Doe Deere’s Fantastic Scandalous Idea

Lime Crime is a cosmetic/beauty line. The CEO is Doe Deere. Deere has always been unique to me because she doesn’t have a problem with expressing herself through spontaneous hair and makeup choices. Deere has always been very creative with expressing herself which is why her customers are always left satisfied. Lime Crime products are really changing the game with the latest addition to their makeup line. The company has come out with this new idea that many people will like. The line has reinvented the Polly Pocket toys from the 90’s, except there’s a cool twist to this renovated idea. The cool twist is that these new pockets are not toys, but makeup palettes instead.

They have decided to create eyeshadow palettes instead. These Palettes are awesome! It reminds me of the portable doll toys from the 90’s. These palettes are portable. They are pocket-sized, which is great for people who like to do their makeup on-the-go. Any Woman would be able to put the palette in her jean pocket, clutch purse, or nice sized bags. Another benefit of the these ‘Pocket Candy Palettes’ is that they come in extremely pretty colors. The outside of the palettes come in bubblegum, sugarplum, and pink lemonade.

The actual eyeshadow colors are so beautifully unique. The colors from the shadow range from light nudes for casual events, dark shades for the Smokey eye look, along with bright shades for the extraordinary diva look. This eyeshadow palettes are a hot topic right now because not only do they look great but they are budget friendly as well. Anyone can purchase one palette for $34 or all three palettes for $90! These palettes hold a special place in my heart because they are not expensive as most makeup palettes but the quality is better than lots of eyeshadows in the makeup department. I would recommend this product!