Cassio Audi: Brazil’s Legendary Rock Star

When someone mentions the name Cassio Audi, most people are likely to associate him with the finance industry.. However, back in the day, Cassio was affiliated to a popular rock band known as Viper. Cassio teamed up with the Yves and Pit Passarell, and Andre and Felipe Machado to form the band in 1985. The group was formed following the metal music trend in Britain. Cassio was recognized for his skill in playing drums.

The Rise of Viper in the Rock Music Industry

Viper produced its first demo album “Killer Sword”. The demo album did so well that some of the tracks in it were incorporated in Viper’s first album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”. This album was created in 1987 and was crucial in the band’s rise to fame.

Viper’s album was doing so well that they managed to clinch a four star from Allmusic. The Soliders of Sunrise has been redone and released several times after its first debut. Cassio left the music industry in 1989 after the group launched its second album dubbed “Theatre of Fate”. The album was sold in many developed nations including the U.S.A, Europe, China, and Japan.

Cassio’s Finance Career

It is not clear why Cassio left the group but there comes a point in one’s life when they realize their true calling. For Cassio, his destiny was not in music but in the financial sector. After he retired from music, he went back to school. He studied for his MBA in finance at the “University of Sao Paulo”. After completing his studies, Cassio ventured into finance management and later on into real estate. Currently, Cassio works as a consultant on matters concerning stock exchange.

Even though Cassio left the music industry to pursue a career in finance, he will always be remembered as one of the pioneers of rock music in Brazil.

Avaaz – Leaders In Creating Global Resolution

Avaaz is a global organization that was founded in 2007. The goal of Avaaz is to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people want. This organization is dedicated to empowering people all around the world to take action on regional, national, and even global issues. They are known for fighting issues such as poverty, climate change, and animal and human rights. Avaaz operates in 16 different languages within 6 out of the 7 continents.

Avaaz finds that the best way to handle their organization is through one global team. Their way of operation has led the organization to be flexible, focused, nimble, and scaled. Avaaz focuses on issues and matters that are important to the members of the organization. Each week, a poll is held to decide which issues are going to be tackled. This method allows Avaaz to work as a democracy. When an issue is chosen by members, the staff sends important updates that highlight the issue that was chosen in order to start taking action. This organization has found that it is best to tackle issues at their peak. By doing this, they are assured that their action really matters.

Since its founding in 2007, Avaaz has resolved a number of issues around the globe. One of the largest accomplishments made by this organization was the signing of the Paris Climate Accord. The signing of this agreement between the United Nations brought attention to stop the issue of Climate Change. Along with this accomplishment, several others had been made. Avaaz had helped with conflict in the Middle East by holding campaigns to stop bombing attacks and aid refugees from conflict-ridden countries. Campaigns to stop the Yulin Dog Festival and the murdering of Fin Whales was also started and ended in success.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Makes Clinicians More Dependable With the Launch of a Clinical Pathways Involving Nanthealth and Allscripts

If there is one occupation where practitioners should be error-free and dependable, it is the medical profession. The slightest of errors can terminate a life. Not forgetting that life is irreparable; no remedy once it is gone. Many individuals have little to no trust in medical practitioners as a result. This is understandable, but there are now concrete reasons to have some trust in clinicians particularly with the recent technical solution put together by the partnership of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Nanthealth and Allscripts. These three organizations came up with a comprehensive oncology treatment platform known as Clinical Pathways.

Call this a medical breakthrough and you will not be wrong. It is in every way a medical data bank accessible to clinicians anytime even when administering treatment to patients. Clinicians thus have no excuse defaulting in giving their patients the best treatment available as they can always update their knowledge and skills with just a touch on a button.

This Clinical Pathways comprises of treatment regimens, complementary therapies and recent researches. Patients can now discard fear in its entirety when going for treatments. Fear does no good; it is an element capable of hampering the healing process.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America®

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a network of five up-to-the-minute standard hospitals across the United States. Aside the headquarters in Boca Raton, the other locations of the hospitals are in Chicago, Tulsa, Philadelphia and Atlanta. CTCA holds it a responsibility to provide comprehensive treatments to adult cancer patients in the country and beyond.

The qualitative health care services of CTCA have endeared the organization to many. With precision cancer treatment and supportive therapies as well as immunotherapy, radiation, chemotherapy and advanced genomic testing, CTCA incorporates an integrative approach to health care.

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Omar Yunes – Winner of the Best Franchisee in the World Competition, and Rightly So

Omar Yunes is amongst the most successful entrepreneurs in the restaurant business in Mexico and is the owner of 13 franchise units of highly popular global Japanese fast food chain named Sushi Itto. Sushi Itto has a total of 150 franchise units out of which Omar Yunes himself own 13.


He started in the franchise business and owned the first Sushi Itto store when he was just 21, but with time and his determination to succeed, he is the proud owner of 13 Sushi Itto fast food restaurants. Moreover, Omar Yunes is contemplating over opening many new Sushi Itto outlets in the time to come.


Omar Yunes was recently given the award of Best Franchisee in the World in a competition that took place in the beautiful city of Florence in Italy. Many franchise owners from across the globe participated in the event, but eventually, Omar Yunes and one other franchise owner won the title of the Best Franchisee in the World.


Diego Elizarrarraz is the organizer of the BFW Competition, and he said in one of the interviews that Omar Yunes is deserving of the title he won because, in all the parameters that the judged checked before finalizing the winner, Omar Yunes surpassed all the other candidates by a great margin.


Over the years, Omar Yunes has helped add value to the brand and also helped with its brand awareness on a local and national level. It has not only helped his franchise units but also helped the brand as a whole to reach out to the potential customers. There were many people in the places where Omar Yunes opened his joints where the people have never tried Japanese fast food, but Omar Yunes implemented innovative marketing techniques to create an interest among the consumers to try what Sushi Itto had to offer, and most of these people are now loyal patrons of the brand.


After winning the award at the BFW competition, he humbly thanked everyone who helped him achieve what he achieved, and also mentioned that the success of his franchise units is all due to the hard work of the 400 employees who work at his 13 franchise units of Sushi Itto.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Gains Access to Critical EHR Information Center Through New Partnerships

In the efforts to treat cancer more effectively, information, especially tailored information on specific treatment options, is often of vital importance to the doctors and patients on the ground. Now, through a new partnership involving Cancer Treatment Centers, NantHealth and Allscrips, there will be a custom integration of NantHealth’s clinical support solution and operating system with the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record, or EHR.

The direct interface will contain a comprehensive collection of cancer care data, which in turn can be continually updated so physicians have the knowledge at the click of few buttons. The partnership began in early 2016 when CTCA, Allscripts, and NantHealth began collaborating to see how they can better deliver exact treatment options to patients at all five hospitals in the CTCA network.

With the Clinical Pathways, the NantHealth eviti system will have access to the Allscripts Sunrise EHR. The Electronic Health Records contain over 2700 evidence-based treatments and clinical trials which oncologists can access to see what treatment possibilities they should recommend to their patients. Its quality is assured because it is maintained by top oncologists in the country.

Through the portal, physicians can work with their patients to create custom treatment plans for each stage of a patient’s disease state, compare treatments and costs, enter orders, and examine a map of complimentary treatments and services that a patient may want to consider. Those are not directly dealing with the disease but can improve quality of life while undergoing treatment. It will even streamline the insurance process by offering detailed clinical data to insurance companies to support the treatment strategies.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America runs five hospitals in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa. Their philosophy is to integrate multiple avenues of treatment from modern genome-based therapies to traditional radiation and chemotherapy as well as supportive therapies. All three will be enhanced by this partnership.

Its five hospitals are networked together to serve adults with cancer. They believe strongly in patient agency during decision making. As a result, its hospitals, in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa, are consistently ranked high in patient experience and quality of care.

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Samuel Strauch Among the Top Real Estate Businessmen in the US

In every country, there are a few locations that are more desired in the industry of real estate market. In the United States of America, Miami Beach, Florida is one of the most wanted places to buy a home. The companies there are thriving, especially Metrik real Estate.

The Metrik Real Estate company was created by Mr Samuel Strauch in 2002. Mr Samuel Strauch is a highly successful investor and businessman, and he is very skilled at the business of real estate. He graduated with a master’s degree in Business from the Hofstra University which located in New York City. Afterwards, Mr Samuel Strauch attended the Erasmus University in Rotterdam as well as the Harvard University. His career began n the field of banking, but after a few years, he decided to dedicate his time and effort to a career in the real estate business. Mr Strauch’s family business is also real estate.

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The profession suited him very well, and he excelled in all of his projects. Samuel Strauch gained a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge about the business of real estate, and he was ready to establish Metrik real Estate. Currently, Samuel Strauch serves as Principal of Metrik Real Estate. It was created more than ten years ago and has been expanding every year. The company has a reach in South Florida as well as Latin America. The main building of the company is in Miami. It is located in the Fort Lauderdale Area. All of those locations are extremely beneficial for real estate businesses that have contributed to the success of Metrik real Estate.


Currently, the company provides equity sourcing, and management, developing of properties and more. Metrik real estate is divided into three enterprises. Each of those three branches handles a part of the Metrik Real Estate business and makes the corporation more successful.

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