End Citizens United Promotes Investment In The Leaders Of The Country

The Disclose Act is causing ripples among the Republicans, and this is because it will interfere with how cash is typically obtained for supporting the campaign processes of republican parties. End Citizens United has worked hard to ensure that the filth, which had settled into the United States political system is finally washed away.

To achieve their objective, leaders of End Citizens United make use of financial support from citizens to advance the political ideologies of those whom they believe would suitably serve the country while in Congress. The Republicans were stuck with the idea that campaign money can be obtained from any source, and this had led to a case where only the wealthy were benefiting from the Republicans elected to Congress.

Worst of all, the situation allowed for the interference of the United States political system by foreign countries just like in the previously completed elections. When the Disclose Act is adopted, it will be a requirement to for any political party to ensure that donated money is verified, and all forms of spending are made public. The source of the finance should not be associated with criminal activities, and most importantly, the money invested into a political party should not exceed a certain amount from a single source.

Republicans see such stringent rules as a significant drawback, and they will interfere with the success of political parties. As a result, the Republicans are doing all that they can to ensure that the success of the Disclose Act does not see the light of day. Pleasing the few in the society is the worst undertaking that can be adopted by any right-minded leader, yet that is what the Republicans are advocating.

When corporations invest into the country’s system of governance, then they end up hurting those who have no say on the type of laws that are adopted. Tiffany Muller believes that such an situation turns the country into a tool for use by other nations such as Russia. Tiffany Muller is campaigning for a breed of leaders who are bold enough stand up against the status quo in Congress and bring down the use of Big Money that is donated by Super Political Action Committees.

The government should be entrusted to protect the rights of all citizens against misuse from those who might be trying to take advantage of the situation. When leaders in fail to understand that it is the citizens who come first, then they need to be challenged and shown that the real power lies in the hands of those who elected them into Congress. End Citizens United is creating awareness all over the United States on the negative impact of Big Money on the economic growth of the country.

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