Dr. Greg Finch Wants His Patients Receive The Best Orthopedic Solutions

Dr. Greg Finch, a Queensland-based Orthopedic surgeon, wants the best medical solutions to his patients and works to offer the most advanced treatment options to them. With the development of medical science in the recent decades, a number of a treatment of procedures have gained prominence due to easy and quick healing. Greg Finch is keen to observe the transition in the medical science and offers high-quality Orthopedic procedures such as Total Joint Replacement, Sports Medicine, Arthroscopic Surgery, etc.

In Total Joint Replacement, the surgeons check for the damages in joints and depending on the condition, they go for a total replacement of the parts by plastic or metal parts with the same shape of the original parts to support the movement of joints. The most common joint replacement is the knee replacement. The Sports Medicine includes quick recovery of acute conditions through careful analysis and comprehensive treatment options that address developing programs to prevent future injuries as well. The Arthroscopic surgery is a minor surgery executed using arthroscopy – an instrument. The treatment procedure is good for knee and other joints like hip, wrist, ankle, elbow, shoulder, and more.

Dr. Greg Finch has more than two decades of experience in various orthopedic treatment options and surgeries. He practices in North America, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand, and he has deeper exposure in spine surgery, pediatric orthopedic treatment, adult deformity, etc. Greg Finch is a member of North American Spine Society, Australian Orthopedic Association, New Zealand Orthopedic Association, etc. Currently, he works as the orthopedic spine surgeon at Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, Queensland.

Greg Finch completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Auckland. He is known for providing professional treatment services to his patients and communicates the condition of the patient and the complexity of various treatment options in advance.