How does ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Things’ relate with the modern society?

‘Bob Honey Who Just Do things’ a book written by Sean Penn, one of the best writers, actors, and filmmakers in the United States. The book is written concerning the Pappy Paria and one of Penn’s interviews, and he says that the book focuses mostly on the modern American culture and the morality of people in America. Also, in this book, he even tries to relate the current political movements, for example, the Parklands survivors to change the gun Laws.

The book’s title, Bob Honey Who Do things talks about the main character of the book which is Bob Honey. He does a lot of jobs such as sewage expert that makes him travel in different parts of the world as a waste management expert, and he is also a government operator and an assassin among other jobs. Bob divorced with his wife, and since then he has been finding it difficult to socialize and get along with their people in the society and more so with his neighbors. He hates social media, advertising and any other way that may make his life public. This is shown when he tries to find himself enjoying marine life, and a journalist comes to his door to question him about his life, and he is not pleased with that.

Bob Honey is also hired by a secret kind of a government to kill and assassinate elderly people in the society using the resources of the country. He even rights a letter to the president of the United States who Penn has described him as The landlord in the book, threatening him about his assassination too.

Sean Penn tries to relate the real world situations that are happening today like the case of assassination of the old people in the country by Bob Honey. He talks about the Las Vegas Shootings, Louis c.k and the Me Too Movements. Alt of immorality is going around the world even the killing of people which is sometimes as a result of the modern political movements. Other cases include slut shaming, issues of raping among other immoralities in the world.

Besides, Sean Penn has also written many other books, and he has also acted in a significant number of movies. He has diverse talents that are, writing, producing, acting, directing among others. He has also been able to win some awards in his career such as a couple of Academy Awards for the best actor.