Digital Fundraising and Campaign- NGP VAN

It is a database and website hosting organization based in the United States of America. NGP VAN was established with a primary purpose of delivering campaign services as well as fundraising to the Democratic Party, as well as other non-profit organizations in the United States of America. NGP VAN has been delivering a broad range of services among them fundraising, finance compliance, field organizing as well as digital organizing. NGP VAN was founded in 2010, and it was formally known as Voter Activation Network Inc. Ever since the foundation of the group they have been operating from their Head Offices located in Washington District of Columbia. The organization has expanded, and they have other regional offices among them Somerville, Massachusetts.

In 2009 during the campaigns in the nation, NGP VAN was considered to be the largest provider of the campaign compliance which was used by Democrats members of Congress. In 2008 during President Obama’s political campaign NGP VAN was the drive behind the campaign, and the former President won the elections in 208 as well as 2012. In 2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political campaign was also conducted by the organization among other politicians in the United States of America. NGP VAN does not operate in the United States of America, but they have also expanded their services to other nations including Canada where they are supporting the Liberal Party of Canada.

NGP VAN has been conducting their fundraising as well as campaigns online, and recently the group launched a new product which is of great help to their members. The product is known as NGP 8 which was launched at the end of 2017. The tool has helped Democrats as well as other users to make a switch in their campaigns, and the organization is soon announcing another version of the NGP product. NGP has continued to better their other services, and the organization has improved their call time services. Candidates, as well as their supporters and fundraisers, will now be able to view details of the vital information about their donors as well as hide unneeded fields. The NGP 8 is a tool which also helps fundraiser to know how much their donors will contribute during a given cycle. Nearly every Democrats campaign in the United States of America is powered by NGP VAN. The organization continues to make significant impacts on the political parties as well as other non-organization as they improve their services and products.