End Citizens United Puts Democracy On Trial

In any democratic nation in the world, citizens have the supreme power over any democratic government. The people’s power can never be overshadowed or dwarfed if they stand for the fight for the course in their heart. Many governments have been brought down by the citizens if they do not deliver.

End Citizens United prides itself in being a Democratic Political Action Committee. Its main drive is to overturn the United States Supreme Court ruling. The civil case was Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission; the decision sent shockwaves across the political quotas in the United States. The shock ruling has had a long-term impact with its opposition continuing unabated. The ruling by the court stated that there would be no funding limitation when it comes to corporate support of candidate’s election in political broadcasts. Majority of the members of End Citizens United are democrats and as expected, they hope that there would be meaningful change in the leadership of Democrats.

There had been previously a small number of Court cases to alter the political direction of United States. For instance cases like Dred Scott v. Sandford in 1857 and others like Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 not forgetting and Roe v. Wade in 1973. These cases were not only controversial court rulings but also had consequences that resulted in a permanent impact on the political culture of the United States of America.

Citizens United was a conservative group that attacked the then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during primaries of the nominations. The case was ruled way after 2010. They went to court to have the Federal Election Commission overturned. The federal court ruled in favor of FEC and the Citizens United lost the case then.

In addition, the court swept away the ability of the federal government to place any limitations on what can be done by the corporations to influence the election outcome. Professional from all parties found out that the new rules brought about by Citizens United decision were profound. Corporate campaign contributions were allowed to basically be not only unlimited but also largely anonymous.

Unfortunately, the Citizens United gave the Republicans an added advantage. This was because the party had a connection to the economic elites and with deep pockets and influence in the vast and wealthy corporate world.

Non-governmental organizations, End Citizens United, together with activists and the Democrat party have been working hard to overturn the ruling. The ruling gives some parties advantage over others skewing democracy towards corporate influence.

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