Logan Stout’s Insights About Healthy Living And Wearable Devices At IDLife

Just recently, the IDLife LLC entered into a partnership with Garmin International Inc, a company known for the production of awesome features in the wearable devices.

IDLife LLC was established by Logan Stout whose still is the Group’s CEO. This health based company, which provides supplementary nutritional and vitamins product in helping people, adopts healthier lifestyles.

The integration aims at optimizing the use of IDWellness app that helps subscribers and customers monitor their health and wellness at any particular time. From mid-2017, ID customers will have a range of Garmin’s line of vivo activity trackers to choose from. As a combination of two companies, their product becomes really functional and applicable.

The Garmin’s Index Smart Scale in conjunction with the mobile app accurately measures the body mass index, body fat, general body weight, water percentage and the muscle mass. Since its an app on the mobile phone, its quite convenient and you can measure and monitor the above variable as you run your errands. The Vivo Line of Activity Trackers is the next device in line. It comes with a stand-out feature in different sizes, flavors, tastes, color and additional features for more use. In fact, they have the ability to monitor activity profiles during a workout, detect the move IQ automatically, measure heart rate at the wrist and give notifications.

Garmin range of product will be in the product mix of IDLife. The new partnership will help people access healthy products that will help them lead an active life. With new technology, there will be automation of the wearable products. The IDLife will be able to achieve its objective of equipping people with the right programs for good health care and management.

About Logan Stout
Logan Stout has an incredible life as an author, entrepreneur, leadership coach and mentor, motivational and inspirational speaker, a business expert and a passionate philanthropist. In 2013 he published the Stout Advice, which is about enlightening people on leadership skills and has been named the Most Popular Leadership Expert in the World.

He attended the University of Dallas and studied Business and Psychology. He has worked as a baseball assistant coach for the Dallas Baptist University, Youth Director for the First United Methodist Church. Logan founded the Premier Business Group along with other Partners and worked through many other prestigious positions, before establishing the IDLife LLC. He chairs the boys and girls scouts club and the American Heart Association.

Jose Henrique Borghi Does Advertising Campaign ForFini

The Mullen Lowe Brazilian ad agency has been tasked by the Spanish company of Fini to create a brand marketing and outreach campaign in Brazil. Jose Henrique Borghi of Mullen Lowe will be leading the design and implementation of the advertising campaign. Mr. Borghi is a co-chief executive officer at the marketing firm and is also the chief creative officer at Mullen Lowe.Fini is a Spanish candy producer. Products that Fini produces include chewing gum, licorice, marshmallows and jellied candies. It is part of the larger Spanish group called Sanchez Cano. Fini sells it candies in over 80 different countries.

It is the top candy producer and retailer in Brazil. One of the hallmarks of Fini in the creation of its products is to always create surprises within its products. Using artistic and surprise elements, Fini has managed to expand its sales across national retailers year after year.The latest Brazilian marketing campaign of Fini is called Abriu, Sorriu. The intention of this campaign is to create good surprises and fun sensations whenever somebody opens up a new pack of Fini’s bullet shaped candies.Fini’sAbriu, Sorriu marketing campaign was launched in April of 2017. Its theme involves that you can have a pleasant little surprise when you open up a new bag of candy.

To help spread this new motto and marketing message, Mullen Lowe was tasked to help spread the word about both Fini and Abriu, Sorriu. This was done both in the offline and online advertising sector.Jose Borghi helped to highlight Fini and its message by associating good news and a pleasant surprise with the consumption of branded candies made by Fini. He teamed up with Brazilian newspaper, Metro to create a public relations campaign. People received a newspaper with only good news as well as a bullet candy pack. The results of this was filmed and shared. This helped to spread the message of Fini in Brazil. Original Article.


Troy McQuagge Bags an Award for the Best Chief Executive Officer in 2016


In 2016, Troy McQuagge bagged the planet awards for the best chief executive officer. The USHEALTH Group chief executive officer bagged the award following his determination and efforts in developing the health care system through expanding the operations of the company across the United States of America.


While delivering his speech of appreciation, Mr. McQuagge said that he was deeply elated and honored for the recognition since it was a mark of excellence for his constant efforts in providing the best health care systems in the states. He also insisted that although he received the award, he represented everyone who contributed to the evolution of a revolutionary healthcare system. To Troy, the planet award symbolized the commitment of his team. He also added that without the support of the staff, there would not be an award. Troy stated that USHEALTH Group remains focused on ensuring that all clients acquire affordable, customized health care insurance that covers their needs.

About One Planet Awards

One Planet Awards is an event that was founded to reward organizations and individuals from all walks of life. The awards recognize excellence in business, product creation, servicing and professionalism in diversified industries. The awards are usually open to all organizations that wish to participate after submitting their nominations. These organizations include private and public companies as well as start-ups and nonprofit organizations. The awards come in various categories and slots featuring new product lines, public relations, business communications, marketing teams, and companies and read full article.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is a business professional and a successful entrepreneur hailing from Panama. He attended the Central University of Florida and had a vast sales experience of over thirty years. His career commenced when he was working for Allstate Insurance in 1983. He left the company to extend his sales and marketing services at Student Insurance Division, a group of insurance companies. Two years into the company, he was promoted to president of the enterprise.

In 2006, UICI’s name changed to HealthMarkets following its purchase by private investors. Troy led the company’s agency department in achieving high annual premium sales. The sales were estimated at $1 billion.

More visit: https://twitter.com/troymcquagge

Top Entrepreneur Don Ressler

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who has been behind a number of successful startup companies. He helped found Intelligent Beauty and all of its subsidiary companies. When he first began his career, he started up a company called FitnessHeaven.com and then sold it to Intermix Media in the year 2001. After selling Fitness Heaven, Ressler would then help co found Alena Media. During this company’s existence it would earn hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue through advertising on zimbio.com. It would be the most profitable division of the entire company. In 2005, Don sold Intermix Media to News Corp. However the company would be ignored Intermix and the company slumped. As a result, Don looked to found another company in order to continue his entrepreneurial career.

Knowing that he had the ability to thrive in the emerging field of online advertising, Don Ressler looked to create a company that specializes in building brands. After gathering a number of Alena employees, Ressler came up with the idea for a company known as Intelligent Beauty. The company would be a direct to consumer retailer that specialized in online skincare and cosmetics. After two years in business, it would develop a subsidiary company known as SENSA. The leadership of this company would be Brett Brewer of Intermix and Dr. Alan Hirsch. Within two years, according to apparelnews.com, the company secured $43 million in funding and would begin to establish itself as a thriving business.

In the year 2010, Ressler looked to develop yet another company under the Intelligent Beauty brand. The new company would be known as JustFab which received $33 million in funding from Matrix Partners. Ressler appointed Kimora Lee Simmons as the President and Creative Director. After several months of operation, the company would secure another $76 million in funding from a number of venture capital firms. Along with founding the three companies of Intelligent Beauty, Don Ressler would help co found Fabletics which specializes in women’s athletic apparel. Just like all of the other businesses he has built, Ressler helped Fabletics become one of the top retail companies in the United States within three years.

As part of his business success, Ressler believes that it is very important to find the right partner to start a company with. This is important during the initial stages of business development. With the right partner, you can get the help you need to organize and run a successful company. Along with these things, a good partner can also help you come up with new ideas that can maximize the success of your business at https://pando.com/2014/08/28/breaking-justfab-raises-85m-at-what-sources-say-is-a-1b-valuation/. Getting the proper funding is also another key element of putting together a successful business. This strategy has helped Don become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States.

The Man With A Heart-Jason Hope

Wherever he goes people smile. He is the reason for hope for a better future, by many people. Jason Hope is an individual that has greatly ventured into almost all aspects of life. His efforts have normally been centered on technology, business, and philanthropy. In his view, he perceives technology as the pillar of world success, now and in future.

With better technology, established systems can yield more output. With increased productivity, more businesses are created to help alleviate the financial conditions of many people. As a man who is in love with business, he has made it his business to nurture young souls that want to venture into entrepreneurship. He not only provides startups with insight but also offers financial assistance whenever he deems fit.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist. It is his belief that he is where he is today so that he can get to help the less fortunate members of society. For this course, he has financially supported humanitarian organizations located in Arizona, to see to it that the less fortunate and elderly citizens are taken care of.

He has also partnered with and pledged half a million dollars to SENS Foundation so as to facilitate extensive research on better ways of treating age-related ailments and even rejuvenate the human body so as to work at optimum capacity. He is a man greatly concerned about the plight of the senior citizens of Arizona. Also, Jason Hope has helped improve education standards through his hefty donations.

In his portfolio, Jason Hope boasts of having successfully attained a bachelor’s of science degree in finance and an MBA in business. Business strategy, business development, SaaS, start-ups, and entrepreneurship are some of the skills under his wing. He has also published nine IoT articles over the years.

Finally, Jason Hope has a vested interest in politics. He believes that he is the main ingredient needed to help the disadvantaged members of society receive equal opportunity. Hence, Jason Hope is a true people lover with the heart and will to see to it that everyone around him succeeds in life.

Check details about Jason Hope on Engadget.com

Why FlockU Is Generating Excitement For Josh Verne

Some people have different ideas about what success can be in both business and life. It’s true that many people often equate success with having a steady paycheck and being able to afford nearly all the pleasures you can in life. But Josh Verne understands that’s not the case, and to him being successful is truly enjoying both your job and having time to spend with your family. Josh Verne used to be the manager of a furniture sales store that his family owned, and he just assumed that he would probably take it over one day and spend the rest of his life doing that. But he began to realize it wasn’t making him happy, so he moved to a new profession.


He and a friend started up a company called WorkPays.me, a business that allowed people to make online purchases directly from a bank account or even through their paycheck without needing a credit card or bank loan. Verne eventually sold WorkPays.me to Global Analytics, and then started FlockU. FlockU is a place where college students can start making money through writing articles covering a wide variety of topics, even controversial ones. Verne started this site with the idea of letting creativity flow and having a little fun with his work.


For Verne, to be a successful business leader you have to learn how to listen to others and have an open mind to ideas that come your way. Also, Verne believes having balance in both work and your personal life is also important, including taking time to exercise, spending time with your family, and spending money wisely.


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