How Rocketship Education Is So Successful

California’s Bay Area is known for some of the world’s most successful, innovative organizations – including Rocketship Education. Often referred to as RSED, Rocketship Education was founded in 2007 by an educational veteran, current CEO Preston Smith, with nearly two decades’ experience in tow. The United States is home to all sixteen RSED members, ranging in latitude from Milwaukee to New Orleans, longitudinally from California to the nation’s capital. Known for its regularly high test scores despite being situated in impoverished areas, RSED values several novel pedagogical tools and strategies unique to its organization.

Public schools are proud schools

Public schools have traditionally boasted lower scores than their private counterparts. The former typically don’t have as much funding from state and local governments as private institutions do, nor do they require parents to pay tuition to maintain enrollment. As such, far too many public institutions’s employees, students, and parents aren’t proud of being associated with public schools. Rocketship Education encourages administrators, employees, students, and all other parties involved to be proud of being tied to a public charter school, especially one that regularly earns high scores like RSED’s.

Acceptance of and respondence to feedback is important

Rocketship Education seeks out instructors that appropriately deal with criticism. Some teachers stick to their own methods of teaching, failing to adopt new strategies in the classroom, even when existing pedagogical approaches aren’t working. Teachers that don’t fit this adaptive mold are whittled away for more prospective employees.

Special needs students are always included

Students born with special needs aren’t always involved in regular classrooms, instead hidden away in smaller classrooms without their peers. RSED values keeping every student in their homerooms for a large portion of their day, building confidence and reducing behavioral problems, both innately valuable to the learning process.

Parents are integral to effective education

At Rocketship Education, teachers visit the homes of students once year to better personalize their educations. Even further valuing families’ inputs, several parents are trained to conduct panel interviews when considering hiring new teachers, helping students find quality instructors.