Clayton Hutson and Concert Skills

Clayton Hutson is a professional tour rigger who is going to be teaming up with country music superstars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. He’s set to work with the married couple for the duration of part two of “Soul2Soul.” This is the name of their global tour. They haven’t toured as a team for more than a decade now.


Part one of Soul2Soul was a major success. 70 of the performances ended up selling out. These took place starting in the spring of 2017 all the way into the last month of the year. Organizers made the choice to add dates to the tour. Fans wanted more. They requested more, too. Clay Hutson now is in charge of all live production matters. He’s a Nashville, Tennessee resident. He has a strong reputation within the concert community. He has given his talents to a broad array of widely known musical acts. Diverse examples of these acts are Guns ‘n’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson, Pink and, finally, Kid Rock. Hutson has assisted musical acts with their concerts for more than two full decades now. He is particularly talented in tour production, stage management and sound engineering.


Hutson in the past was a sound engineer who went everywhere with Billy Graham’s crew. He’s enamored by rock music and that encouraged him to concentrate on something different afterward. He was attracted to the music field like a magnet. He was all over the place with his new music vocation. He went to locations all around North America. He went to Australia and Europe as well.


Hutson states that he wants others to consider him to be the most assiduous individual around. He indicates that musical acts are genuinely elated any time engineers go the extra mile for their concerts. This individual is more than exclusively a sound engineer. He’s also a tour producer and stage manager who boasts an outstanding track record. This motivated music fan has accounts on social media websites including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


He presents musical clients with a dizzying array of choices in useful services. His offered services include monitor engineering, show production, production management, production design, rigging and even logistics management. He provides clients of all kinds with assistance that’s economical. He provides them with assistance that’s thrilling and innovative as well. Musical artists who want to enchant audiences everywhere with performances that are fresh often work with Hutson. Learn more: