Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Gives Fans A Glimpse Of What Drives Them And The Music That They Make

Over the past four years, The Chainsmokers have grown into a worldwide phenomenon, taking over charts all over the world. With hit singles like ‘Closer’, ‘Roses’, ‘Don’t Get Me Down’ and ‘Sick Boy’, the duo has managed to capture not just the hearts of their fans, but the electronic music industry as well.

The Chainsmokers consists of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, who were two DJs brought together by a common manager. After experimenting with a few sounds, the duo decided to set up the foundations for their music style and image that they were going to go with. After a while, they become the new kids on the block and the ones playing in everyone’s playlists. The fact that the duo sings over their own songs is also something that has got a lot of attention. Not many DJs who currently produce electronic music sing over their own songs. Most of them turn to other well-known vocalists to fill out the void in their tracks. However, The Chainsmokers have always been the ones to go down the path less traveled, which is why they decided to let their very own be featured on tracks like ‘Closer’ and ‘Sick Boy’.

Being in tune with the current experiences that today’s youth are going through and making music about it has always been one of the defining facets of The Chainsmokers. In a recent interview, Alex Pall, one half of the group spoke about what drives them to make the kind of songs that captivate their audiences. They believe in always making music about the events in their lives that they are going through, which is something that people are naturally drawn towards. Their fans can relate to their music, which is what makes them tune into them with every new song that they come out with.

Both members of the duo have always been into music since a young age. They shared similar backgrounds of starting to DJ at an early age and shared their passion for making electronic music. Together, they managed to make something that is truly iconic and has made a mark on the electronic music industry.

The Chainsmokers Achieve Great Success In 2018 With Three Songs In The First Three Months

After taking a bit of a break from releasing new albums and singles The Chainsmokers released a new song on January 17, 2018, called “Sick Boy”. This song represents a change of pace for this dance duo as it is quite a bit darker than the music which preceded it. It has been described as a feisty dance song and it quickly found success. It is a song that is about how people often have an identity crisis nowadays between who they really are what they present on social media.

When asked about this new song, Alex Pall said that the song is narcissism and trying to get attention online. He says this is by and large a self-inflicted wound to have a big social media presence but on the other hand it’s how people communicate nowadays so it is a pretty necessary thing. Both Alex Pall and Drew Taggart wrote this song along with two other people. The first was their keyboard player, Tony Ann, and the other person was Emily Warren who has written many songs over the course of her career.

In addition to being heard on the radio and streaming services, “Sick Boy” also has a music video out which is available on YouTube. The video starts out with flares of fire piercing through a dimly lit environment. The video also features creature textures which have been placed on the duo that make up The Chainsmokers as they journey through a haunted house. The video doesn’t hit you over the head with what the song is about, though, and the lyrics are not overwhelmed by the visual imagery. The video has amassed over 136 million views.

Following up on “Sick Boy” pretty quickly, The Chainsmokers released “You Owe Me” in February. This song hit number four on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart. In its first month the accompanying video to this song had 34 million views. The song they released in March is a single called “Everybody Hates Me”. They didn’t release a video for this song but the audio-only YouTube video hit nine million views in its first month of being online.