Goettl Air Conditioning Goes Beyond the Call of Duty to Provide a Sustainable Heating Solution to a Family in Las Vegas

A Family in Las Vegas will no longer have to live in inhabitable conditions thanks to an initiative by the Goettl Air Conditioning Company. Abana Stephenson and her family had become used to living in a house without a functional HVAC system and a toilet. According to Stephenson, her two teenage daughters would go to her room to heat up during winter or to cool down body temperatures in the summertime.


When Michael Gamst, a manager at Goettl learned about the situation in Stephenson’s family, he moved in swiftly to save the situation. Working together with Triple5teens, a non-profit organization, Goettl installed a new Air Conditioning and Heating Unit and a toilet for Stephenson’s family for free. Before the installation of the new heating unit, Stephenson’s electricity bill averaged $600 a month. Gamst, a manager at Goettl, says that they are expecting that with the new unit, the power will go down by half. The staff from Goettl and Tripple5teens also came with numerous gifts for the family. Goettl has been in the lead to advocate for Zone controlled heating, which is helping homeowners to make huge savings on their power bills. With Zone controlled heating technology, the heating units from Goettl warm a home depending on the heating needs of each room.


About Goettl Air Conditioning Company

Goettl Air Conditioning Company has offices in Phoenix Arizona, Tuscon Arizona, and Las Vegas. The company started its operations in 1926 in Mansfield, Ohio. Later on, the founders, Adam, John, and Bill moved to Phoenix Arizona to start the Phoenix-based Goettl Air conditioning company. Goettl has grown to become an internationally recognized producer of evaporative coolers. The company is one of the leading innovators in heating and cooling technology. Currently, the company holds more than 100 patents.