Ian King Excels in Business and Crypto Mining

Ian King is a pacesetter in the world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. For over twenty years, he worked as an investment manager and managed to garner invaluable experience. Being the founder of Intellicoins, Ian King is always at the forefront of creating original content that will later assist conventional investors to navigate cryptocurrency markets. Even so, Ian King has a past that encompasses long years of experience as a senior trader. Initially, he worked for several companies including Peahi Capital, where he served for ten years. Follow Ian King on Medium.com.

Ian first worked as a clerk at Salomon Brothers. Later in his years of work and garnering vast experience, he joined Credit Derivative, Citigroup’s affiliate. Mr. King’s career roots from a long daytime walk he was enjoying on the shores of New Jersey a few years ago. Well, as he walked, he realized that bad weather was approaching and kids were surfing in the waters. He called them out, but unfortunately, they did not hear him. Because it was a life or death situation, Ian King called for help from the lifeguards who never showed up on time. Therefore, Ian king had to do the saving on his own.

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From that moment, he decided to be more involved in other people’s lives. Consequently, he was chosen to serve as the deputy lifeguard. On a typical day, King and his team would save about fifty people on the shores. After working at the beach for some time, King decided to pursue formal education. He majored in psychology because he wanted to help people lead healthy lives. King later pursued pre-med. As a student, King was partly interested in business. Therefore, he read helpful books on business and stock markets.

Mr. King’s interests took a quick turn from psychology to business. He started monitoring the stock market and decided to delve into investment. Currently, he is a dedicated crypto king working at Banyan Hill Publishing. Ian King offers crypto insights to prospective investors. Following his ability to successfully predict the future of cryptocurrency, his idea has received tremendous publications on different platforms including Fox News, Zero Hedge, Seeking Alpha and Investopedia.

Moreover, he developed the leading crypto investing product for Investopedia Academy. King’s major role at Banyan Hill Publishing is helping investors to make sound investment moves. Up to now, King’s clients can attest to his input in transforming their lives through successful strategies and investment insight. Visit cryptoprofitsummit.com to know more about Ian King.