Is Desiree Perez Having a Deal with Samsung?

According to, it is said that there are talking going on for Tidal to seal a deal with Samsung. Samsung is an electronic manufacturing company that is based in Korea. The company has had interests to work with Tidal which is a music streaming company that is owned by Jay-Z. The company has already supported Jay-Z in launching the Magna Carta Holy Grail. They have also had a deal with Rihanna who belongs to Roc Nation, a recording label owned by Jay-Z. There are also rumors that the company paid a check to Kanye West regarding the album Life of Pablo. Some sources say that Samsung is planning big things. They are after signing a deal to make their marketing easy.


Tidal is a company that houses great talents and artists such as Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. The release of the album by Kanye West the life of Pablo and entry of people like Desiree Perez has made the company to revive and firmly stand to the ground. There has been a rise in trial subscribers growing to millions of trial subscriptions in a period of a month.  However, remember that Desiree Perez is the primary decision maker and that is why many companies may not make it because they do not have the best offers. Click here.


It does not matter the since with the firm leadership of Desiree; things are in the right direction.  Leadership is not easy, and that is why there are people who are determined concerning leadership. Desiree is a lady who has been in the field of management for over twenty years. She is good at sealing deals, and that is why she is important in the deal with Samsung. She is good at making the right decisions, and Jay-Z has nothing to worry concerning any deal that may come along the way.


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  1. Companies such as Google and Spotify have also shown interests to work with Tidal. Jay-Z is happy that the company will be able to stand out. It makes it so important and that is the fact that i need an essay written for me which is a very serious thing and that is the way things has gone well for them too in the past.

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