Lime Crime is More than Makeup

 Lime Crime appeals to the unicorn inside everyone, in whatever shade of uniqueness they would choose to most authentically indulge in colorful self-expression. The brand is an exploration of possibilities, asking shoppers to question every rule they’ve ever been told about beauty, offering instead for their consideration a feast to the senses, shocking palettes that are a fitting homage to Roman Goddesses, and lipsticks that are presented so beautifully that it is impossible not to wonder how a lipstick shade could possibly be so perfectly unexpected and yet utterly correct in every way.


Their unique perspective is more substance than flash, as every product is certified vegan and cruelty-free by both PETA and Leaping Bunny. The brand has grown from a cult beauty brand to a household name, though they have stayed true to the rebellious and non-traditional ethos that they have celebrated since their founding. The company has embraced growth in self-aware ways, and is stocked in carefully curated ranges in Urban Outfitters and Planet Beauty in North America and Asos in the UK. They also are found in thoughtful beauty stores around the world.


The brand is a one-stop shop for the makeup user that wants to play by their own rules, offering everything from hair color in Bunny Pink and Jello Green to lipsticks inspired by rose petals, in colors from Red Hot to Seashell Bra purple. Lime Crime encourages makeup users to give voice to the unique beings, to step outside of trends and rules, and be their most authentic and daring selves.


Because their range is extensive, there is an item that will speak to everyone individually, even as the company maintains a very niche vibe. This careful balance speaks to the brand’s crystal clear vision and self-awareness. In this sense, the products amount to far more than a brand. It is an example of a company that walks the walk of the self-awareness and self-acceptance behind their products. With every swipe of Utopia neon orchid lipstick across unique lips, Lime Crime makes a statement and empowers the wearer in more ways than one.