Dr. Mark Mofid brings back safety into plastic surgery

Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. His reputation as a plastic surgeon is huge. On Yelp, he has a rating of five and a half stars and the reviews show that his clients are happy with the services he provided. Reputation in this kind of sensitive industry is a priority. Plastic surgery is one of the hardest careers one can join since it involves performing intricate medical operations which if gone wrong can easily mess the health of the clients. Many are times when we have heard of plastic surgeries that have gone wrong, and patients are left with huge defects on their bodies. Most of these cases happen as a result of malpractice or medical accidents.

Whenever a client is looking for a surgeon to attend to his or her body, the reputation of the doctor should be one of the things you look at. You want to see how many successful surgeries has he had before you commit yourself to him or her. Luckily some plastic surgeons have created a good name in the industry. One of them is Dr. Mark Mofid. He is one of the doctors who has delivered many surgeries to his clients without a problem. He recently even ventured into gluteal augmentation which has been the hardest surgery for many doctors. Dr. Mark Mofid is doing it successfully, and therefore patents looking for such services now have a reliable surgeon to attend to them.

Dr. Mark Mofid is doing another thing in his medical practice. He is not only using the implants which have been discovered before to treat his patients, but he is involved in research work where he is creating implants which have perfect results. In the field of gluteal augmentation, he has created an implant that does not leave any hanging muscle as it used to happen before with other implants. Dr. Mark Mofid has created a name as a surgeon who prioritizes the safety of the patient. It is not about how much you can afford to buy but about does it fit your body?


National Steel Car: Business Opportunities For The People

The National Steel Car, owned by Gregory James Aziz since 1994, is now considered as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. The company focuses on the production of rolling stocks, also known as train cars. The National Steel Car was established more than a hundred years ago, and Gregory J Aziz decided to purchase the company after it was put on sale by the Dominion Foundries and Steel. Gregory James Aziz stated that buying the National Steel Car was one of the best decisions he made. He used his knowledge in managing a business to help propel his company to success.


When he took ownership of the National Steel Car in 1994, he met 500 employees who thought that they would be laid off because of the new management. Gregory James Aziz assured them that they would be keeping their jobs, and even appointed them to become trainers because of their tenure. He hired an additional 2,500 employees who would work in the production department and asked the assistance of the 500 tenured employees to help the newcomers in building high-quality rolling stocks. The tenured employees of the National Steel Car exerted tremendous effort to teach the newcomers how to construct a rolling stock unit.


The decision of Gregory James Aziz to hire more people working on the production of rolling stocks produced positive results. To date, more than 12,500 units are being provided by the company annually, far from their 3,500 norms. This resulted in more rolling stock exports and the subsequent expansion of the company. Gregory James Aziz received several recognitions because of his role in transforming the National Steel Car, and he dedicated the awards to his hard-working employees who are doing their best to create the rolling stocks.


The National Steel Car continues to excel in the field of rolling stock production. Recently, they initiated a job hunt for the people of Hamilton. The National Steel Car had to hire more than 200 welders because the demand for rolling stock units continues to rise. The new employees would be trained once again by the tenured employees of the company, who have seen a unique opportunity thanks to the efforts of Gregory James Aziz. The people of Hamilton see the National Steel Car as one of the best places to work, and hundreds of people are trying their best every time the company sponsors a job fair. Refer to This Article to learn more.


The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade and recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Visit: https://www.steelcar.com/

Robert Deignan Stays Ahed of the Curve

If there is one thing that Robert Deignan understands, it is the fact that anyone can hardly go wrong from over performance in the business world. This native of Fort Lauderdale Florida and Purdue University graduate, with a degree in Organizational Leadership, has a lot to validate this business understanding. Perhaps, most notably is his performance as a playing team member of the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets.

He also has the venture Fanlink on his resume, in which he is on record as co-founder. The most current company on his list of ventures is ATS Digital Services. The inspiration for this establishment comes from his experience and service to a previous employer. The details of these facts have a linear and logical development to them. They pretty much boil down to his starting a company from improving the service that his then employer-provided.

It is not so much that he took a million-dollar idea and ran with it. Rather, he is responsible for finding the solution to a problem that others simply overlooked. This process of due diligence actually lays down the foundation for the business model that runs ADT Digital Services. In other words, Robert Deignan runs a company brought into fruition by the evolution of technology.

Robert Deignan enjoys his position and rewards of his business acumen due to the fact that he married a superlative level of customer service to advancements in the technical evolution of modern times It is exactly this type of business savvy, along with his habit of overachievement, that keep him busy for 12 hours a day during the work week. He balances it nicely with a steady and early family-oriented regimen, before tackling a myriad of troubles for the sake of the company.

His inspiration often comes during one of those “a-ha” moments where the solution to one of life’s little irritants presents itself. When it comes to what has attention his attention field, Robert Deignan states that he is mostly excited about the progressive attitude toward remote technology being used in the home. Naturally, his interest on the matter is as a businessman, as he constantly searches for new and better ways to serve the general public.


How Did Gregory James Aziz End Up In Car Manufacturing And His Impact To The Industry?

Over time, Gregory Aziz has proved himself a serial entrepreneur with great organizational and leadership skills. These skills have seen him become a household name within the manufacturing circles given the fact that he owns the leading freight car manufacturing company in the world. This recognition can be perceived as more of an appreciation of the fact that he was able to turn around the company’s fortunes in less than a decade after assuming ownership. But just how did he shift from family-owned business to running a manufacturing company?


James Aziz leaves the family business for the banking sector


Gregory’s family owns a food processing and distribution business, Affiliated Foods. He, therefore, joined the family business after school. In the two decades that he served here, Gregory J Aziz helped the family business expand operations thus becoming the largest importer of fresh foods from the European and South America that it would then distribute to the Canadian and United sates markets. The economics graduate from Western University, however, quit this position to join the banking industry where he worked with different investment banks in New York.


These jobs helped him nurture his entrepreneurial spirit by exposing him to different investment options. In 1994, he decided to make a run for the manufacturing industry by acquiring controlling shares at the fallen giant in the name of National Steel car. Aziz saw an opportunity in the company that he hoped to exploit and help turn the freight car manufacturer to its former glory.


Achievements at National steel car


In less than five years, Greg James Aziz had helped the company revert back to profitability and scale up operations to optimal productivity. He also set out on a mission of helping one of the oldest Freight car manufacturers reclaim the top spot industry in terms of innovation and quality productions. This would be achieved through employment of expert staff as well as the deployment of ultra-modern technology in all spheres of production and design within the company. Read This Article for more information.


How entry of Gregory Aziz impacted the manufacturing industry


1For years, National Steel Car dominated the freight and railcar manufacturing industry but faltered along the way. It influenced the technology and designs for the industry. Greg James Aziz had his eyes set on reviving this glory. He, therefore, pumped in significant human, technological resources towards reviving this lost glory. By helping the company reclaim the top spot, Aziz has transformed the manufacturer into a trendsetter for the industry.


Visit: https://www.facebook.com/gregaziz1

The Great Achievements of Lous Chenevert

Lous Chenevert is the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation and throughout his service in the firm, he has always had a dedication towards increasing its total revenue. His service in the firm was marked by tremendous growth in the firm`s profits and total production increasing by a high percentage. Besides taking a role in the UTC firm, Lous served in many other companies, namely Pratt &Whitney, General Motors St Therese Operation, Goldman Sachs, among many other successful firms in the country.

Teamwork is one of the major tactics that saw UTC rise into the big company it is today. Lous organised his team of employees into a small group of determined individuals so that they would share ideas together and come up with the best strategies to solve the various problems experienced in the firm.

Chenevert`s clear understanding of his customers’ needs grew his passion for delivering high-quality products to them that would change the entire industry. His adoption of new technology saw UTC be the leader in the provision of new and unique equipment and machines in the technological industry. During his term in the firm, Chenevert saw the firm develop the GTF engine that consumed less fuel.

Lous believes that a business person must be optimistic in their operations if at all they ought to achieve success. With a positive attitude, lots insist that it gets difficult for an entrepreneur to give up on their dreams, but rather puts effort to meet their goals.

In his entire career life, Lous Chenevert has showcased excellent leadership skills. He has always worked closely with his team of employees to deliver the best services, besides availing everything that his key operational executives require to succeed in developing the firm. Lous insists that every business owner should respect their employees as there is a crucial idea that they can learn from them. He insists that every person is unique in their way and it is only through sharing and collaborating that they can succeed in their operations. He further encourages investors to associate themselves with winners as they acquire a chance to learn new developmental ideas.


Dr. Mark McKenna Wants to Make Getting Botox Easier

Did you ever want to get a botox treatment but you thought that there was too much hassle involved? That is all changed now, thanks to Dr. Mark McKenna and his new company, OVME.

Dr. Mark McKenna studied at Tulane Medical School, but he decided to go into real estate instead of opening a private medical practice. He was successful, but after Hurricane Katrina struck, he lost all that he had. He started and sold new businesses, including a fitness and gym chain. He is now working on OVME.

This is something that is entirely new and exciting. Instead of having to visit a doctor or plastic surgeon, you can get a botox call to your house. The app will allow anyone across the country to order a botox call. The botox will be administered by freelancers who are trained and certified. The company will dedicate itself to high quality and the same kind of user experience across the board. This way, users all over the country will be able to get botox treatments that are associated with a country-wide brand.

In an interview with IdeaMensch, as well as in another interview with Forbes Magazine, Dr. Mark McKenna said that the idea for OVME came to him after he was working in the medical aesthetics industry for ten years. He realized that the botox industry did not have a streamlined process for getting botox treatments from a trusted provider. You had to go to individual doctors and plastic surgeons, and each one was different. With OVME, you can get an experience that is similar to Uber, only in a different industry.

Dr. Mark McKenna said that he made a lot of money in real estate, but that after Hurricane Katrina, he was left with nothing. He ended up starting Shapemed, which is a company that he eventually sold for a lot of money. He said that the decline of smoking in the United States is one trend that excites him. He also said that he reads a lot of books and that it helps him be a better entrepreneur.


Shervin Pishevar warns that 200-day moving averages are not a reliable benchmark

The performance of the U.S. stock market over the last decade has been nothing short of astonishing. While the 2008 financial crisis raised serious questions about whether the country was about to suffer another Great Depression, the ensuing 10 years have proven that the nation’s central bankers and leading financial regulators were able to not only stave off that outcome, but they were also able to create fairly broad economic growth, at least for the top 20 percent of earners.

However, there have been an increasing number of voices warning that the Federal Reserve has gone too far in its zeal to buoy the market in the wake of the 2008 financial crash. One of those voices has been that of Shervin Pishevar. As one of the most prolific entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the United States, Shervin Pishevar has been personally responsible for the rise of such industry stalwarts as Airbnb, Uber and Social Gaming Network.

But in a recent tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar took to social media to warn people about the excesses of the central bank’s expansionist monetary policies and the potential long-term consequences. One of the problems that Shervin Pishevar identified was the overheated nature of current equity markets. Pishevar argues that the central bank’s quantitative easing programs has only succeeded in inflating a bubble. He says that for every dollar that the Fed spent buying Treasury bonds, less than $1 was added to the nation’s GDP. This, says Pishevar, is an indication that quantitative easing has largely been a macroeconomic failure. It has, nonetheless, been very good for those owning equities and those in a position to use cheap money to buy them.

Pishevar says that the most notable effect of quantitative easing has been the availability of nearly zero-interest money, which some of the country’s largest corporations have used gladly to buy back their own stock. This is what has fundamentally led to the serious overvaluations seen today in the equity markets. Pishevar says that these considerations nullify all traditional tools for estimating prospective returns. The 200-day moving average, he says, is worth less than the pixels it’s written on.


Tony Petrello Starts A $170,000 Support Fund For Hurricane Harvey Relief

Tony Petrello isn’t always mentioned in the same sentence as the word “generous,” but he certainly has shown it many times in the Houston community. His latest support for the community came after hurricane Harvey left a wide range of damage in the area and relief was much needed. Petrello decided to give Nabors Industries’ employees time off to not only attend to their homes and families and make sure they were safe, but they were also paid to go help their neighbors and others who may have been stuck in the damage or needed shelter and meals. Petrello started an online fundraiser page to help with the damage to which a total of about $170,000 was raised which was matched by that same amount from Petrello’s own pocket.

Tony Petrello is not originally from Houston, but he still tries to be involved as much as he can with its community. He was born in Newark, NJ and though he came from a blue collar family, he was brilliant academically and especially excelled in mathematics. Petrello attended Yale University and received both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in advanced math, and according to an old roommate of his even studied under famous mathematician Serge Lange. But his next career move after this was to attend law school at Harvard University and then to join Baker & McKenzie as an associate in 1979 and to become a partner at the firm later. One of the firm’s biggest clients was Nabors Industries who saw tremendous benefits to Petrello’s advice on tax law and accounts management, and in 1991 they asked him to join their executive board.

Tony Petrello began his tenure at Nabors Industries as chief operating officer in 1991, and 20 years later he became the new Chairman and CEO of the company. Petrello has managed the development of different oil drilling technology and has been responsible for different stock offerings and shareholder meetings. About five years ago he became featured in various business magazines for becoming the highest-paid CEO with a new contract that made his compensation that year over $68 million. He also led the acquisition of Tesco Corporation just this last year. Petrello is a trustee at the Texas Children’s Hospital and has given $7 million to neurological research, a cause that’s very close to his heart because his young daughter Carena is also a victim of periventricular leukomalacia. He is also a friend of famous Broadway actor Tommy Tune.

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Desiree Perez one of 2017’s Top Women Executives in the Music Industry

Desiree Perez is known for being the driving force behind a multitude of Rap legend Sean ‘Jay Z’ Carter’s slew of businesses and corporations. Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Hip-Hop powerhouse Roc Nation, Perez has had a hand in a variety of lucrative deals for the company, as well as high end and intense negotiations for a variety of Carter’s other corporations. As a business woman, Perez is known for being a tough negotiator, who is incredibly intelligent when it comes to brokering deals and providing the best opportunities possible for the artists and company’s she represents.

In a recent Billboard article, Perez was listed alongside a prolific assortment of the music industry’s most successful women executives, including such notable names as Dia Simms, President of Combs Enterprises, and Nicki Farag, Senior Vice President of Promotion at Def Jam. The article makes mention of a variety of the extremely profitable deals that Perez has brokered for Roc Nation, a company Perez has been a part of since its establishment in 2008. With a reputation as a tough negotiator, and for being able to pull out the best parts of any deal, Perez has provided Roc Nation, and its roster of artists with a slew of recent high profile wins.

With a lucrative 200 million dollar Sprint investment into TIDAL, Jay Z’s streaming service, and a Roc Nation affiliate, Perez was able to provide Jay’s latest album, 4:44, with a platinum status before its release. The businesswoman also recently renegotiated a partnership between Roc Nation and Live Nation which had garnered money for both companies through touring licensing. With Perez’s business knowhow, it’s easy to see how the COO of Roc Nation is listed alongside other notable women executives, and will more thank likely provide the company with guidance for years to come.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/desiree-perez-0009a413a/

Techstyle Successfully Blends Technology and Fashion

Retail eCommerce has maintained revenues on an upward scale since 2016 and is since projected to soar to $116 billion by 2021. Fashion brands have cultivated innovative ways to satisfy the demands of the ever changing consumer market. Techstyle has revolutionized the fashion eCommerce industry by creating a model that has been put to test and proven to be efficient. Techstyle initiated the membership program in eCommerce that enables customers to join the subscription platforms. This distinguished creation has earned clients loyalty rewards and discounts on retail sales.

The premier program was launched on the footwear brand by Techstyle in 2010. The subscription membership has since increased to more than 6 million leading to exponential growth of shoe sales. JustFab fashion line has acquired Fabkids and Shoe Dazzle thus increasing product variety in the shops. Techstyle has been the major promoter of the membership program it initiated. The company leaders and its professional technical team have continued to roll out effective additional innovations to keep the marketing tool on top of competition.

Techstyle was co-founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The duo has firm backgrounds in technology and online marketing. Their alliance to create Techstyle was a force directed by both their love for technology and creative online ventures. Adam Goldenberg has accumulated 20 years of experience in creating and running online businesses since he was at a tender age of 15. He created an online gaming website called Gamer’s Alliance which was acquired by Intermix. He later proceeded to becoming the youngest Chief Operating Officer at Intermix. Goldenberg initiated Intelligent Beauty and ecommerce brand that formed the starting point of additional related companies like Dermstore and JustFab.

Don Ressler’s career path was one similar to Goldenberg’s’. He innovated fitnessheaven.com, a brand that was also acquired by Intermix. He had raised enough capital to enable him create a variety of online companies rooted to his main feature of technology and online marketing. Don Ressler and Goldberg preconceived Techstyle, an online mogul that is reinventing fashion retail and marketing sector. Together these forefront leaders have innovated a trusted brand that attracts productive results.

Techstyle is an online shopping arena that seeks to achieve success and satisfy customer needs. They specialize in product diversification, producing unique and customized brands that suite the tastes and preferences of its clients. Suitable technology and marketing techniques are heavily engaged to streamline online shopping. Techstyle has launched a series of well coordinated ecommerce products like Fabletics that cater for the wider needs of common buyers.