End Citizens United Keeps Fighting For Election Reform

In 2008, during the Democratic presidential primary, a fringe conservative group attempted to show a film. It was called Hilary the Movie and was an unflattering look at one of the candidates vying for Democratic sponsorship. The Federal Elections Commission got a hold of the film and labeled it a 90-minute campaign ad. When the group, named Citizens United, refused to reveal the identity of their backer, which was illegal back in those days, the FEC shut them down. What followed was a series of court battles ending in a much debated Supreme Court ruling.

The aftermath of this ruling set a new precedent many still rebel against, the broadening of the definition of freedom of speech. The Citizens United ruling extended it to corporations, allowing them unlimited contributions to political campaigns. Many feared that this would allow Big Money to manipulate elections, purchasing favors from elected officials they support. In 2015 a PAC was created for the express purpose of repealing that ruling, End Citizens United. Currently they are sinking their teeth into political hopeful Rick Scott.Since Citizens United passed the big court, the only way to repeal it is to redefine the first amendment.

But amending an amendment to the constitution takes a heavy bit of legislation, which is why End Citizens United strives to get legislators favoring election reform elected. It also means End Citizens United targets candidates who take corporate PAC money. Candidates like Scott, whom ECU just filed a complaint about with the FEC.The mid-term elections are coming and some key seats will be up for grabs. The time is ripe for End Citizens United to get their legislators in seats once held by the opposition. Rick Scott is not for election reform, and his taking of PAC money make him part of the problem. At least in the eyes of ECU. Their look into Scott is yet another attempt to stack the deck in their favor. They have a long way to go, but they are determined to get there.

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