Jeffry Schneider Speaks Highly of Wellness Programs

Jeffry Schneider understands the importance of wellness. He remains a strong proponent of wellness programs in business environments. Schneider’s insights into wellness extend beyond promoting the value of these programs in the workplace. Schneider also points out the overall virtues of healthier living. These virtues contribute to a better overall quality of life.

A Wellness Program Explained

A wellness program can be described as an investment a company makes in itself through sponsoring health and fitness activities for employees. A wellness program can take many forms. A company might choose to sponsor workshops on how to quit smoking or offer weekly yoga classes during lunch hours. Paying for a full-service gym located on company premises would be another option.

Wellness programs can take many forms. All these forms may present benefits to both the company and the employees in the fold. In fact, the unique benefits may extend far beyond what even the most optimistic manager may initially believe.

Downtime Goes Down

Businesses do not thrive when employee downtime presents consistent problems. Downtime can be caused by many factors. In some cases, less-productive employees may want to do more but cannot. How could a worker do anything at the office when he/she is home dealing with the flu? What can an employee do when he/she simply lacks vitality and energy?

Wellness programs cannot provide total answers to all employee productivity problems, but the benefits of fitness, health, and exercise programs could contribute in lessening downtime. Engaging in regular exercise and incorporating dietary improvements can build up the immune system, energize the mind, and more, resulting in increased productivity.

Impact on Healthcare Costs

Sicknesses come with expenses. Even a trip to the doctor for a minor problem comes with co-pays and, possibly, prescription costs. Employees might be working on a tight personal budget and don’t wish to spend money on healthcare costs. A wellness program might offer a solution for them. Cutting down on healthcare expenses — even a small amount of expenses — puts money back into an employee’s pocket. Of course, anyone with questions or concerns about overall health should see a physician for a physical or other examination for an accurate determination.

Data Speaks

Studies have been performed on the validity of wellness programs’ contribution to the workplace. Serious scientific data shouldn’t be dismissed by any management team thinking about adding a wellness program to the office environment. The reported data might help sway wavering opinions on the value of wellness programs.

Jeffry Schneider and Wellness Programs

Jeffry Schneider has published material extolling the virtues of wellness programs. Interestingly, he blogs about wellness programs more suited for those with active careers and lifestyles. Persons who travel a lot, as Jeffry Schneider does, may benefit from reading his work.