Becoming A Member The Oxford Club Most Privileged Circle

Investors wishing to join the club can do so in any of the three membership levels. The Premier Membership, the Director’s Circle and the Chairman’s Circle offer different benefits to members.

The Chairman’s Circle

This is the highest membership level with the most exclusive benefits to members. They have lifetime access to the Oxford Club newsletters and a special section of the club’s website.

They can contact the chairman directly through the VIP customer care agent assigned exclusively to members. They meet regularly at exclusive venues to network and share investment ideas.

The VIP customer care representatives are always available to assist members who want to join the membership level. The members pay a one-time fee and an annual membership maintenance fee.

The Oxford Club Investment U

This is the education arm of the Oxford Club. It aims to enlighten members on how to attain financial freedom. They do so through conferences, courses, videos and a free online newsletter — the Investment U Daily.

In the e-newsletter, they include actionable trading advice from renowned investment analyst from CNBC, Wall Street, and Fox Business. Members can take advantage of the information to make investment decisions with high potential for success.

Other Oxford Club services


Oxford Club members have access to three newsletters each month and three daily online publications. The newsletters contain articles by established and successful investors and strategists such as Matthew Carr, Marc Lichtenfeld, and Alexander Green. Other contributors in the publications are David Fessler and Eric Fry.

Oxford Club Trading services

Oxford Club members have the privilege of getting trading news and services tailored for each membership level. The services are research-based, and they contain recommendations on the best investment opportunities globally.

By taking advantage of the resources they access from the club, members can invest in the most viable global investment opportunities and generate wealth that guarantees financial freedom.