Is ClassDojo Right for Your Classroom?


There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the mobile education app ClassDojo, but what exactly is ClassDojo, and is it the right tool to improve your classroom?

The Purpose of ClassDojo

ClassDojo was created as an educational communication app, built from the ground up for classroom usage. The purpose of the app is to provide a strong connection between teachers, students, and the parents of those students, in order to provide a medium for the sharing of messages and multimedia content during school hours through a safe and controlled environment.

The app is actively used in a significant majority of K-8 schools across the United States, as well as having significant adoption in more than 180 other countries.

Classroom Usage of ClassDojo

There are three primary features of the app that make it ideal for classroom usage. A description of each of these major features follows in no particular order. The first of these is the Stories feature, stories being real-time dynamic streams of content (such as video or images) centered around the school itself, a class, or even an individual student. Each story serves a purpose and shares a facet of the school experience with family, fellow students, or teachers.

Another major feature is the messenger portion of the app, a system which allows the school’s administration and teachers to keep in touch with parents via real-time text communication, without the need to share personal contact information. The messenger includes built-in translation services supporting many major languages.

The third of these features is the classroom, a place where students, as well as teachers, are able to build a creative environment, nurture their skills, and share opinions and feedback with both their teachers and their fellow students.


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