NGP VAN and Canvassing with NGP MiniVAN

The Cost of Canvassing

An estimated $9 Billion is spent every year by candidates of political parties to inform or notify voter’s persuasions about a political candidate. It is important to know that thought most campaigners are part of a paid staff many US Citizens give much of their free tie to the cause and support of their chosen political candidate.

Canvassing is a common practice of every political party and canvassing has a long history both in the United States and the UK. Canvassing is upheld by the Supreme Court in Martin vs. Struthers. Canvassing allows political party staff members or volunteers to visit designated areas where a candidates voters reside and present political questions to gain knowledge about their political supporters.

Statistical Research from Berkely

Canvassing is a way to stretch political campaign donations to their maximum use while gaining the unpaid support of volunteers who carry out canvassing thru giving their free time and help.

In recent years there has been some controversy whether canvassing is still the best way to affect voters during an election with the growing use of social media being used to gain leverage in affecting voters online.

A recent study by UC Berkely professors Broockman and Kalla showed the impact of canvassing campaigns are negligible. Not useless, but only about 1 in every 800 voters, if canvassed within two months before an election, are affected by canvassing techniques, showed Brookman and Kalla.

NGP VAN’s MiniVAN Mobile Solution to canvassing

NGP VAN has been the #1 leader in software that assists the Democratic Party, politcal parties, and non-profit groups in organizing their campaigns. NGP VAN has developed software which assists canvassers so that their time spent volunteering won’t be wasted on data input, but visiting voters who are potentially open to the candidate they are supporting. The NGP VAN MiniVAN is a mobile platform that transmits data to the canvasser as well as voter information directly to the campaign center once it is received. In turn, this information is used and collected and integrated into the overall voter canvassing campaign used by Campaign staff and its candidate. NGP MiniVAN is a free app offered by NGP VAN.

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