NGP VAN and Canvassing with NGP MiniVAN

The Cost of Canvassing

An estimated $9 Billion is spent every year by candidates of political parties to inform or notify voter’s persuasions about a political candidate. It is important to know that thought most campaigners are part of a paid staff many US Citizens give much of their free tie to the cause and support of their chosen political candidate.

Canvassing is a common practice of every political party and canvassing has a long history both in the United States and the UK. Canvassing is upheld by the Supreme Court in Martin vs. Struthers. Canvassing allows political party staff members or volunteers to visit designated areas where a candidates voters reside and present political questions to gain knowledge about their political supporters.

Statistical Research from Berkely

Canvassing is a way to stretch political campaign donations to their maximum use while gaining the unpaid support of volunteers who carry out canvassing thru giving their free time and help.

In recent years there has been some controversy whether canvassing is still the best way to affect voters during an election with the growing use of social media being used to gain leverage in affecting voters online.

A recent study by UC Berkely professors Broockman and Kalla showed the impact of canvassing campaigns are negligible. Not useless, but only about 1 in every 800 voters, if canvassed within two months before an election, are affected by canvassing techniques, showed Brookman and Kalla.

NGP VAN’s MiniVAN Mobile Solution to canvassing

NGP VAN has been the #1 leader in software that assists the Democratic Party, politcal parties, and non-profit groups in organizing their campaigns. NGP VAN has developed software which assists canvassers so that their time spent volunteering won’t be wasted on data input, but visiting voters who are potentially open to the candidate they are supporting. The NGP VAN MiniVAN is a mobile platform that transmits data to the canvasser as well as voter information directly to the campaign center once it is received. In turn, this information is used and collected and integrated into the overall voter canvassing campaign used by Campaign staff and its candidate. NGP MiniVAN is a free app offered by NGP VAN.

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NewsWatch TV review on the Contour Ultimate Workstation

Contour is a company that specializes in functional technology that aids in work proficiency. Their slogan, “Where performance meets comfort”, is truly brought to life by the Ultimate Workstation. This keyboard and mouse alternative is crucial to better productivity through comfort while working at a computer. There are 3 billion people in the world using computers, so Contour enlisted the help of News Watch to promote their innovative workstation.

The Ultimate Work Station features the Roller Mouse Red paired with a Balance Keyboard. With seven senses tracking technology and adjustable legs/tilt option, the wireless workstation is convenient as well as easy to use. The Roller Mouse Red can be replaced by the new update called the Roller Mouse Free3. All of the product options can be found on the Contour website.

Design’s Product Marketing Manager, Bret Hudson, had high praise for the NewsWatch work that was done to help promote Contour’s product. More awareness was raised with the NewsWatch campaign reaching over 95 million households in the U.S. Due to this, the sales of the Contour workstation have dramatically spiked and more people are aware of more comfortable alternatives to the classic keyboard and mouse.

News Watch continues to reach viewers through over 200 market outlets across the country. As a company, News Watch has seen enormous success as a reliable source of all news. Currently, NewsWatch TV airs on both the ION Network as well as The AMC Network.

Over 25 years, the NewsWatch series has reached more than 700 million people. The company is one of the most successful independently produced news outlets on television today. The NewsWatch employees and news reporters work hard to bring America top quality information and reviews on technological advancments, medical stories, media coverage, and government events.


Sentient AI Is Changing How Business Market To Customers

With the way technology is advancing every year businesses in every industry ranging from retail to manufacturing even to agriculture needs to jump on new technology to stay competitive in the business cycle. One major new technology trend is Sentient AI specifically in online e-commerce marketing. This new technology enables online marketers to target specific group based on target market to get them on the marketer’s store, show them product options that they will love, and prompt them to return after they buy. AI remembers what a customer buys and likes. For example, if a customer buys red colored v cut shirts on a consistent basis, AI will remember that and recommend similar products to a customer. AI can also manage marketing campaigns in social media and email. With this new tool, markets can focus on the big picture and let AI do the grunt work.


Sentient is one of the world leaders in developing AI software specifically designed for business. One new update they recently released is called Sentient Aware. This is the equivalent of a store associate helping a customer in a physical store find products that they will love to buy. This creates a powerful customer journey on the online store that customers will find easy and intuitive. Another unique feature is the “More Like This” option that allows customers the ability to see other products of similar design or brand. If a customer wants to buy similar products this option will allow them to easily find the product just right for them. Sentient is growing fast in the fashion industry, remember exactly customers styles to be able to recommend products suited just for them.


With the introduction of Sentient AI every business will have to make a choice: jump on the wave of new technology, or be swept by the competition. This AI allows business to operate more effectively and gives their customers a better buying experience. Marketing and customer retention is key to gain a profit in business. AI can complete both. With many new features such as adding the ability to recommend products to each individual customer that they will love, the ability to track what customers are buying and remember what they love, and the ability to manage marketing campaigns from uploading SEO social media posts to attract new customers to managing what emails are sent in a long email marketing list, Sentient AI can do it all.

Richard Smith Comments on the Addition of Josh Bell into Securus Administration Team

Securus Technologies has established its name as the leader in provision of communication to correctional institutions in America and Europe. The organization has displayed rapid and evolutionary growth over the recent years in technology especially after the recruitment of Rick Smith as chief executive officer. Securus’ devices are vital in more than communications between inmates and their outside connects. They are use in investigation cases by prison staff, enhancing public safety and tracking.In 2016, Securus announced its recruitment of a competitive professional who will go a long way in enhancing their mission to protect the civil society and improve the performance of facilities. John Bell’s addition as senior vice president on December 30th 2015 will greatly improve the management of more than 800 products for the legal and correctional facilities.

Richard Smith commented that Securus has a $600 million investment that went into the creation of innovative tech to safeguard prisons. The acquisitions took place in the last three years prior to 2016 and would have a better performance with the management of an expert businessman. He commented that John Bell’s career portfolio is a clear indication of his unmatched performance in the industry. He has spent 35 years working in high tech firms like IBM which have given him an international scope on the technological progression internationally.John Bell studied at Holy Cross, the Wharton School of Business and Kellog School of Management. His tenures including working at Verizon, IBM, AT&T, Time Warner Cable and NTT Verio. John bell is currently managing a sales team of 100 experts who are also above independent sales associates deployed on the streets.

John Bell will work closely with Josh Conklin the senior vice president of sales ate Securus to secure five goals over the course of the next few years. Their top priority is to have in place a fully developed package to cater to the needs of clients. They plan to improve customer experience by applying an in person consultation program to receive feedbacks on products. Securus will also have multiple presentations of products by customers annually that will showcase the full power of the Securus Technology Center. The newly introduced products will be intensely compared with previous products to accurately mark progress over time.Richard Smith commented that if their prospective and existing partners had an in-depth and broad understanding of the vision in security they would not hesitate to close every deal. He added that Securus has picked a more complex approach towards security that offers clients a well-rounded safety. Securus plans to intensify its sales team with the contributions of John Bell and Josh to stress the effect of the products. Rick stated that Securus has a core mission to uphold the law and support the federal system protect the civil community.

Jason Hope’s Internet of Things to Change the Airline Industry

The internet is a fixture of our day to day life and it only seems to be growing into the future. That is why Jason Hope, a world renowned futurist and technologist, has been steadily ramping up his support for this concept: the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is an umbrella term that refers specifically to the way our day to day gadgets will interact in our lives via a network connection to the internet. Consider your everyday kitchen appliances being able to operate on a network.

Consider the way that emergency response vehicles will respond to calls by utilizing a mobile network. Consider, also, the changes in the airline industry that are happening before our very eyes.Jason Hope has steadily put his name behind the Internet of Things as a concept because he firmly believes it to be not only the future of an industry but also the future of how we live our lives. He points to the airline industry as the perfect example as to how the internet of things is steadily growing into a juggernaut business concept all of its own. Hope introduced people to a host of ways the airline industry is focusing on improving their work via the Internet of Things.

To start with we can see that Virgin Atlantic has whole-heartedly put themselves behind the IoT thanks to how they create and manage their Boeing 787 jets. The Boeing 787 jet is constructed so as to constantly be in communication with a digital network. Every inch of the plane is constantly sending and receiving data from another source in order to monitor the plane as a safety check. If the plane so much as groans in the wrong way, people back at air patrol are going to be aware of it.Jason Hope also believes that the Internet of Things will bring a fundamental change to customer service within the airline industry. He thinks that more and more airlines are going to enforce IoT protocols to improve how quickly you can find your gate, how easily you can adjust your flying experience, and even as a better way to track your baggage.

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Booming Conferences of 2017 – the Wessex Institute of Technology

There are several sources for information about the Wessex Institute of Technology’s conferences. Wessex Institute of Technology contains a blogspot that contains information regarding the “8th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning.” This blog was last updated in early December of 2016, but provides an introduction and a list of conference topics for the reader. There are also a few other 2016 conference headlines that are highlighted across the blog for information regarding the Institute’s activities based on


Another source is a ‘2017 Conference’ page provided by the Wessex Institute of Technology itself. The site provides several posters and dates for 2017 that display information about conferences taking place in the upcoming year.