Kamil Idris in Matters Intellectual Property

The announcement by President Trump about inflexible rates against China is likely to affect the latter adversely in their economic capacity. According to Kamil Idris, the American president argues that China has repeatedly acquired the country’s technology fraudulently and destructively which has affected the United States negatively. In that case, China will be charged for goods worth $50 billion and above entering the United States which will act as a penalty for the alleged theft of the said technology. Therefore, it is not because they deserve such heavy charge, but it is because they are thought to have offended the United States as a whole.


There is foul play in that, even though President Trump had promised to impose a tax on steel and aluminium imports, he did not include other countries like Mexico and Canada. His target was majorly on China which will at some point affect their trade relationship while other countries feel the effect indirectly. Kamil Idris supports the idea that instead of imposing such a tariff as punishment on China, the United States should have devised a memorandum of understanding to help solve that issue. The fact that they can reach an agreement without things getting ugly means that they stand a chance of trading comfortably without unnecessary and hasty decisions.


Kamil Idris hails from Sudan and is a holder of a Bachelor of Law from the Khartoum University and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Political Science and Economic Theories from the University of Cairo. Additionally, he studied in Ohio University where he acquired a Master in International Law and International Affairs. Further, he attended the University of Geneva where he graduated with a Doctorate in International Law. With such a rich education background, Kamil Idris has served at the World Intellectual Property Organization as the Director-General which explains his knowledge in matters related to intellectual property. He has as well served as principal of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties. Therefore, Kamil Idris has a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to tackling issues related to intellectual property from creation to acquisition.

E-governe: Government Services for the New Age

With every day that goes by, society as a whole is becoming more and more technological. Cell phones, tablets, laptops and smart watches dominate our life. On top of that, new programs to be used on these devices are constantly being developed and released to the public. As a society, we’ve grown to depend on technology for everything from ordering groceries to your doorstep to organizing our day to day life. With this increasing dependence, it makes sense for companies to step up to the plate and provide people with new technologies to accommodate their needs.



Of the many companies claiming their role in the technological market, e-governe is taking Brazil by storm. This groundbreaking company has brought a need to light that isn’t often considered. As society consistently depends more and more on technology, the government will have to accommodate that need as well. E-governe has been established with the purpose of developing technology that will assist government organizations in order to make their work more secure and efficient, growing with modern society.



E-governe is run by experts in the field of technology and management. They use their knowledge to create software based specifically on the client’s needs. As leaders in the market, they understand exactly how to deliver specifically catered products to a client, helping the organization meet the standards required by today’s technological world.



One organization in particular that e-governe has made a substantial difference with is the Municipality of Osasco. Thanks to e-governe, those who reside in the Municipality of Osasco are now able to access both health and education services through an online government website portal. The portal now allows residents to access important information and to communicate with the Municipal Education Department and The Continuing Education Center – a.k.a. the education system of the Municipality of Osasco.



Because of the work e-governe has done, the education system and general health of the Municipality of Osasco has sky-rocketed in quality. The portal has enabled meetings to be scheduled with ease and also for important information to be secured. Residents now have easy access to information regarding ambulances, hospitals and bed service whereas, before this portal, they did not. Also, just as education leaders can schedule meetings easier now, patients can make appointments when they need them and save wasted time and countless lives.



At first glance, e-governe may just seem like a company who is continuing the growth of technology in the modern age. However, they are doing far more than just that. With the help from this innovative and unprecedented company, lives are being saved and resources are being made available to people who otherwise would not have had access.



The work e-governe has done with the municipalities saves these governments a great deal of money, too. By allowing these organizations to communicate with their residents, they can identify issues their systems suffer from and fix them quickly. It’s safe to say that e-governe will continue to make remarkable differences in Brazil and beyond, helping move our society even further into the technological age.