Talkspace Helps Family Affected By Mental Illness

Often, a family is rocked by mental illness issues and do not know where to turn for help in the matter. Talkspace is a mobile text message therapy app that is the answer to this pressing problem. One woman was in the middle of divorcing a spouse with a crippling personality disorder that wrecked havoc on their divorce. Counseling and treatment through the app helped her to identify the real issues involved along with the emotional and physical strain that it was taking on her. Her husband suffered from a type of sociopathic behavior that impacted her daily life. Talkspace is a provider of the type of online therapy that this woman sought.

Treating Borderline Personalities

More people than you might first imagine have family members or another close friend that suffers from a borderline personality. Often, you have not realized the severity of the problem until something sets that individual off. It’s difficult to understand this mental health issue that involves an individual that suffers from uncontrollable anger issues. Borderline personalities destroy close relationships. Certainly, people with Borderline Personalities hurt those that are closest to them. Even the kindest and most caring friend or relative find it difficult to stay calm during the angry storm. The best course of action is to seek immediate treatment for this mental health issue.

Talkspace To The Rescue

Talkspace is a mobile app that provides a connection to a licensed therapist. Clients and the therapist communicate or text over the application. The application or therapist is available around the clock. Busy people might prefer this type of counseling over visiting an office. Of course, there are others that are more comfortable texting to a counselor than sitting face to face in an office.


Talkspace is a great way for people to finally open up and discuss their feelings with a therapist and receive the type of encouraging help and treatment desired.