Eric LefkofskyAnd What’s Going On With Tempus

Tempus is a technology company founded in 2015 that focuses on hoarding and analyzing large bundles of clinical, molecular, and other scientific data. The company was founded by Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell in Chicago, Illinois, where the company is still headquartered today. Tempus currently collaborates with some of the world’s largest, most successful hospitals, including the Cleveland Clinic, Duke University’s School of Medicine, the Mayo Clinic, the University of Michigan, and many more. All sponsors outsource clinical and scientific data to Tempus in hopes of making sense of previously unknown links between various diagnoses, conditions, treatments, and factors.

The company recently entered into an agreement with Precision HealthAI and CancerLinQ to help structure CancerLinQ’s hefty accumulations of data. CancerLinQ’s database is home to more than one million patients’ records.

Together with the help of Precision HealthAI and Tempus, the information CancerLinQ has the rights to will be sorted through and analyzed far more quickly than without such assistance.

The Deal Was Initially Rooted In This Line Of Thinking

Eric Lefkofsky, current lead executive of Tempus, noted several months ago in an interview that the CEO of major company ASCO had expressed concerns of what to do with the information of cancer patients ASCO’s subsidiary CancerLinQ had access to. CancerLinQ was successful in sourcing and amassing such personal, private, confidential information in the first place, although analyzing it was a tough task on its own.

ASCO and CancerLinQ had shopped around for assistance from biotech companies that specialized in information technology, though the pair wasn’t successful in finding a single promising candidate. Tempus eventually entered the collective eyesight of the corporate pair, and is set to provide the companies with loads of benefits from analyzing those troubled cancer patients’ information.

Commercializing The Sensitive Data Of CancerLinQ Made Sense To Tempus And CancerLinQ

Tempus and PrecisionHealthAI were collectively selected by CancerLinQ after the need to commercialize such data came to mind. By outsourcing the data to other advanced, trustworthy analytical firms, the scientific community could help make sense of such information.

Chief Executive Officer of PrecisionHealthAI, RomeshWadhwani, noted that the company he leads utiilizes data warehouses to receive, manage, and ship out tons of clinical data. Although PrecisionHealthAI isn’t successful at actually deeply analyzing such information, the comapny is also effective at comparing unique factors of mutliple datasets and pulling inferences from such.

Eric Lefkofsky has stated that Tempus creates their own sets of data by bringing together the power of molecular and lcinical data. Mr. Lefkofsky believes that making sense of such information, together, is necessary for reaching the precipice of being able to offer personalized cancer care.

About Tempus’ Own, Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky has a long career in creating and building companies that rely on technology to perform functions for customers. When he founded Tempus in 2015, he noted that he didn’t have any intentions to enter the world of healthcare, though he was prompted to after a loved one was treated for cancer.

Mr. Lefkofsky found that the loved one was treated with a lack of technology to help physicians, and very little data was relied upon to help provide successful treatment plans to patients.

He’s probably best known for being the founder of Groupon, a mobile app that links providers of products and services with customers by offering them cheaper discounts on such offerings than what would be available without the pair’s conjunction.

Mr. Eric Lefkofsky, just like most of the companies he’s founded, is currently based in Chicago. He graduated with two degrees from the University of Michigan.