malcolm casSelle’s success history.

Malcolm graduated with computer science both in masters and bachelors degree, where he received his master’s degree from MIT and a bachelors degree from Stanford University. Malcolm is currently a chief information officer at Opskins and also the president of wax. Before wax, he held positions which were basically for taking new start-ups into the digital platform. Malcolm has worked for major high-tech companies especially many that are based in China.

Malcolm has actively been involved in investing in early-stage companies like Facebook and more recently bitcoin-related companies. He was a co-founder of timeline labs, which is a social media tracking software company where he served as a CEO. At Capital Union Investments he was entitled to manage direct investments into big web companies, this being a part of his corporate ladder until he found his way to wax. At wax, he has been a contributor of bringing in double-digit revenues in terms of growth.

Opskins is a number one online platform for buying online games. It is also a number one bitcoin merchant in the world. Opskins recently launched WAX, worldwide asset exchange, which is basically a marketplace for buyers and sellers to make a trade, with virtual assets. Wax is able to solve main problems in this virtual online platform which are fraud and fragmentation. It means that one does not necessarily need to exit a game while still conducting the trade. Wax introduced block-chain technology that also enables e-sports hence countering fragmentation.

Wax Company has also taken care of the middlemen in the block-chain that come as a result of Forex problems between different parties, buyer and seller, hence able to transact with people using different denominations. Malcolm CasSelle is very confident and sure that this platform is the most secure and the best in the gaming industry. Wax also introduced centralized marketplaces which are key to getting fraudsters out of the block-chain market. A smart contract is also involved as a full proof of top security. This means that constant troubles as a result of the economic crisis are solved.