Edwin Honing One of NYC’s Top Rated Cardiologist

When you suspect that you have a heart problem, it is often advisable to visit a cardiologist. A cardiologist is a medical expert/doctor who deals with heart diseases. The cardiologist performs various tests to check the condition of the heart. Normally there are several tests that the cardiologist performs on the patients in order to come up with a sound conclusion on the condition of the heart. They include checking the blood pressure, the heart rhythm during vigorous physical activity and the blood vessels. In general, the cardiologist is responsible for treating heart failures, heart attacks, heart rhythm disturbances among other heart complications. Before one becomes certified as a cardiologist, he/she has to go through ten or more years of training in a recognized medical school.

Most people are never sure then appropriate time that they can visit the Cardiologist. Many times people wait until the condition worsens before they pay a visit to a cardiologist. However, there certain symptoms that act as a signal of when to visit the Cardiologist. Some of these symptoms include the chest pains, dizziness, and shortness of breath.

Getting a good cardiologist is not easy and can sometimes cause a lot of stress especially if you’re doing your search ‘blindly.’ Dr. Edwin Honing is among the popular and experienced cardiologist in New York City. Dr. Edwin normally operates from Glencoe.

This caring and patient-friendly cardiologist is a graduate of Duke University the school of medicine. Dr. Edward Honig has a license from the New York medical Licenser, which gives him all the right to perform his duties freely and with the consent of the patient. Dr. Honing is well versed with the latest technology in the field, which helps him in diagnosing and treating the various heart conditions easily and faster.

Technology gives the cardiologist an upper hand of doing his/her duties accurately as mere physical examination may fail to bear fruit. On top of that, this cardiologist is always keen with medical conditions of the heart. He never assumes that your heart is 100% okay and will take the necessary actions even with slight difference in test results.