How Did Gregory James Aziz End Up In Car Manufacturing And His Impact To The Industry?

Over time, Gregory Aziz has proved himself a serial entrepreneur with great organizational and leadership skills. These skills have seen him become a household name within the manufacturing circles given the fact that he owns the leading freight car manufacturing company in the world. This recognition can be perceived as more of an appreciation of the fact that he was able to turn around the company’s fortunes in less than a decade after assuming ownership. But just how did he shift from family-owned business to running a manufacturing company?


James Aziz leaves the family business for the banking sector


Gregory’s family owns a food processing and distribution business, Affiliated Foods. He, therefore, joined the family business after school. In the two decades that he served here, Gregory J Aziz helped the family business expand operations thus becoming the largest importer of fresh foods from the European and South America that it would then distribute to the Canadian and United sates markets. The economics graduate from Western University, however, quit this position to join the banking industry where he worked with different investment banks in New York.


These jobs helped him nurture his entrepreneurial spirit by exposing him to different investment options. In 1994, he decided to make a run for the manufacturing industry by acquiring controlling shares at the fallen giant in the name of National Steel car. Aziz saw an opportunity in the company that he hoped to exploit and help turn the freight car manufacturer to its former glory.


Achievements at National steel car


In less than five years, Greg James Aziz had helped the company revert back to profitability and scale up operations to optimal productivity. He also set out on a mission of helping one of the oldest Freight car manufacturers reclaim the top spot industry in terms of innovation and quality productions. This would be achieved through employment of expert staff as well as the deployment of ultra-modern technology in all spheres of production and design within the company. Read This Article for more information.


How entry of Gregory Aziz impacted the manufacturing industry


1For years, National Steel Car dominated the freight and railcar manufacturing industry but faltered along the way. It influenced the technology and designs for the industry. Greg James Aziz had his eyes set on reviving this glory. He, therefore, pumped in significant human, technological resources towards reviving this lost glory. By helping the company reclaim the top spot, Aziz has transformed the manufacturer into a trendsetter for the industry.