money. Candidates like Scott, whom ECU just filed a complaint about with the FEC.The mid-term elections are coming and some key seats will be up for grabs. The time is ripe for End Citizens United to get their legislators in seats once held by the opposition. Rick Scott is not for election reform, and his taking of PAC money make him part of the problem. At least in the eyes of ECU. Their look into Scott is yet another attempt to stack the deck in their favor. They have a long way to go, but they are determined to get there.

How Was Guilherme Paulus Able To Spot Opportunities Before The Rest?

When Guilherme Paulus sold a 63 percent stake of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A to the Carlyle Group for approximately $420 million, it was a dream come true for him. This was a company he had set up in 1972 with nothing but the little knowledge he had gained working as a salesman for Cara Faro. He had worked his entire life to try and develop it into the largest tour operator in Latin America and had succeeded. This level of achievement spoke of the determination he had.

During an interview with a business journalist, Guilherme Paulus delved deeper into the operations of CVC and the vision he had for it. At the end of the interview, the journalist would inquire on the prospects of making CVC a publicly traded company to which he responded was an option that he would one day consider. Following the interview, a lot of banks and potential investors started making inquiries about what his business model was and how they could come in and help grow the company. While banks offered to underwrite CVC when it listed publicly.

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The Carlyle group, however, had the best offer among them opting to buy a controlling stake instead. Guilherme Paulus was looking for approximately 750 million dollars but based on the value the group bought and other considerations they settled for 420 million. This purchase has been very positive for CVC as they have been able to expand more rapidly bringing their services to, more cities in Brazil and catering for more tourists.

Before selling part of CVC Guilherme Paulus had ventured into the hotel and resort industry with his new startup GJP network. This is a network that runs one of the biggest group of hotels in Brazil and has been known to have a number of them strategically located near Brazil’s major airports. This was a deliberate investment strategy adopted by the group just before the world cup held in Brazil in 2014. The success from that would see the group invest more in the run-up to the 2016 summer Olympics. The GJP group has also invested in resorts, especially beach facilities as they look at venturing into the next frontier buoyed by the rapidly growing tourism sector in Brazil. These investments have made Guilherme Paulus an incredibly wealthy man recently joining the Forbes list of Billionaires. He hopes to continue tapping into opportunities as they present themselves in future.

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How does ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Things’ relate with the modern society?

‘Bob Honey Who Just Do things’ a book written by Sean Penn, one of the best writers, actors, and filmmakers in the United States. The book is written concerning the Pappy Paria and one of Penn’s interviews, and he says that the book focuses mostly on the modern American culture and the morality of people in America. Also, in this book, he even tries to relate the current political movements, for example, the Parklands survivors to change the gun Laws.

The book’s title, Bob Honey Who Do things talks about the main character of the book which is Bob Honey. He does a lot of jobs such as sewage expert that makes him travel in different parts of the world as a waste management expert, and he is also a government operator and an assassin among other jobs. Bob divorced with his wife, and since then he has been finding it difficult to socialize and get along with their people in the society and more so with his neighbors. He hates social media, advertising and any other way that may make his life public. This is shown when he tries to find himself enjoying marine life, and a journalist comes to his door to question him about his life, and he is not pleased with that.

Bob Honey is also hired by a secret kind of a government to kill and assassinate elderly people in the society using the resources of the country. He even rights a letter to the president of the United States who Penn has described him as The landlord in the book, threatening him about his assassination too.

Sean Penn tries to relate the real world situations that are happening today like the case of assassination of the old people in the country by Bob Honey. He talks about the Las Vegas Shootings, Louis c.k and the Me Too Movements. Alt of immorality is going around the world even the killing of people which is sometimes as a result of the modern political movements. Other cases include slut shaming, issues of raping among other immoralities in the world.

Besides, Sean Penn has also written many other books, and he has also acted in a significant number of movies. He has diverse talents that are, writing, producing, acting, directing among others. He has also been able to win some awards in his career such as a couple of Academy Awards for the best actor.

Jonathan Dos Santos joins the Herbalife Family

28 year old Jonathan Dos Santos has made an impact in his international and MLS career as a midfielder. This Mexico city native worked his way up to FC Barcelona’s starting squad after joining the team’s academy at a young age. He would go on to have a major impact for Villareal CF of the Spanish League. of the However, he has recently scored one of his biggest goals of his life off the field. On May 29th, Herbalife Nutrition announced that they has signed the current Mexican national team player and LA Galaxy player to a multi-year sponsorship deal. Herbalife will be the official sports nutrition partner of Dos Santos up until the 2021 season.

As a result of this partnership, Dos Santos will be fortunate enough to have exclusive access to the firm’s Herbalife24 sports performance product line. The product line is legitimized by its distinction of being NSF Certified For Sport.

Jonathan Dos Santos was introduced to this product via a meeting in the players lounge of his MLS club, the LA Galaxy. Pretty soon, he was working with the company’s nutrition team to post a video of him preparing his preferred “Banana Surprise” recipe. He is also a fan of the Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength brand. He uses the product to start the day and after every practice has concluded.

Herbalife Nutrition’s purpose is to make the world live happier, healthier and more active lives. This has been the firm’s mission since 1980. Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes in Los Angeles, California. Within two years, the product would begin its expansion by being introduced into Canada. Now, the company is quite global. Along with their Herbalife nutrition independent distributors, Herbalife is committed to putting a dent in the global issues of poor nutrition, obesity and health-care costs that have become too costly for the average person.

Herbalife has nutrition distributors in more than 90 countries and has more than 8,000 employees worldwide. The company sponsors more than 190 athletes, events and teams globally. One of those sponsors include the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo. Herbalife is traded on the New York Stock Exchange: (NYSE:HLF)

Ryan Seacrest Uses All 24 Hours

Ryan Seacrest is now in his 40’s but he’s showing no signs of slowing down. If anything, the host, producer, and business mogul is only getting busier. Having just moved to New York City to continue his co-hosting duties on Live with Kelly and Ryan, he is also producing some of the most popular shows on television as well as starting and running his own businesses. In between all that he’s still hosting his famous radio show, running the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, eating healthy, and staying fit so he can do it all well. Ryan Seacrest recently detailed to the New York Times how he fits everything into just twenty-four hours in the day.

Ryan starts his day at 6am and makes sure to get a workout in even when he’s on location. He’s found that it is the best way to balance his hectic work schedule and makes time for a workout whenever possible. On the flip side, Ryan still loves his food and makes time on the weekends for a classic family-style meal complete with a bottle of good wine. When he isn’t enjoying family dinner, Ryan enjoys a mostly vegan diet, starting his day with matcha tea and coffee.

To relax, Ryan ditched meditation and instead makes sure he keeps his phone off limits when needed. He doesn’t just flip it over, but locks it in a safe when on vacation to allow himself to completely relax. He also clears his mind with running in the park or biking on his Peloton before heading into work.

His carefully curated day allows Ryan to do a seamless American Idol show, host Live with Kelly and Ryan first thing in the morning, and host On Air with Ryan while making it all look easy. He recently started his own skincare line, Polished, as well as Distinction, his own men’s fashion line. Most importantly, he dedicates his time to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, bringing joy to children’s lives who are suffering from illnesses.

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Tales Energy’s Merger with Stone Energy Allows Both Companies to Succeed

Chronicle of Week recently published Haley Thompson’s article “Talos Energy Merges with Stone Energy: A Complete Guide”. The article provides details on the latest merger for the energy companies. The two companies both work in the energy and production sector of the market, working specifically with oil and gas.

A key insight is that the merger allows Talos Energy to become publically traded without having to deal with the cost of an IPO. CEO of Talos Energy, Tim Duncan revealed that the combination of companies will be a huge benefit to the stockholders because it allows both companies to increase their production and liquidity. Talos contains a variety of high-quality assets focused particularly in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and offshore drilling. The company will now be able to take advantage of possible business developments. The $2.5 billion dollar merger will help the oil and gas companies bounce back. After the price collapsed in 2015, the price of oil has once again risen to $60 per gallon. The oil and gas companies around the nation are currently poised to provide the country with crude oil and Talos Energy in particular has increased production of the natural resource. The merger will allow the company to continue producing and increase its production to nearly 47,000 barrels of oil per day.

The merger will also allow Talos to have more financial flexibility, allowing them to develop and innovate within the market. Tim Duncan suggests that Talos Energy will also invest in the Gulf of Mexico assets while also drilling Mt. Providence. The company has become successful under the leadership of CEO, Tim Duncan, who was the first to demonstrate the ability of the company to turn risky assets into successes. For example, after Hurricane Rita happened in 2005, an oil field in Phoenix capsized. Luckily, Duncan quickly acquired the field and turned it into one of the company’s largest asset. He also helped discover Zama-1 field, a Mexican offshore oil field that has the potential for long term success. It contains nearly 2 billion barrels of oil which will be produced within 5 years.

Talos Energy’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/talos.energy/