Dr. Clay Siegall: A Man of Many Acts

There are truly some great individuals that have graced people with their presence over the years. These talented individuals come in all colors as well as perform in different fields of work. Unfortunately, the people that seem to do more for society lacks the recognition. On the other hand, movie stars and professional athletes get all the glory. This article is about a brilliant individual. He’s not a household name, but he’s done more for society than any entertainer in history. Dr. Clay Siegall is his name, and fighting cancer is his game.

To start things off, Siegall isn’t looking for any recognition because he takes pride in doing good deeds for people without any camera presence. This guy is the current CEO and President of Seattle Genetics. This is the world’s largest oncology biotech company, and it’s located in Bothell, Washington. Vigorous research goes into each and every drug that the company produces, and it produces some of the best. These drugs are empowering to the patients who use them. Antibody drug conjugates or (ADCs) have changed the game thanks to their advanced delivery system. These drugs inject cell-killing agents into dangerous cancer cells.

Dr. Siegall uses his patience, education and perseverance for each and every drug. The guy uses his own personal blog to update the community and the general public on what’s going on. Some of his latest posts were on some of the newer drugs that were already in the pipeline of success. He also has spoken on the progression of the company’s flagship drug ADCETRIS. Free of charge is what this information is and Siegall does everything in his powers to get the information out to the public in a timely fashion.

Siegall has also spoke about revenue. Seattle Genetics’ net sales of ADCETRIS is now well over $66.2 million. The cancer research community is blessed to have such a talented individual fighting in its corner. Dr. Clay Siegall is the epitome of a philanthropist, and his company personifies greatness on all levels.