The Famous Trabuco Weapon

Trabuco was a famous and dreaded weapon in the middle ages. The main use of the Trabuco was to crash the walls of enemies or even to throw heavy stones towards the enemy lines. The Trabuco’s main origin was ancient China and was an efficient weapon that the Europeans made good use of during the crusades. Trabuco was famous more than other weapons such as the catapult and ballistae because of the simplicity of its mechanism. The weapon was also easy to manufacture and maintain which made it very popular among the ancient militaries.

The prominence of the weapon is also attributed to its ability to shoot heavy projectiles over long distances as compared to other related weapons. According to the mechanism behind the operation of the Trabuco changed the gravitational potential energy to the kinetic energy. The heavy projectiles translated into bigger velocity that resulted in a huge damage on the target. The strong velocity also resulted in stronger landing and damage to the enemy camps.


The Evolution of the Trabuco

The first Trabuco model was operated by human beings. The people moved the short end of the weapon, which was specifically made for this purpose. The largest model of the Trabuco was operated by over 250 people and had the ability to launch a 140- pound projectile over a distance of 80 meters. However, the model was quite rare because of the detailed logistics involved in controlling the team operating on the weapon. The weapon could launch four in every minute, which is quite impressive even compared to the modern weapons. However, the weapon had one major weakness, because it was difficult to manage the team of human operators.

It was not possible to have everyone put the exact force on each short as it would with a single operator. Such weaknesses made the weapon to last only up to the eleventh century. The next Trabuco was the hybrid Trabuco that resulted from the refining of the tensile Trabuco. The Arabs merchants took the tensile Trabuco to the Middle East where it went through a great deal of improvement according to Addition of weight to the weapon’s short end increased the distance that it could reach. It could now launch over 400 pounds projectiles over a great distance.

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