Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness with Fabletics and FTBC

Kate Hudson made a guest appearance in an event commemorating the launch of a global campaign aimed at improving breast cancer awareness. The campaign is sponsored by her brand Fabletics and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The launching event took place at Del Amo Fashion Center Mall in Calif. Kate Hudson also unveiled a capsule collection set that came in bright blue and baby pink. The proceeds from the capsule went to FTBC directly. While making her statement, she said that the cancer awareness program was not only important to her, but also to the firm.

The collaboration between the two organizations was happening for the second time. It was also the second time that Kate Hudson, actress, tastemaker, and mother played the ambassador role. The partnership second aspect was to launch the capsule collection branded FTBC. The collection will be available all through October and help in raising the awareness of breast cancer. The capsule comprises of leggings, sports bra, Capri, and a tank with leggings all designed in FTBC signature colors. Kate further stressed that besides creating awareness, they were steering and championing for innovative research that would ultimately eradicate cancer. The capsule was made available on and the 22 accredited stores in the States immediately after the launch.

The choice of outfit is dependent on one’s preference. Nonetheless, people have a habit of spending on things that matter. Kate added that Fabletics primary focus was on health. Additionally, she said that working towards a cause such as breast cancer, a disease that affect many women across the globe made their partnership with CFDA make complete sense. Beside the main agenda, Kate had some comments to make. Matters relating to politics and life made the days not only seem to fly incredibly fast, but it felt like a never-ending year. Nonetheless, she set out to stay healthy both in body and mind. Achieving a healthy mind and body requires a positive thinker and living optimistically.

The Fabletics brand was founded by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and the actress Kate Hudson in early 2013. Hudson would then become the face of the company by adopting the ambassador role. The reason leading to the establishment of this brand was the identification of a gap in the activewear industry. At the moment of its foundation, the industry comprised of luxury brands that hardly offered stylish or premium brands at affordable prices. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg forged a relationship during their time at Intermix. Consequently, they started Intelligence Beauty in 2006, a trend that saw them combine efforts with Kate Hudson to form Fabletics.