How does ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Things’ relate with the modern society?

‘Bob Honey Who Just Do things’ a book written by Sean Penn, one of the best writers, actors, and filmmakers in the United States. The book is written concerning the Pappy Paria and one of Penn’s interviews, and he says that the book focuses mostly on the modern American culture and the morality of people in America. Also, in this book, he even tries to relate the current political movements, for example, the Parklands survivors to change the gun Laws.

The book’s title, Bob Honey Who Do things talks about the main character of the book which is Bob Honey. He does a lot of jobs such as sewage expert that makes him travel in different parts of the world as a waste management expert, and he is also a government operator and an assassin among other jobs. Bob divorced with his wife, and since then he has been finding it difficult to socialize and get along with their people in the society and more so with his neighbors. He hates social media, advertising and any other way that may make his life public. This is shown when he tries to find himself enjoying marine life, and a journalist comes to his door to question him about his life, and he is not pleased with that.

Bob Honey is also hired by a secret kind of a government to kill and assassinate elderly people in the society using the resources of the country. He even rights a letter to the president of the United States who Penn has described him as The landlord in the book, threatening him about his assassination too.

Sean Penn tries to relate the real world situations that are happening today like the case of assassination of the old people in the country by Bob Honey. He talks about the Las Vegas Shootings, Louis c.k and the Me Too Movements. Alt of immorality is going around the world even the killing of people which is sometimes as a result of the modern political movements. Other cases include slut shaming, issues of raping among other immoralities in the world.

Besides, Sean Penn has also written many other books, and he has also acted in a significant number of movies. He has diverse talents that are, writing, producing, acting, directing among others. He has also been able to win some awards in his career such as a couple of Academy Awards for the best actor.

What Is Jeremy Goldsteins Answer To The Problem Of EPS?

There are proponents and detractors of Earnings Per Share or EPS. Both have their own ideas of how good and how bad this thing is. It is a bone of contention that seems to have no answer. Its advocates say that EPS will enhance the sustainability of a company, while its adversaries claim that corporations can use it to further their own interests. It seems that this thorny issue is hard to resolve. Thankfully, Jeremy Goldstein, a practicing lawyer in New York City, has an answer that will enable the two sides to get what they want.



Earnings per share is the aspect of a company that can show its profitability. It is fundamentally a part of the company’s profit which is apportioned to its common stock’s outstanding share. In effect, EPS can break down the company’s profit on a per share basis. There is a formula that companies use to calculate their EPS. The formula is: EPS = (Net Income – Preferred Stock) / Average Outstanding Shares. EPS is a way by which a company or a business entity is valuated.



Goldstein is positioning himself in between the proponents of EPS and its detractors. He proposes a compromise to help the two resolve their differences. Goldstein knows what he is saying because as a New York City lawyer, he has been resolving issues on this subject. His extensive experience in successfully resolving the issues regarding EPS between employers and employees can be used to find the ultimate solution to this question.



Detractors of EPS claim that employers and business owners can take unfair advantages of some of its features because of the nature of shares and trading which remains very competitive. They also say that EPS can be used by company owners to show an attractive financial picture even if the real picture is not that promising. EPS, they also claim, can be a cause for company favoritism.



EPS proponents, on the other hand, claim that company owners can use it to reward its workers with pay hikes. Furthermore, they say that EPS can be used by business owners to influence their shareholders to buy or sell their stocks. If these claims are true, company owner can leverage EPS to encourage its growth and therefore ensure its sustainability.



Based on his extensive experience in resolving disputes between workers and company owners, Goldstein believes that compromise is the best solution to this problem. Goldstein’s proposal is: rather than abolishing EPS, company owners should be held accountable for all the decisions they make that will affect their company’s sustainability and growth. In the process, employees can still enjoy the benefits of EPS, and will be happy doing their work and their performance and productivity will improve. As a result, the company will also benefit because of the increased productivity of its employees. Learn more:


Dr Mark McKenna: After The Storm

Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder and CEO of OVME. OVME is a medical aesthetic company that bases their products on technology and the consumer. They are reinventing healthcare in their own way.

The idea to start the company OVME started with Dr. McKenna’s experience in the medical aesthetic industry. During his time in that field working in his own practice, ShapeMed, he noticed many opportunities to make changes in the industry.

Dr. McKenna’s typical day includes eating breakfast and dinner with his family, work in between, and JiuJitsu training in the evenings after dinner.

Dr. McKenna states visualization and meditation have helped him be successful. Visualize and set goals for yourself, and he recommends meditating at least once a day. These two routines can help bring ideas to light, and help anyone achieve success.

Dr. McKenna is excited by the decline of smoking in America. Reading a lot has helped become more productive as an entrepreneur. Dr. Mark has never felt as if he has a regular job or works because he has always worked for himself as an entrepreneur.

One piece of advice Dr. McKenna would advise his younger self would be to slow down, and find your passion. This will help wings run more smoothly in the future. He also surrounds himself with smart people, some smarter than himself. This has helped his businesses grow tremendously.

Think and Grow Richis one book Dr. McKenna recommends as it talks about visualization and using visualization to become successful.

Dr. MvKenna is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, bit now resides in Atlanta. Hr graduated from Tulane University Medical School, and is now licensed in Surgery and Medicine in Florida and Georgia by the State Board of Medical Examiners.

Dr. McKenna started his journey after graduating college by practicing medicine along side his father, and starting his own real estate firm called McKenna Venture Investments. Over time he also started Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Titles, Inc. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Dr. McKenna relocated to Atalanta, but not before he actively invested in the rebuild of New Orleans.

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Neurocore Offers New Insights And Treatments for Mental Disorders

Neurocore is known for offering treatment for depression. However, depression is not the only illness that Neurocore treats. There are plenty of other mental disorders that the company treats. They do it very effectively as well. For one thing, Neurocore is very passionate about understanding the mental disorders so that it can provide a better solution to the issue. This solution is much better than the medication versions of treatment. Instead of providing medication, people are instead given training in their brain so that they will be able better manage their disorders. This also leaves very little room for side effects.

This type of treatment is very effective in helping people fight off their disorders. Many people are happy with the results. For one thing, it has reduce if not eliminated all of the disorders it is said to treat. A lot of people report having their depression, bipolar disorder and other disorders effectively treated with Neurocore. This type of treatment is getting a lot of attention and could quickly become the new go to solution for any mood disorders that people are suffering from. The only thing is that it is important for people to make sure that they are ready for this kind of treatment.

Even though Neurocore has proven to be a very viable option for treatment, it does not mean that people should forget about therapy and other options for treatment. After all, it is very healthy to talk things out with someone if possible. Not having anyone to talk to can also contribute to mental issues because of a need for connection that is not being met. One of the best things about Neurocore is that it shows that there are plenty of options for treatment. It is up to the individual to choose the treatment plan that works best for him.

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Honey Birdette: Focusing on the new market

The plan for expansion
Currently, Honey Birdette has 55 stores in Australia. Being the country of origin, the products were first intended to be sold in Australia. A huge demand has increased for the products outside the country. The company has currently built three stores outside of Australia with the first market being London, United Kingdom. The increase in the number of sales has surpassed the expectation. In the United States, the company has made ridiculous profits past the expectations of the company.

The increased sales in the online market
From the United States alone, the company has made more than 374% profits. Most of the purchases from this country are made online since Honey Birdette has not opened stores in the country yet. In their current plans for expansion, the company has cited the United States as one of the major markets. Certain plans underway to increase the number of external stores from three to 40. The United States and the United Kingdom will be the most targeted markets. In their plan for expanding the market influence, the company has equally laid the plans to increase the quality of service delivery. The market in the United States is set to have their products delivered to them. For the items that are bought above $50, the company has laid plans to introduce the free delivery options.
The contribution of Eloise Monaghan
Before 2006, two friends met for a bottle of champagne at a bar. Eloise Monaghan, while drinking with his friend, kept seeing ladies wearing unpleasant lingerie. The dissatisfaction that Eloise expressed in the lingerie pushed him to develop their brand. In 2006, Mr. Monaghan decided to create a lingerie brand that would be satisfactory to him. His target market was the Brisbane town. At the beginning of his venture, Eloise did not have plans of taking the brand global. His focus was the town and maybe other parts of Australia. Within a few years, the brand received a lot of recognition in the country. Deciding to go online with the products, the external market gained interest in the product. His lingerie did not only attract people within the country but also around the United States and the UK.

Cassio Audi’s Career as a Heavy Metal Drummer

Cassio Audi is a highly knowledgeable finance professional who is based in Brazil. He is a reliable consultant, and his main clients include private equity funds, multi-billion organizations, start-ups, as well as public and private businesses. Audi is highly experienced in fields such as business planning, decision support, resource and financial management, fundraising, and investor relations. He is committed to offering top notch guidance to the clients that seek his services.

Apart from being successful in the finance profession, Cassio is a good musician. He is a former member of the Viper band, and he joined it in the mid-1980s. Viper was recognized for being among the leading metal music groups in Brazil. He was a drummer for the band until 1989 when he decided to focus on his career in the finance sector. During his time at the group, he participated in the making of Soldiers of Sunrise, which was its most popular album. Cassio also wrote one song for the album. The people of Brazil greatly celebrated him for his excellent skills as a drummer. He is appreciated for being among the musicians who helped in making the metal genre popular in Latin America. Audi was a teenager when he was at Viper, and he stayed with the group for about nine years.

Audi had a significant role in the rise of Viper band. He was with the group when it was making its first demo and the first two albums. His last album was the Soldier of Sunrise, but he left the band one year before it was launched. His heavy metal drummer career was inspired by a British group that was called Iron Maiden. Viper’s songs were loved by most of the Brazilians, and they were popular for years. Cassio Audi is currently not a career musician, but he still loves singing.

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Talos Energy Stakes its Claim in Mexican Waters

The Talos Energy oil and gas company, lead by a professional management team with significant experience in offshore production as well as offshore exploration, has recently secured a deal with the Mexican government to help oversee the first privately owned oil rig to be constructed in Mexican waters in almost eight decades.

With a strong track record in regards to offshore oil production and a strong focus on oil and gas, Talos Energy has become specialists in the offshore exploration and production industries, as well as the development of deepwater assets and acquisition of exploitable assets to be optimized. In addition, the company has specializations in bleeding-edge seismic technologies as well as deepwater and offshore exploration. Their recent joint effort with other companies has the potential to pay significant dividends and could make history as the first privately owned oil rig in the past eight decades to be built and operated in Mexican waters.

The Venture

As the most recent step in the country’s drive to increase foreign competition on their energy markets, and drive business back to Mexico, this venture marks the first time in nearly eight decades that private companies have been allowed to operate a brand new offshore oil well located in Mexican owned waters.

As a joint operation between Talos Energy LLC, Premier Oil PLC, and Sierra Oil & Gas, this operation is the first time an offshore exploration well has been launched by any entity other than Petroleos Mexicanos since 1938, when the country completed nationalization of its oil industry.

The venture first began in 2015 when all three of the companies mentioned won the rights to the prospect in the initial round of bidding immediately after the Mexican government voted to open its energy and oil industries to private corporations. The well, designated as Zama-1 and located off the state of Tabasco in the Sureste Basin is estimated to hold anywhere between 100 million and 500 million barrels of crude oil.

Talos Energy holds a 35% stake in the venture, as well as being the primary operator of the well. The pressure to perform well is immense, as, depending on the success of this joint venture, the implications for the energy industry in Mexico could be massive. If the venture is successful, it could also pave the way for further privatization of the Mexican energy industry.

NuoDB’s SQL database a giant within the tech industry

NuoDB is a popular database company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. NuoDB was launched in 2008 and has been recognized on the respected research report the Gartner Magic Quadrant. The company was founded by Barry Morris and Jim Starkey. NuoDB filed a 2011 patent for their elastically scalable database. In 2012 NuoDB earned $12 million in venture capital. In 2014, NuoDB was named as an innovation All Star by Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech. Barry Morris became executive chairman in 2015 and promoted Bob Walmsley as CEO. In 2017, NuoDB joined forces with Causesquare, becomng the official database for the social engagement tool. Causesquare connects donors and volunteers with organizations.

NuoDB was built as an elastic SQL database for virtual applications. The NuoDB database has been made SQL compliant. The database scales out without needing sharding. The database outsources tasks to several processors to avoid creating virtual chokepoints for data. The SQL database is ACID compliant and uses a tiered system, working with multiple tiers of engines and storage managers. The latest update of the SQL database was in January 2017, when the company added table partitions, storage groups and support for Amazon Web Services Inc. NuoDB continues to thrive in the tech industry.

Cassio From Music to Finance

Cassio Finance Background
Cassio Audi is a 46 year old Brazilian, with a rich professional background in finance. In 1994, Cassio graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Pontifical Catholic University and later earned an MBA from the University of Sao Paulo in 1999. This laid a foundation for his future career at the Dow chemical and agricultural corporation among other firms both private and public. Cassio, who is result driven, has been in the finance profession for more than 23 years.

Cassio Passion for Music
What most people do not know is that Cassio, who is a successful result-driven financial expert, has a passion for music. He was once in the music industry and produced big hits in the 90s. What started as a band for teenage boys from the same neighborhood, in 1985 led to the establishment of a band called the Viper. This was after making attempts in other bands leading to the main metal band in Brazil (Viper). This was the only band by then that incorporated a variety of genres like thrash metal and rock.

The Viper Band
The Viper band gained momentum after they went on a trip to Largo, and encountered Celso Barbieri, who hosted a program that had an influence on the Brazilian rock music. They did a presentation that led to a performance at the SP Metal Project making more fame.

The Viper Growth
Cassio as a drummer of the band was responsible for creating the rhythm and uniting the band. His prowess contributed to the release of hit songs, like ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ in 1987.This was one of the biggest heavy metal hits, and was played on radio shows thus gaining prominence in magazines. Cassio witnessed tremendous growth of his band such as the opening of the Motor head show and the release of the ’Theater of Fate’ album.

Prostate Cancer Treatments & The CTCA

In October 2015, the Administration Food and Drug Administration finally approved the high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to treat prostate cancer, nearly two decades after being approved by regulatory agencies in Asian countries and Europe.

doctors that the procedure, two hours, is minimally invasive say. Patients return home the same day and can continue with their normal activities. HIFU treatment may be partial, it focused on the overall tissue damage, or if the cancer is affecting the entire prostate.

Instead of using radiation, HIFU uses ultrasound energy to destroy the affected tissue. Ultrasound waves are directed to the area of prostate cancer that is then the temperature at the top of the probe insertion is increased to 90 degrees Celsius to destroy diseased tissue. The fabric in the outside of the injury remains intact.

In addition to skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men, with about 240,000 new cases reported each year, according to the American Cancer Society. At thee International HIFU Center in South Miami, the cost of treatment is $ 25,000. Suarez said that the likelihood of needing a second treatment is rare.

Prior to FDA approval, insurance companies usually do not cover the cost of treatment, claiming it was experimental. With FDA approval, insurance still do not cover, but may do so in the future due to certain criteria that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has set in place for all effective methods of curing cancer. This condition may even permit holistic methods of eradicating cancer as well.

Of the 240,000 men are diagnosed annually with prostate cancer in the United States, a third party will select surgery. CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers Of America) use 4D radiation therapy, immunotherapy and even hormone therapy to correct prostate cancer. For those that will select radiation CTCA has many other alternatives, some of which have been proven to be more effective.