Jeunesse Global makes big advances in weight loss with Zen Bodi

The weight-loss industry has been long beset with shaky products and marketing ploys involving promises that simply can’t be kept. Too often, weight-loss systems claim that people can see real, lasting results without having to change or do any real work for themselves. The hard truth is that unhealthy lifestyles and obesity are the direct product of habits. And these habits, once ingrained, take enormous energy and effort to change.

The good news is that it is increasingly understood how those unhealthy habits that so often lead to a state of obesity can be effectively changed over time. Additionally, science is allowing for the development of nutritional supplements that can physically aid the body in reversing some of the biological processes that lead to the accumulation of excess adipose tissue.

Jeunesse Global is one of the first companies that have decided to take a strictly scientific approach to the development of weight-loss systems. With its Zen Bodi supplement and its Zen 8 Project weight-loss system, Jeunesse Global has added a powerful tool to the arsenal of anyone who genuinely desires to lose weight and keep it off.

Rather than focusing solely on weight loss, the Zen 8 Project concentrates on reshaping an individual’s entire lifestyle, taking them in the direction of a total-health-centric mode of living that can not only cause the person to shed pounds but can also lead to a sharp and permanent upgrade to their overall health.

The Zen 8 Project identifies three core pillars of weight loss. These are burning fat, curbing appetite and building muscle. The Zen Bodi supplement is scientifically designed to help maximize the user’s chances of reaching these goals. In building muscle, the user will be able to replace blanket-like fat with much denser muscle tissue. This can make a radical difference in one’s appearance even when no weight is actually lost, leading to a much fitter, firmer look.

Zen Bodi also helps curb appetite and burn fat. Fat burning is boosted directly through the supplement’s bioactive ingredients. It is also enhanced through the building of muscle, which requires more energy to maintain itself than fatty tissue.

Lime Crime’s Guilt Free Unicorn Cosmetics For The Statement-Maker In You From

When Doe Deere was unable to find makeup bright enough to match her clothes, she decided to create a line of makeup for herself, and thus, Lime Crime was born in 2008. Today, the brand boasts a cult following from across the world. The brand’s makeup creations aim to allow consumers to express themselves unapologetically. It has worked to “revolutionize makeup, from the way you shop for it to the way it makes you feel.” Each product features bold color so that your individuality, no matter your mood, can shine through. This “makeup for unicorns” permits you to put your unique personality and sparkle on display (not to mention the products shimmer like a unicorn’s tail!).


Lime Crime is an innovator in the beauty market. The brand the first to offer radical lipstick colors such as “black velvet,” a deep black, “alien,” a neon mint green, and “teacup,” a sky blue. The brand also created the first, now iconic, liquid to matte lip color. Now an essential makeup product for any beauty buff, the “Velvetines” were the first ever waterproof lipstick to apply like lipgloss and dry down completely matte on the lips. The matte Velvetines come in every bright, bold color imaginable, allowing you to choose the best color for your mood. Feeling romantic? Try the deep, sensual pinky-red of “rustic.” Feeling all dark and stormy? Go for the inky violet tones of “raven” for a serious lip statement.


The brand is more than just the groundbreaking Velvetine lipsticks, however. Another iconic product is “Unicorn Hair,” a semi-permanent hair dye that is designed to fade gracefully. Unicorn Hair comes in every color from stone gray to electric purple to bright orange, and every shade is sure to turn heads. It was developed by CEO and founder Doe Deere, who sports purple hair herself. Another make-up must-have is the “Diamond Crusher,” a revolutionary topper that you swipe over bare lips or lipstick for an iridescent shimmer. These lip toppers make your lips sparkle as if they were sprinkled with fairy dust, and are sure to bring out the inner unicorn in you. The brand is an expert on shimmer, and also features the “Hi-Lite,” a highlight palette that bursts with color and glows when it is applied to the skin. It comes in “warm-n-cool,” which features warm gold, lavender, and sunset highlights, “opalescent,” which makes you look seriously dewy, and the new “glitter-n-glow” palette which lets you glisten like a mermaid under the moon.


The best part about the cosmetics, however, isn’t the show-stopping hair dyes or the shimmery lip toppers; the best part is knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of your killer look. Every Lime Crime product is verified vegan by PETA and certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny. This means that every product contains no animal products, and that no animal testing is ever performed at any point in the supply chain. You can feel comforted in knowing that those fairy-dusted lips come cruelty free and guilt free.