Bob Reina Mixes Business with Charity

Bob Reina has always been a very self motivated individual. No matter his circumstance if adamantly believes he will overcome it and achieve his goals. He tells himself everyday ‘I Will.’ While this phrase may just be two words to most people it is a whole lot more to Bob. This phrase symbolizes a way of life and drive him to be successful. It is why he is able to balance being an outstanding businessman while also being an avid philanthropist. It may seem like a hard juggling act but to Bob it is just everyday life. He knows what is really important and wants to do what he can to make the world a better place to live in.


When you have been an entrepreneur and businessman as long as Bob Reina has you go through many failures. Bob never dwells on his mistakes however. He looks at failure as the first step in the journey to success. He believes you should always keep moving forward and help others do the same. That’s how he built his team at Talk Fusion so its safe to say his method is proven. He realized for a team to be really effective it needs to be diverse. Everyone has to have a defined role and their own strengths. When you can find of group of people dedicated to a single goal that’s when magic happens. Learn more:


Bob Reina has built Talk Fusion into a global business. In addition he did so in less than a decade which is a relative short amount of time. Because of his many business accolades his charity work is often overlooked.


Bob Reina is very passionate about giving back and developing local communities. He also hopes he can inspire others to achieve their goals. He looks at his business endeavors as teh driving force behind his philanthropy.