Julie Zuckerberg Is Changing The Field Of Talent Acquisition

Building a strong global business is not easy. Business people often find themselves needing to ensure that the services their organizations offer are distinguished in the marketplace through their quality and branding. This requires strong operation management, a clear vision for leading a company into the future and a qualified, effective and enthusiastic workforce to carry out the vision and deliver top notch services to consumers. Leaders can find themselves focusing on priorities like having the best facilities or implementing the newest software solutions. While each of these things are important, particularly for companies that do business on a global level, arguably neither technology nor facilities are as important as developing and maintaining a group of qualified employees.


A business is only as strong as or as weak as the people who work for it. Good employees must be sought out, marketed to, trained for success and treated well in order to be effective. This becomes even more important as the responsibilities that a staff member is required to fulfill have a larger impact on the company. While it is hard to find employees whose responsibilities impact the day-to-day operations of company it can be even harder to find senior-level professionals to provide leadership to the people they manage and to implement far-reaching strategies that guide the company towards long-term success. Recruiting both senior-level talent and junior-level talent requires the vision of an experienced talent acquisition professional. For the better part of a decade New York City-based recruitment professional Julie Zuckerberg has provided talent acquisition services to large corporations in the financial services sector as they sought out and vetted the candidates most likely to lead their companies towards achieving their business objectives.


Before she entered the world of talent acquisition Julie started out as an undergraduate student at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she studied the rigorous liberal arts discipline of philosophy. Her studies in philosophy prepared her to better understand human behavior as well as develop the ability to think strategically, two competencies that are vital to succeeding in the talent acquisition field. After graduating from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College she went on to study at and earn a law degree from New York Law School. Being armed with an education in both philosophy and the law, Julie went on to land a position with Hudson where she worked as the Director of Candidate Placement for five years. During her time as the Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson Julie was responsible for recruiting lawyers and paralegals, briefing new hires on important information about benefits and overseeing compliance issues. After her time at Hudson she would go on to work for world-renown financial institutions like Citi and Deustche Bank. Julie also worked for New York Life Insurance Company. At Citi Julie rose through the ranks, initially beginning her stint there as an executive recruiter and then after years of exemplary performance she ascended to the role of Vice President. During her time at New York Life Insurance Company Julie worked as a Corporate Vice President. While she was at Deutsche Bank, she worked as an Executive Talent Acquisition Lead.