Sheldon Lavin; Scaling the Heights of Global Expansion with OSI Group

Leaders are charismatic individuals who have a great passion and understanding for communication. They also possess a great potential for understanding the community’s economic and social issues. With that said, a good leader has to register excellent communication skills while caring about his or her employees. Moreover, an excellent leader must help the organization to continue to expand its operations through continuous adaptation to various market changes. Therefore, for a firm to excel in its services and products provision, an experienced leader must be part of the package. One such leader who has perfected the art of helping the workforce to come up with revolutionary ideas alongside implementing competitive strategies that support global expansion is Sheldon Lavin.

Who is Sheldon Lavin?

From the modest beginnings of working as a financial consultant to managing a leading food processing company, Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group. From a tender age, he grew up wanting to become a leader. Even though he could not point the angle of the leadership structure he admired then, he invested in an education that would later on propel him into the world of careers. At first, Lavin was self employed as a finance executive in a small consultancy firm that he owned. However, since he was good at arithmetic and resources allocation, Sheldon Lavin started landing challenging and well-paying jobs. At the peak of his career, Lavin received a call from a company called Otto & Sons. Apparently, the firm’s owner needed a finance executive who could help the management in financing different projects through technical accounts and resources allocation.

Lavin Joins OSI Group

Lavin was the right candidate for the job that Otto & Sons offered at that moment since apart from having vast experience in finance and business management, he exuded confidence and reliability. With the two principles, he was trusted to govern the company for a while. Well, after a few months of service, Otto realized that the firm received additional local purchase orders. It was at that moment that Lavin was appointed to serve as the head cheerleader. Since the company provided fresh foods, he needed to focus on the establishment of viable marketing strategies so that the food was supplied to stores on time. As such, Otto and his sons cut off some costs associated with expiries. Similarly, Otto needed to expand the firm’s base so that it could accommodate different clients. Therefore, with Lavin’s help, OSI Group was born. The rebranding of the company set a new trend in the industry of food production. Thanks to Sheldon Lavin, the firm has since been expanding its portfolio of services.

Global Expansion and Observation

Over the years, Lavin has played a pivotal role in overseeing the strategic management of the company. With that said, he is the man behind various global expansion projects with Baho Food being the leading project. In addition, the firm has been delving into major expansions across China and Spain, Toledo. As it is well known, global expansion contributes to the growth of an impressive client base. Lavin is therefore not only successful for leading OSI Group but also for guiding it through major international expansions that have contributed to hefty revenues. As he maintains his position as the head cheerleader, OSI Group will always register unparalleled sales.

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OSI Foods Expands Chicken Production

The food production industry is extremely important as it is responsible for ensuring that people all over the world have enough food and vitamins to thrive. One company that has continued to be a major participant in the food production industry is the OSI Group. This company has been in business for around 100 years and is based out of Aurora, IL. While the company has a major presence in the United States, it is also one of the largest producers of poultry, beef, pork, fish, and other foods across the world. Recently, OSI Food Solutions made a major investment that will help to grow their presence in Europe.

Over the past few months, OSI Food Solutions finished a renovation and expansion of a plant that they have in Spain. This plant is used specifically for the processing of chicken and poultry-prepared dishes. The expansion of the plan will allow the company to more than double its annual chicken production in Europe. Now that the plant is done, OSI Food Solutions will be able to process more than 45,000 pounds of chicken on an annual basis. This will help to make the company one of the largest food producers in all of Europe.

While the investment by OSI Food Solutions will be great for the company, it is also a big improvement for the local economy. With the expanded plant, the company will need more employees to help manage the operations. OSI Food Solutions will likely need to hire a few hundred more individuals that will work on the assembly line and oversee the operations. The company will also likely need to invest in other areas of its business to further support the expanded operations, which will lead to the creation of even more jobs.

One of the main reasons why OSI Food Solutions has continued to grow and develop is that they have a reputation for quality. OSI Food Solutions will only use the freshest and best products available, even when they cost more money. This policy has continued to allow them to make very good and healthy products. The company has since been given a number of awards for quality and ethics in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other areas of the world. OSI Food Solutions will continue to look for new ways in which they can better serve its customers by providing excellent products and services.

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David McDonald: Three Decades Helping The OSI Group To Grow

The president and COO of the food processing giant the OSI Group is Iowa native and Iowa State University graduate David McDonald. McDonald has been with the company since 1987 and has played an important role in the growth of the OSI Group. When he joined the company, the OSI Group’s focus was on providing meat patties for McDonald’s all around the country. The company was also producing and packaging meat products for restaurants, supermarkets, private labels and name brand companies in the United States. David McDonald helped the OSI Group become a force in the international food service industry.

David McDonald’s diverse skillset has made him very valuable to the OSI Group. Those skills include strategic planning, product development, supply chain management, food science, budgets and operations management. Those skills were crucially important as the OSI Group began to expand into the international market and David McDonald got more and more responsibilities. He was deeply involved in the OSI Group’s processing and packaging food products for major companies located all around the world. The company now has over 70 food processing facilities in more than 20 countries.

To make sure the OSI Group was able to succeed in the global marketplace, David McDonald has worked to establish solid relationships with government agencies, local suppliers, workers and customers. He learns about the dietary preferences of the people in the culture group they are attempting to serve to deliver products they will love. McDonald was also charged with solving many of the complex infrastructure and technical issues the OSI Group faced regularly. His work with the OSI Group’s logistics team helped the company adapt to the global food industry’s rapid and constantly changes.

Very proud of his alma mater Iowa State University, where he earned a BA in animal science, David McDonald remains involved with the school. He donates to the scholarship fund, works with the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative and helped set up an internship program at the OSI Group for ISU students. A husband and father of 6, two of McDonald’s children attend Iowa State University and friends say they’re certain the other four will attend the school as well.

In addition to his work at the OSI Group, David McDonald also volunteers to work in Wheaton, Illinois’s St. Michael Parish. He is the North American Meat Institute’s board chairman and McDonald is also a Marfrig Global Foods independent director.

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OSI Group Takes Many Steps To Assure Food Safety

Food safety is essential. People need to make sure that any food they consume is as safe as possible. This is true whether or not people are eating at home or eating food when they are away from home. Many people today rely on fast food to help them get through the day. One company that provides many of the fast food that people consume on the go is OSI Group. This Aurora, IL company has headquarters in the United States. However, it also has outlets and manufacturing plants in other places including the United Kingdom, India, China and Germany. At OSI Group, their aim at all times is to provide high quality foods for each and every single of their clients. Their aim is to also make sure that all of the food they provide to providers is completely safe. In order to make sure that their suppliers can depend on them employee, managers and President and Chief Executive Officer David G. McDonald have taken many steps to that end. In doing so, they have helped keep to the kind of utterly necessary important quality standards that are necessary in today’s vast global retail food markets.

Varied Steps

One of the most important steps that officials at the OSI Group have taken to provide food that is safe is the use of machines that can help find any problem. These machines have a built-in X-ray equipment that is directly on site. This process allows company officials to make sure they can detect all possible foreign particles that might be in the food. This helps them ward off any food particles that may pose a danger to people eating the end product. The net result is food that is as safe as possible when it leaves the company and arrives on plates in other parts of the world. In addition to this system of machinery, officials at OSI Group are also taking other steps to keep to the highest possible quality standards. They are also monitoring all of their suppliers of raw materials directly as they grow the food people eat. Agricultural supervision is a crucial part of their quality reassurance efforts. Company officials know they need to make sure that all of the products they use from tomatoes to the beef and chickens they use are fully supervised and high quality before they enter the company’s many manufacturing plants.

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The OSI Group Is Making Waves As One Of The Largest Sustainable Food Companies In Existence

The OSI Group is looking to continue its expansion all over the world as a company that has earned over $6 billion. It is a global leader in offering custom food solutions and has been purchasing more and more companies, of late, that align with its own goals and values. The president of OSI, David Mcdonald, has explained that it is not only expansion that OSI Group is after but that it also is purchasing new companies because they can better help to fill the needs of their existing client base. OSI always serves healthy and quality food to customers, and David Mcdonald believes that it is CEO, Sheldon Lavin, who has helped the most with reaching new customers who have needs for these kinds of foods.

A Bit More About The CEO of OSI

Sheldon Lavin has brought OSI’s sustainability and green practices to a whole new level. It was him that pushed the global growth of the company throughout the 1970’s. Everything he does for the company is done in a strategic way, and his acquisitions of several different international companies have allowed OSI Group to offer new food items to its ever-growing base of loyal clients. Not only does Sheldon focus on making sure that all of OSI’s offerings are healthy and of the highest quality, but he also ensures that OSI’s business practices in the communities it serves are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and beneficial to the people that live and work in those communities. He also practices philanthropy by donating to a spread of different college funds, charities for children, organizations that help with chronic illness, and Jewish groups.

More About OSI Group

While OSI is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, it continues its expansion into many different countries including Europe. In Europe, OSI has recently purchased Baho Foods as well as Flagship Europe. This not only gives OSI more operating capabilities but also helps those companies have much more to offer their already existing customer base. OSI offers jobs to people all over the world and is 20,000 employees strong. has more than 50 job opportunities listed for OSI Group, and their own website speaks, thoroughly, about the importance of its employees and how they become part of the OSI family when they get hired. With a surprising dedication to its own workers and for the quality of the product they deliver, it is no wonder that Forbes lists the OSI Group as one of the top 100 companies in the United States.

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