How Organo Gold is Changing Lives Using Unique Coffee Products

New studies show that drinking coffee can prolong life and reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. This isn’t the first time the health advantages and disadvantages of coffee have been studied. Coffee lovers around the world are used to headlines claiming that coffee could lead to a longer life. In a recent study where more than 185,000 Americans were examined, it was established that people who drank decaffeinated or caffeinated coffee were less likely to die of heart attack, kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke. According to the study, people who drink more than two cups of coffee every day decrease their chances of death by 18% compared to people who don’t drink coffee. According to the lead author of the study, Veronica W. Setiawan, drinking coffee won’t make your life longer, but the two have a close association. Watch this video on Youtube.

About Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a company dedicated to spreading knowledge around the entire world about the importance of Ganoderma. The company manufactures organic coffees using unique ingredients such as Ganoderma spore seed powder, organic green tea, Arabica coffee, grape seed oil, and organic Ganoderma lucidum. Organo Gold encourages health and wellness by boosting the immune system, combating harmful free radicals, and increasing levels of antioxidants.


Founded in 2008, Organo Gold’s mission is to provide high-quality and unique products to customers globally. The products are taken through a series of tests before they are brought on the market. Products can be purchased through the company’s official website or from distributors. Organo Gold distributors provide automated shipping options, product samples, discounted sales, and individual product sales through Organo Gold’s Preferred Customers Program. The company sponsors a non-profit organization known as the OG Cares Foundation. The organization is committed to supporting the youth by creating opportunities for them to become productive members of their communities. Visit to know more.