Jim Tananbaum’s Role in Improving Medicare.

Jim Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital in 2011. It focuses on developing the most cutting-edge ideas in the medical world. As the founder and CEO of the pharmaceutical investment equity firm, Jim leads the firm’s endeavors in identifying and promoting innovative strategies conjured to improve Medicare to the human race. One identified the cutting-edge medical ideas get support from Foresite Capital inform of;

  • Capital input
  • Networking
  • Information and expertise

The reason why Jim Tananbaum is considered the most important player in the growth and development of Medicare in the 21st century is not entirely based on his inception of the Foresite Capital. His contribution to the industry even before the equity firm came into the picture was incredible. Before, he had also played indispensable roles in the foundation of two critical firms in the biopharmaceutical world, the GelTex Pharmaceuticals NASDAQ and Theravance, Inc. The dominance of the two companies, then and now, in not even debatable. His input in the way the then Renagel was produced, marketed and distributed utterly changed the efficiency of management of the drug and its subsequent sales. He made a difference in the sum sales from the then annual revenue generation of 200 million dollars from Renagel to the current one billion dollars annual sales from Renzela. Jim is also the CEO of Theravance. Both Theravance and NASDAQ accumulate into a total worth of 3.2 billion dollars in the capital alone.

In an interview by the INC42, the pharmaceutical phenom, who is fast becoming legendary, attributes his success to his studious nature. He owns his scholarly demeanor proudly, acknowledging it for his ability to survive in the highly technical market in which he thrives despite not having a medical background. He went to Yale University and earned his M.D by majoring in Math and Computer Science. He then went to Harvard for his M.B.A. Finally; he went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to train and earned an M.S. Apart from constant reading and research, Jim Tananbaum also spends time with the big wigs of the medical field in an earnest endeavor to pick their minds.

He asserts that Foresite Capital has played a key role in the incubation and foundation of over 77 innovative health care concepts offering cutting-edge medical solutions. Such concepts lie in medical genres such as genome sequencing, bio-pharmaceuticals, and Medicare.

Jim Tananbaum is a committed family man whose favorite pass-time is having meals with his family over intriguing conversations.